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What’s new in my life

I finally put my money where my mouth is and I now own a precious Wheaten Terrier puppy.  Her name is Briscoe, which is my great grandmother’s maiden name.  And it is also the name of the guy from law and order.  Hah.  Briscoe is tons of fun and very sweet and adventurous.  She likes to wake up a lot earlier than I do.  She is amazingly codependent and does not like being left alone or her crate.  She also isn’t too keen on her leash, but she likes to go on walks.  She is learning.  She will look very different when she is grown than she does now, right now she is reddish brown, but she will lighten up to a wheat color.  Hence the name.  These aren’t the best pictures – I think she is way cuter than this – but I promise more will come.  Here she is – Dsc00822 Dsc00827

Dsc00826 Dsc00821

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When I send emails that say:

"I’m going downstairs to watch jury selection in a murder trial."

My friends respond with:

"Oooh! have fun!"


"Awesome! Have fun!"

Seriously.  We live very exciting lives. 

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I was just discussing with Jennifer this morning on the cellpiece how I am not a list maker.  We were talking about how some people cross of the days on their calender and some people don’t.  Let’s get real here, I don’t even really have a calender.  I definitely don’t cross the days off.  My desktop calender (those big huge suckers that are basically placemats for your desk) is still on September.  Great.  She said that of course I don’t mark off days in my calender, I don’t make lists either.  I told her I make lists in my head.  She said she was sure my head was a bad place to keep lists.  Details. 

Then Meg asked us this morning to make a list.   So I’m going to make a list of things I’m happy about. 

1.  I’m happy that our Deal or No Deal costumes turned out so spectacularly.  Except for the fact that a lot of people don’t know about the show Deal or No Deal.  I guess they live under a rock.  Hah.  Here we are looking cute.  Dond1 Dond3 The red glitter from our sweet dresses we got from Daffy’s (Clothing Bargains for Millionaires)  was all over everything. 

2.  I am getting a dog this weekend.  A wheaten terrier.  I’m really excited.  I know it is going to be a lot of work, but I really want a dog.  I want to take care of a dog and I’m excited about the structure.  Wheatens don’t shed, they don’t get too big, while still being big enough to run with me.  I really want a dog I can run with.  I wanted a lab, and my parents were dead against a lab.  I do see their point, I’m not sure I can deal with a dog that weighs 80 pounds.  Give me advice about my dog.  I know wheatens need a lot of attention.  So do I.  My job is very flexible right now.  Here is the picture the breeder sent me – Dscf0650

They get lighter as they get older. 

3.  In about half an hour I’m getting sworn in as an attorney.  It is really exciting.  I’m still so happy I passed the bar.  It is almost like graduating from law school all over again, just better.  The best part (besides the fact that I don’t have to take it again) is that everyone else is so happy for me.  I really appreciate the fact that people care. It means a lot. 

4.  I downloaded the new John Mayer Cd.  I’ve never had one of his cds before.  I like it.  Gravity is my favorite. 

5.  Last night I got to watch, on TiVo, four of my favorite tv shows.  Boston Legal, House, Bones, and Lost.  It was a big night.  I got a flu shot yesterday so I didn’t go run, but hopefully Elizabeth and I can go run tonight.  This whole time change thing really sucks.  A lot.  Especially since I still can’t get out of bed in the morning. 

6.  The WEATHER.  It has been so beautiful here.  I need to be outside more.  A lot more. 

7.  I am not going out of town for a while.  Except to go pick up my puppy.  I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.  I have had a great couple of months of travel, but I’m plum worn out.  I need a break.  Pretend like I live here.  In my cute house. 

Okay, that seems like a good number.  I’m off to become a real live attorney.  Kisses. 

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