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In preparation to write this year’s email, I have rewatched the last 90 seconds of the 2021 National Championship game about 100 times.  I was at the game, absolutely losing my mind, worried sick that I was once again watching the same terrible Alabama movie I’d already witnessed live repeatedly.  Sometimes, after you attend a big game live, you come home and want to watch it again on tv.  We watched the 2017 Rose Bowl repeatedly, from all the available ESPN angles, and it was glorious every time.  

I tried to rewatch the national champ game when I got back from Indy.  The game has often played in the background of parties and bars in Athens this year.  It stresses me out.  

Y’all, we won that game 33 to 18, and there is a version of that game that would have been enjoyable from start to finish.  The reality is that no one scored a touchdown until the end of the 3rd quarter, and no bulldawg faithful took a deep breath until the final minute.  There was not enough Coors light in Indianapolis or Athens, take my word for it.        

But good lord, that final 64 seconds.  Pure joy.  41 years, almost my entire life.  So many football games in so many places with so many people I love, culminating in this victorious celebration.  We screamed, we laughed, we cried, we simultaneously lost our minds across the country and the world.  All of our dogs lost their minds at our reactions. It makes me so happy to know I shared that with all of you.  So happy, that as I sit here thinking about it, I just want to…

TURN IT LOOSE!  (and skip in the endzone)

Dawgs, that’s enough looking backwards, today, this week, we need to focus on the present.  Those gators are still lurking in the swampy deep.  And that other orange team is coming to Athens soon.  There is work to be done.  Get out there and run some windsprints and clean the coolers.  Don’t forget your rain jacket this weekend, it might rain in Jacksonville on Saturday.  Let me know when you are going to be in Athens next, Ed the bulldog and I will be here, awaiting your return.  

With all the Bulldawg love – 

Charlsie Kate Paine and Ed the Bulldog

Libby Walsh McAleer, Mary Beth Hill Donovan, Charlsie Kate Paine

P.S. Watch this one too.

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Even if it was six days late.  And it might be the only Birthday Fax I’ve ever received.  David found it in the machine and was like – what the F is this?  Sarah told him it didn’t have his name on it so it obviously wasn’t for him.  It had a cover sheet and everything, but I left that off to protect the innocent. 

Oh, Mean Bean.  I miss you. 


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Happy October!

As most of you know, October is the best month of the year because it is the month I was born.  No really, it has to do with football.  Or maybe it’s the weather.  Or the leaves and the candy corn and the pumpkins (and the pumpkin candy corns) and the smells!  October smells like boiled peanuts, sawdust, burning leaves, funnel cakes, apple cider, damp mornings and warm afternoons.  The kind of afternoons where if you are standing in the sun you are hot and it is bright, but if you walk into a wooded trail  it gets dark and cool.  This is the time of year when I miss the Botanical Gardens more than you can imagine.  I have places I run here in augusta, but none of them compare to the gardens in terms of convenience, safety and pure pleasure.  Sigh.  Athens, I miss you. 

But I will be in Athens tomorrow!  Libby is flying in tonight and we are hitching a ride with Kate and Trav.  I think they will probably drop us off on North Campus with our little coolers so we can go find our friends and meet back up with them later.  Hopefully we can stop for boiled peanuts on 78.  Trav is normally agreeable to such diversions. 

I have been trying to figure out what Briscoe should be for Halloween.  She doesn’t seem to care right now, but I know when the time comes she’s going to be upset if she doesn’t have an awesome costume. 

I was driving back from Waynesboro the other day and there was a Bud Lite truck in front of me, and there was a sticker on the back of it, like where it might say – IF YOU CAN’T SEE MY MIRRORS I CAN’T SEE YOU! – except, this sticker said – HONK AND I’LL PULL OVER.  And it made me think, huh, like, if I’m feeling like a case of bud lite while I’m cruising down the highway, can I just honk and the truck will pull over and hook me up?  It is the best case scenario and the only one I wish to consider for the purpose of such a sticker. 

I’m really happy that it is Friday.  I’m going to now push my personal opinions on you. 

I love the new Spearhead cd, it makes me happy.  I think Lie To Me is the best show currently on television.  Target has great paper towels.  

I’ve been thinking about time zones and earthquakes and how I need to mow my lawn.  Hopefully these will be later posts.  I feel sad for Chicago and the death of Roberta the chickenreally upset me yesterday.  I told my mom about Roberta and she got mad at me and told me not to tell her such depressing things.    Bizzy told me about it.  I told mama it wasn’t my fault Bizzy spread such horrible stories.  Speaking of Bizzy, I’m going to DC next weekend!  Hooray!  I haven’t been to DC in years and years. 

Susan Elizabeth came in town last night and we went to Luigi’s and ate our little hearts out and drank some red wine.  We told lots of secrets and talked about the past and the future and work.  It was awesome.  Then we came home and ate pound cake and drew on the refrigerator and laughed.  Briscoe was really happy.

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Y’all, Betsy is awesome.  She wrote this post that basically made me tear up.  I LOVE the things that she listed (the mini skirt part makes me laugh, that was only a phase I went through for four or seven years, mostly at football games).  But don’t let her lie to you.  I copy her even more than she copies me.  The cross I wear around my neck?  That I’ve been wearing almost every day for the past nine years?  She had it first.  And I wanted it.  And if you know me, you know that I never want to have on the same thing as someone else.  I’m very concerned with being my own person and with having my own special, different jewelry, clothing, shoes, dog, basically, I want to be different. But Betsy is one of the few people who I wanted to copy and who I knew wouldn’t mind if I copied her.  Actually, from the moment I met Betsy, the week of rush our freshman year of college, I really wanted to be her friend.  Luckily, we ended up on the same lawn on bid day, and had a unique opportunity to be friends.   

Betsy and I share the love of many things, often things that other people dislike.  We share the bizarre appreciation of getting into a hot car that has been baking in the sun on a summer day, we both have an extreme dislike of authority, and any time I get lost in the ATL I know that all I have to do is call Betsy and she will know exactly where I am and where I am going and how I need to get there. 

We use the same kind of toothbrush, make up, and have been known to steal each other’s hair brush.  She taught me how to not wash my hair every day and the usefulness of a nalgene bottle.  She introduced me to Amos Lee and Patty Griffin, who both changed my life.  Together we learned accounting, forgiveness, trust, finance, how to get over a break up, how to survive a terrible football game date, how to put the pieces back together when our carefully laid plans didn’t work out (margarita machines come in handy at such times and can be rented by the night), and how just laying in the grass in the front yard can solve a lot of problems. 

I know Betsy and I will continue to copy each other, although she is a little ahead of me in life right now.  I was really looking forward to meeting Baby Charlsie Bagwell, but since Betsy is set to have a BOY in a few months, the world is going to have to wait on Baby Charlsie (Betsy, I’m  serious, I think Charlsie Bagwell has a nice ring to it, we can call her CB and ask her what her 20 is all the time, and say things like, 10-4, over). It makes me so happy that Briscoe and Amos are the same kind of dog, because Betsy and I are the same kind of people.  We are Kindred Spirits.  Our dogs have our personalities, which is just the way it should be.  I want to be like Briscoe, and Amos and Betsy – light, fluffy, happy, and adventurous. 

There are a lot of other things I need to tell you all, the last few weeks have been eventful, and the next few weeks are going to be crazy.  My whole body is tired.  But I will leave you with this one update.    

And a few links to my favorite Betsy posts – Trampolines and Daydreams, Betsy in the PondWow!  Well, you look great!,  and finally, the windsor post.  Sweet dreams friends.

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My Favorite Bar…

….Is Famous!  Check it out – Esquire has it as the best bar in the country!  #1 – The Globe – Athens, Georgia. 

I can’t wait for the first football game.  The extended forecast says the high for September 1, 2007 in Athens, Ga. is going to be 86 degrees.  Can you believe that?

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This is my favorite kind of rain.  The sudden downpour with thunder and lightening and possible hail that happens on warm afternoons. 

This is the kind of rain that makes me want to play in puddles.  Although – this is not a safe activity.  But I love the warm summer rainstorms with huge drops and blowing sheets – when the ground hasn’t cooled off as fast as the air and you can feel the heat still in the asphalt (if you are smart enough to take your shoes off). 

This is the kind of rain that makes all the plants grow while at the same time beating them down. 

I wish it would storm all day. 

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The Farm

Last night we went to the farm for a mojito.  I shouldn’t drink mojitos because lime juice makes me feel rather ill, but I like mojitos.  Regardless – the Farm has been awesome lately because the weather has been so amazing – and I really like the bands that play there. 

Last week we at dinner there and the band was great – although I can’t now remember who they were – but last night I liked the band enough to buy their cd. 

The band was called Rising Appalachia – and I love this sort of music – two girls – Leah and Chloe – banjo, fiddle, and I think they had a guy who played some sort of drums with them – but the two girls were the main part.  It was great – I love the people I was with, the weather couldn’t have been better – we were outside, the music was amazing, and the moon was shining down on us from above.  Live banjo and fiddle music absolutely captivates me.

I wish we had gotten there earlier – because we only caught the end of the show – but if you ever get a chance to hear these girls live – do it – I highly recommend.  The two girls are sisters.  Check out their myspace if you get a chance.  I love being able to listen to bands on myspace. 

These girls seem cool.  Oh – and if I am getting the right idea from their website – they like to play with fire.  Hah – how fun.  I want to have a party with fire dancers.   Maybe on 10-10-10. 

I’m not terribly musical – but I did play the violin when I was little for many years and I also spent a great deal of my childhood – I would say a good 15 years of it – in choir at church.  And my church took choir very seriously.  Music is hard!  So – although I don’t have any musical talents/skills myself – at the very least I have a great appreciation for people who have mastered the skill – no matter how naturally talented they are.   

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I have been sitting in the sunshine reading a legal profession outline today.  I normally go to the library – because I need the human interaction – but today I decided I needed the sunshine more than the human interaction. 

Here at my apartment I don’t have a vending machine – and because I haven’t been around much lately I don’t have a lot of supplies.  So I ventured out to the gas station by my house – the Okee Dokee BP. 

Initially I was really pumped because I wasn’t going to wear any shoes – I love it when it gets to be warm and I don’t have to wear shoes any more and everyone gets so weird about the fact that it doesn’t bother me to go into stores with no shoes on.  Give me a break – we live in Georgia.  Worst things have happened.  I promise I’ll wash my feet before I get into bed tonight.  But then I remembered that some gas stations have that whole, no shirt no shoes no service thing.  So I decided to wear my flipflops. 

I bought some over priced gas and some over priced soft drinks, some bubble gum, and sugar babies.  I resisted the urge to buy beer on the gas card.  Trav doesn’t appreciate that sort of thing. 

While I was in the store – this girl comes in – and all I can say about her outfit is that I hope she just walked out of the pool.  She had a see through white wrap around long skirt thing.  Like – totally inappropriate anywhere but at the pool. 

But then she asked the gas station lady directions somewhere.  And I got really confused.  Like – if she doesn’t live here – then why THE HELL is she dressed like that?  I mean, not road trip appropriate.  And apparently the gas station lady agreed.  Cause she gave the girl directions, and looked her up and down and said – You Visiting Friends? 

It cracked me up. 

In other news, I totally burned my stomach while  sitting outside reading legal profession in my bathing suit today.  STUPID CHARLSIE.  I know better.  Way better.

Yay Twilight!  Boo Exams! 

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Yesterday was my last day of school, ever.  I don’t really know what to think about that.  I have been taking classes on north campus for the past seven years.  I don’t know anything else.  Otis says it won’t sink in until august.  I think he is right. 

I feel like it is the weekend.  It isn’t. 

I’m in the annex.  I like the annex.  I don’t actually like to study – but I love the annex.  Books make me feel comfortable.  And I like the annex during finals.  With no classes, it is very calm. 

Law students are weird – but they are my kind of weird. 

Last night was tons of fun.  Betsy and I decided that we won.  And we don’t care if you disagree.  Faris gave me a ride home, cause she loves me. 

I was looking at some pictures on the facebook of colorado and grand lake.  It made me really colorado sick.  Really colorado sick.  I haven’t been to colorado since august.  It is partially the people, and partially the mountains, and partially the sunshine, and partially my own idealistic craziness.  Mostly the mountains and the sunshine.  I need a lot of sunshine and the mountains make me feel safe.  Except ledges.  I’m secretly terribly frightened of ledges.  Which is a bit of a stumbling block when it comes to my skiing ability.  As long as I just go ahead and ski off the ledge and don’t think about it – I’m okay.  But as soon as I look over the ledge, it is over.  I guess that is sort of like life.  Ledges make me feel weird.  Like, if I’m really scared of them – what possesses me to get close to them, much less ski off them?

Christy and I went to bojangles this morning.  It was excellent.  EXCELLENT. 

I need to figure out what I am going to do with my life.  Something in me is really happy I’m not committed to anything yet.  And part of me is a little panicked. 

I won’t think about that today, I’ll think about that tomorrow. 

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I like riding around with the windows down.  It is a great way to dry my hair on my way places.  Of course, it is sort of hard to see with my hair all in my face and stuff.  But what ev.  I still like to do it.  Way more fun than a hair dryer.  And I always feel rude showing up places with wet hair.  And driving around with the windows down helps solve this etiquette problem.  I’m so clever. 

I bought the rascal flatts cd and the fray cd this morning.  My ipod is on it’s last leg.  Which is very sad.  Tear.  Sniff. 

I have been running like someone is chasing me the past week.  I know it is just the pressure of all the work I have to do before school ends – and I really like it when I get in these running kicks – because I never enjoy running as much as I do when I’m on a kick.  I like to run hills in the heat.  Maybe I need help.  For my issues with enjoying things that are miserable.  All this running has left me tired.  Snore. 

So, if you haven’t chatted with me in a while and are curious as to what I’ve been up to – I’ve been running hills at breakneck speed in the heat, taking showers, riding around with the windows of my car down while my hair dries, all the time listening to rascal flatts and the fray.  Oh, and pouting about my 30 page paper in the annex. 

I ate bojangles for breakfast (YIPPIE!!!  BOJANGLES!!  I LOVE IT I’M SO EXCITED THERE IS A BOJANGLES IN ATHENS!!! BISCUITS ALL DAY!!! YAY!), transmet for lunch, and outback for dinner for Justin’s birthday.  Outback was a strange experience. 

I have six pages written for my paper.  24 to go.  Hmmm, I need to watch 24 from tonight.  But not tonight.  I think I’m too tired.  24 wears me out. 

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