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April and Augusta

Kate and CharlsieMarch 2013 might go down as the longest month in the history of months, but April 2013 should go down as the shortest.  I literally blinked and April was almost over.  I love this photo of my mom and me.   Masters 2013 was a complete success, and an impressive amount of white bread and mayonnaise was consumed.  I don’t think I realized how infrequently I eat white bread or mayonnaise, and I think I can say with confidence that there is a reason for that.  This year, I was intelligent enough to remember to DVR the weekend Masters television coverage, because I don’t have a good grasp on what the television coverage is like, and I feel like I have been missing this vantage point.

After viewing selected portions of the coverage, I have a few observations.  First off, I had NO IDEA there was a grandstand on the 4th green.  How have I never been to that grandstand?  How do you even get to that grandstand?  Has this grandstand always been there?  I’m literally shocked by this discovery, mostly because 8 and 5 are two of my favorite holes, and walking by 4 is one of the best ways to get between the two.  I had to get out my spectator guide and check it out.  I am almost positive you cannot walk down the Berkman road side of the 4 fairway, so that means you would have to walk up from the 5 fairway, or maybe from the six green?  I’m really not clear, but I would like to know.

4th Grandstand visual

The television coverage also looks sort of fake.  The grass really is stupid green and all the colors and the blue sky and everything can be visually overwhelming in real life, but on television, it ends up looking superimposed or something.  I took some photos of my television to illustrate this point.

Green roomAdam Scott appears to have been digitally superimposed onto a random backdrop of lob lolly pines.  Not like I’m complaining, I’m just saying.

Video GameThis appears to be a screen shot of the Tiger Woods golf video game.  Instead of an actual shot of Tiger.  That’s weird, right?

I feel like I learned a lot by this DVR exercise, and I hope you have enjoyed it.  #eggsaladandbeer #yolo #whitebreadandmayo #emailmeifyouwanttoparty

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Happy Spring Break 2k13! I’ve been having a happiness panic/heart attack ever since I left my office yesterday afternoon. The weather is beautiful, I’ve been drinking coffee and I’m ready for a mimosa. The bridge run is today, and all of Charleston is out and about for a day of sunshine and parties.

Tomorrow I leave Charleston for a week at home in Augusta. My plans include drinking beer in the sun, pimento cheese, turkey on wheat, velvet hammers, grass that is greener than your eyes can accept, azaleas, wisteria, old friends, family, and a town full of people who are all just happy to be there.

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In my bedroom at my parent’s house in Augusta – I can hear the train whistle blow at night. In my bedroom in my apartment in Charleston, I can hear the cargo ship horns blow. Trains and ships make me happy.

Chocolate coconut milk freezes pretty quickly, and also thaws quick. And half frozen chocolate coconut milk is a spectacularly enjoyable treat. If you freeze it even more it becomes a tasty frozen treat you can eat with a spoon. Like if Italian ice and a frosty had a love child. Try it out. I drink zico – the plastic bottles are easier to drink half frozen, but the cardboard cartons are easier to it open for frozen deliciousness.

New Girl and the Mindy Project. So much happiness. And 1600 Penn.

Eating Krispy Kreme mini crullers with Nutella on them. And eating Nutella with a spoon. Basically anything involving Krispy Kreme or Nutella.

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