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Even if it was six days late.  And it might be the only Birthday Fax I’ve ever received.  David found it in the machine and was like – what the F is this?  Sarah told him it didn’t have his name on it so it obviously wasn’t for him.  It had a cover sheet and everything, but I left that off to protect the innocent. 

Oh, Mean Bean.  I miss you. 


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When I send emails that say:

"I’m going downstairs to watch jury selection in a murder trial."

My friends respond with:

"Oooh! have fun!"


"Awesome! Have fun!"

Seriously.  We live very exciting lives. 

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I am at the lake with friends soaking up the none sunshine and drinking beer. 

We have been playing a few awesome games like kings, mancala, card golf, beer pong, blah blah blah. 

I don’t have time to tell you about it.  Ally is cooking chili. 

We wish it was warmer, but we might jump into the lake anyway.  I mean, I am part of the polar bear club.  Even though I am allergic to cold water. 

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I thought I liked Faris.  I thought she was super cool and could hang.  I told her I would like her more if she would take a shot of patron, and I thought she would listen.  I was wrong.  Her little sister took a shot of southern comfort and lime with me last night.  I thought Faris would take a swig of ……GAHHHHH SHE IS AFTER ME……

We  have to hit Faris over the head to take the Patron away from her.  She has never had patron before and was trying to pour patron into her margarita left over from son’s.  We told her that was pretty gross.  I mean, Lauren has been helping me.  Lauren is my secret drunk serious heart to heart friend.  Obviously she still is my heart to heart friend. We go way back.  We have spent more sober time together than me and my ex boyfriends.

"It has long been the law in Georgia that a citizen or resident of a municipal corporation if otherwise competent to serve is not incompetent to serve as a juror in a case in which that municipal corporation is a party or is interested."  O.C.G.A.  section 59-7-15.

I am so excited about taking the Georgia bar.  Kubat loves me.  Don’t tell Jessica.  She loves me too.  So don’t tell Kubat.

I can’t wait for everyone to be finished.  Hate y’all.  Call me. 

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I’m Finished!

I turned my last paper in yesterday and I am officially finished with law school.  I mean, I guess there is a chance I might have to fix some things in my paper – or that I failed my exams – but hopefully I am finished. 

And now I don’t rightly know what to do with myself. 

Last night was tons of fun.  I didn’t lose anything and I made it safely home to my own bed in one piece.  Overall, the night was a success.   My head hurts.  I was the first customer to traverse the zaxby’s drive thru this morning and it was beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful – it is absolutely gorgeous outside today.  I should totally be outside.  But I’m still a touch under the weather so I’m not. 

I just watched the first half of the two part pilot episode of the A team.  And I’m officially obsessed.  I’m waiting for the other half to download.   The pilot is titled – Mexican Slayride.  Yay!

Speaking of downloading television shows on itunes, does anyone else think it is ridiculous that half hour shows cost the same as shows that are a full hour?  I refuse to buy episodes of shows such as scrubs because I have to pay full price for only half an hour. 

Did I mention that I’m through with law school?  I’m forever validated.  So if six months from now I decide I want to go work on a cruise ship as a cocktail waitress, people couldn’t say I never did anything with my life.  If I never accomplish another thing for the rest of my life, at least I accomplished this.  No one can ever say that I don’t follow through with things or that I’m afraid of hard work or that I’m lazy.  Is there something wrong with me that I feel like this?  Hmmm….

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I am so glad that other law schools make you just as crazy as this one does. 

Please.  PLEASE – click on this link.

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I’m at the point in my paper where I am making stuff up and saying things like, According to Professor Ron Carlson…..and quoting right out of his  book.

I love making stuff up. 

I hate the bluebook.  I thought I had burned mine after first year – but after some digging I found it this morning. 

Dang.  Pray for me. 

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So, here I am, on my last sunday to ever be studying for law school.  Things aren’t going as great as they could be, I mean, I could be finished already, but they could be going worse.  It is raining, so I don’t want to be outside.  But I really hate scientific evidence at this point, so I REALLY don’t want to be writing my paper either.  Maybe I’ll print some stuff out for my take home final I’m going to fail tomorrow.  Maybe. 

Betsy came to visit me last night.  It was awesome.  We had a couple of mint juleps in honor of the derby

My hair is falling out.  I don’t understand.  I mean, I have TONS of hair, so it isn’t really a problem or a concern, but it just doesn’t normally fall out in such large quantities.  It might be the fact that I stopped brushing it a couple of weeks ago and so when I do actually wash it, it just seems to be falling out more.  Who knows.  All I do know is that it is annoying. 

Jessica came to study with me in the annex today.  We have some great study stories.  I’m always pretty good about post to the ol’ blog during exams.  So here are some old exam posts of the past:

First Year:

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Second Year:

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Third Year

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Good lord, I have problems.  What am I doing?  I have GOT to get to work and stop distracting y’all from all the important things y’all should be doing.  I’m a bad influence on everyone.  If you don’t want to read about finals and instead would like a sampling of the interactions of my friends and family, this post should clear up any questions you ever had about my personality. 

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Yeah – I don’t normally have a lot of advice for other law students, mostly because I’m a terrible example and the best thing I can tell you to do is – whatever I did – do the opposite.  This advice only extends so far as making good grades are concerned – I have to confess I’m probably happier than most people in law school, and have had a lot of fun. 

Regardless, if I could go back and do my first year finals over again, I would do lots and lots of practice exams.  Now, I didn’t do lots of practice exams – mostly because I barely made it through the material once – and didn’t have time to be overachieving with practice exams. 

But in my experience with all tests – especially law school exams, practice exams help. 

You really don’t even have to take them.  Read them.  Read the questions and read the model answers.  And if that doesn’t scare you enough to keep you up all night, then you are a lost cause.  And remember – the model answer?  Yeah – one person wrote that.  He got an A++++.  Yours doesn’t have to be that great.  But it will at least give you a good idea. 

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I have been sitting in the sunshine reading a legal profession outline today.  I normally go to the library – because I need the human interaction – but today I decided I needed the sunshine more than the human interaction. 

Here at my apartment I don’t have a vending machine – and because I haven’t been around much lately I don’t have a lot of supplies.  So I ventured out to the gas station by my house – the Okee Dokee BP. 

Initially I was really pumped because I wasn’t going to wear any shoes – I love it when it gets to be warm and I don’t have to wear shoes any more and everyone gets so weird about the fact that it doesn’t bother me to go into stores with no shoes on.  Give me a break – we live in Georgia.  Worst things have happened.  I promise I’ll wash my feet before I get into bed tonight.  But then I remembered that some gas stations have that whole, no shirt no shoes no service thing.  So I decided to wear my flipflops. 

I bought some over priced gas and some over priced soft drinks, some bubble gum, and sugar babies.  I resisted the urge to buy beer on the gas card.  Trav doesn’t appreciate that sort of thing. 

While I was in the store – this girl comes in – and all I can say about her outfit is that I hope she just walked out of the pool.  She had a see through white wrap around long skirt thing.  Like – totally inappropriate anywhere but at the pool. 

But then she asked the gas station lady directions somewhere.  And I got really confused.  Like – if she doesn’t live here – then why THE HELL is she dressed like that?  I mean, not road trip appropriate.  And apparently the gas station lady agreed.  Cause she gave the girl directions, and looked her up and down and said – You Visiting Friends? 

It cracked me up. 

In other news, I totally burned my stomach while  sitting outside reading legal profession in my bathing suit today.  STUPID CHARLSIE.  I know better.  Way better.

Yay Twilight!  Boo Exams! 

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