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Yesterday was my last day of school, ever.  I don’t really know what to think about that.  I have been taking classes on north campus for the past seven years.  I don’t know anything else.  Otis says it won’t sink in until august.  I think he is right. 

I feel like it is the weekend.  It isn’t. 

I’m in the annex.  I like the annex.  I don’t actually like to study – but I love the annex.  Books make me feel comfortable.  And I like the annex during finals.  With no classes, it is very calm. 

Law students are weird – but they are my kind of weird. 

Last night was tons of fun.  Betsy and I decided that we won.  And we don’t care if you disagree.  Faris gave me a ride home, cause she loves me. 

I was looking at some pictures on the facebook of colorado and grand lake.  It made me really colorado sick.  Really colorado sick.  I haven’t been to colorado since august.  It is partially the people, and partially the mountains, and partially the sunshine, and partially my own idealistic craziness.  Mostly the mountains and the sunshine.  I need a lot of sunshine and the mountains make me feel safe.  Except ledges.  I’m secretly terribly frightened of ledges.  Which is a bit of a stumbling block when it comes to my skiing ability.  As long as I just go ahead and ski off the ledge and don’t think about it – I’m okay.  But as soon as I look over the ledge, it is over.  I guess that is sort of like life.  Ledges make me feel weird.  Like, if I’m really scared of them – what possesses me to get close to them, much less ski off them?

Christy and I went to bojangles this morning.  It was excellent.  EXCELLENT. 

I need to figure out what I am going to do with my life.  Something in me is really happy I’m not committed to anything yet.  And part of me is a little panicked. 

I won’t think about that today, I’ll think about that tomorrow. 

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It is foggy and drizzly here today.  Awesome.  Actually – it is kind of awesome because I might actually get some work done today. 

I even wore my glasses today to help with the working.  Because, with my glasses on, I have no peripheral vision.  Which greatly impairs my ability to see people and know who they are out of the corner of my eye.  My eyes have no corners.  So unless you are standing directly in my line of sight, I can’t tell who you are. 

Keep this in mind today if I walk right past you and don’t speak.  Unless of course you think there is any chance I might be mad at you, in which case you should take my lack of salutation as me punishing you for whatever you might have done.  Riigggghhtt. 

Mama Kate sent my some awesome sugar cookies for Easter.  Molly brought them to me last night and we ate sugar cookies and laughed about boys.  I also had an AMAZING dinner last night from earth fare.  Seriously – top notch. 

And Cristina and I ran again yesterday, and I won’t be running today, which is good because it is raining.  Oh, and I’m leading bible study tonight, yet another thing I need to work on, along with my paper.  Boo scientific evidence.  Boo. 

Come find me in the annex if you miss me.  Bring me prizes for being so studious. 

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This is going to be a ridiculous post – so if you don’t like me already – this post isn’t going to make you like me – so don’t read it – or at least – don’t take me too seriously. 

So, I can honestly say that I don’t care about the SBA elections.   I really don’t even care enough to write this post.  But one of my good looking guy friends made a special request – so I’ll oblige. 

I’m not even a member of SBA.  Due to my immense popularity I have been able to slide through the cracks this year by not paying dues and reaping the benefits of being an SBA member.  Seriously – there are perks to being me. 

Actually – when it comes down to it – I’m not a member of anything.  That isn’t to say that I don’t participate.  I’m an avid participant.  The only SBA event I missed this year was the golf tournament.  But I volunteered last year.  I just don’t like joining groups. 

It is a slippery slope.  If I join SBA – I will want to join the environmental law association because I’m a tree hugger – then I will need to join WLSA – cause I’m a girl – then I’ll feel the need to be in PAD (which provides great tailgating in my opinion).  $100 later – I’ll have a bunch of meeting I feel obligated to attend. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I lack decision making skills.  I can barely decide who to vote for in real life American elections.  Mostly because – when it comes down to it – I feel like it is the lesser of two evils.  Don’t worry – I vote.  Of course I vote.  I vote every time I have the chance in real elections.

I refuse to strongly support a political candidate that I don’t personally know. 

I don’t want to get that dramatic about SBA elections.  I don’t think the SBA has the opportunity to be evil.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m glad someone wants to plan the Bull Roast – which is my favorite SBA event.  I think the SBA should also support a bowling league.  That is something I could really get behind. 

But I don’t want to do it.  And I don’t want to be hassled about getting to decide who does it. 

Oh – but I love the listserv wars.   

So my ideal candidate would:
1.  Reinstate the listserv.
2.  Create a bowling league. 
3.  Come up with a rule that goes something like this – In a discussion or disagreement – as soon as you start whining – you automatically lose. 

Not that any of this matters – since I won’t be here next year.  But I do think I have a right to vote.  Since I have vested interest in this institution and I want to make sure the idiots to come don’t undue all the DRASTICALLY IMPORTANT changes that the idiots before me have made.  (just kidding kids – you know I don’t think you are idiots.  Y’all have way better gpas than me – I’m just using poetic license). 

I love the SBA.

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Christy was in one of the balcony cubbies today – you know – the ones that make me dizzy because of all the little holes in the wall – and a ROACH crawled across her foot. 

Yep.  I’m never going up there again.  Sorry Caleb. 

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I am back home to Athens.  I’ve been gone all week and I can honestly say I missed the Classic City.  Even though the Garden City was in full bloom. 

My week was sunny and drunk.  I had an absolute blast.  The Augusta National is one big huge botanical garden as far as I am concerned.  I love the golf, but I’m much more impressed with the trees and the flowers.  White Pine trees are my fav. 

In other news – I passed the MPRE.  I’m pretty pumped about it – in the back of my mind I really did have a sneaking suspicion that I MIGHT have failed it.  Phew.  Maybe now I’ll have the confidence to not fail the bar. 

I’ll post some pictures for y’all later.  But suffice it to say I was ridiculously spoiled by my whole family.  And my family is huge.  Yesterday I have four uncles, three aunts, two cousins, mama, daddy, and travers out there all at the same time. 

I’ll try to come up with some highlights for y’all later – and some of the funny quotes from the week. 

But now I have to read evidence because we are having a pop quiz tomorrow.  I think quizzes in law school should be against the rules.  Gah. 

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So, I had a bit of a ridiculous weekend, but I think I’ve got my head back on straight.  I got nine hours of sleep last night, I made it to school on time, I brushed my hair, and I actually have the right book for class in my possession.  I have no idea what page we are on or anything like that, but I am taking steps towards that by at least bringing the corresponding book to the corresponding class. 

Now I just need to clean up my room and my car.  I think that is on the agenda for Wednesday.  Oh, and I am going to start running again today. 

Also, while I am cleaning my room I think I am going to throw away all of my high heels.  I think I did permanent damage to my feet Saturday night.  Four inch heels are not cool.  But they are fun.  And they make me feel super tall and cute.  Okay, maybe I won’t throw them away.  Actually, I know I won’t throw them away because when I was on my way to east west for dinner there were two girls standing next to me when I was waiting to cross broad street, and one girl caught her breath and nudged her friend to look at my shoes in an admiring way.  Maybe the pain is worth it a couple of times a year. 

I went to the tennis match yesterday with Faris.  It was fun and sunny and pretty and good to be outside.  I love sporting events. 

I was pretty disappointed that Grey’s was a rerun last night.  I missed it last week, and I was looking forward to it this week.  In other television news – I’ve missed a couple of 24s and I need to catch up.  24 is a very demanding show.  I guess Lost is too – but I can always download lost episodes on iTunes.  Dang I love downloading tv shows on iTunes.  My poor little ipod is too old to handle the videos, but my laptop takes care of them quite well. 

I think I am going to have to get rid of netflix.  I haven’t been watching the movies I’ve rented.  I like watching movies when it is raining outside and cold, but once it gets pretty and warm, the movie watching is going to dramatically drop.  I can’t even keep up with tv shows.

American Idol is not a show I keep up with very well – but I found this link to Kelly Pickler’s prom dress amusing.    I’m really not trying to pick on the child – I think she is adorable -and  she is from middle of nowhere north carolina, lives with her grandparents, works at sonic,  and for all we know everyone at her school wore a dress like this – but I really do love heinous prom dresses.  It is almost worth buying a 17 magazine this month just to check out the ads for heinous prom dresses. 

Oh yeah, and my NCAA bracket is completely ruined.  Which is fine.  I’m pumped that LSU is in the final 4.  I love the SEC.  I’m very conference loyal.  I would even be happy if Florida was still in it.  We went to the games last Thursday at the Georgia game and watched LSU beat Duke.  It was fun.  We were sitting with a bunch of LSU fans who were really excited.  I did feel bad for JJ Reddick though.  His team didn’t really show up behind him.  What I thought was the weirdest thing, was that all the starters – all the players who played most of the game – on both teams – had at least 3 fouls, most of them 4.  Reddick had zero.  Is that weird?  Talk about playing clean. 

I have a couple of bones to pick with the law school. 

#1.  I hate room J.  First year, we had the majority of our classes in room J.  And the internet never worked right.  So that was two years ago.  And to this day, the internet does not work in room J.  I mean, I don’t know what the problem is with this room.  But since I have my most boring class ever in room J, I resent the fact that the internet doesn’t work.  I am a model law student. 

#2.  All of my classes are back to back.  And I resent the fact that all of my teachers are under the impression that their class is the only class currently being held at the law school.  And since their class is the only class, it doesn’t matter what time they let you out.  Or what time they start.  So they are completely justified in starting class at 10:27, and letting you out at 11:25.  So then when your class that is suppose to start at 11:30 starts at 11:28, and you got out of your previous class at 11:25, and they are on opposite sides of this fine institute of academia, it sucks.  Allison says that no one else has a problem with this, and maybe it is all in my head, but it is annoying.  I mean, we are suppose to have ten minutes, which should be enough time to go to your locker or whatever (run to the main library to get a snack, print out your homework, eat lunch, try to find a snickers bar in the vending machine, etc).  But my ten minutes is not the law school’s ten minutes. 

I apologize for the length of this post, but I wrote most of it before this super boring class, and since the internet is not working, I am bored.  I would rather write random thoughts than take notes. 

On Saturday night, at law prom, they put a huge stamp on our hands that said PAID.  I was laughing about how I hoped I woke up on Sunday, having slept with my hand under my cheek, with the word PAID backwards on my face.  While I was laughing about this, I demonstrated how my hand would be on my face while I slept in order for this to happen.  And guess what.  I ended up with a blue backwards PAID on my face.  I’m pretty classy.  Someone got it off my face, either Christy or Cristina, which was sweet of them. 


I am now in the ‘brary, where the internet is working.  There are millions of people here today.  There was no where to sit in the upstairs of the annex.  Which makes me sad.  But I just wanted to let y’all know that in my last class, where the internet wasn’t working, and I was complaining how bored I was, I got called on.  Of course.  Luckily Allison and Stancil sit next to me and they helped me out.  I still sounded like moron, but hopefully he won’t call on me again for a while. 

I am now going to go focus and work on my Building and Maintaining a Law Practice project.

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So law school prom was last night.  Since I was in Valdosta friday night and I didn’t know what time I was going to get back into to town on Saturday night – I didn’t have a date.  Which was probably good considering what a moron I am. 

I lost my pocketbook.  The whole thing.  Cell phone, drivers license, house key, car key, debit card, and precious pocketbook that I loved so much.  Faris was nice enough to let me crash on her couch and let me use her phone and her car, and I finally got back into my house this afternoon.  Luckily Katie had a key to my house.  She also made me feel better because she lost her phone last night too. 

I hate being so irresponsible.  I hate it.  It makes me crazy.  I need to take a shower.  My hair is dirty and I walked around downtown barefoot last night.  I don’t last very long in four inch heels.  I’m sore.  My hands and feet are cramping for some unexplained reason.  Feet cramps are awful.  I’m a wreck of an individual. 

My pocketbook has to be somewhere.  I was hoping I left it at east west but I have called and gone by there already.  I guess it might be at the arch bar, but it will be closed until tomorrow so there isn’t much I can do about it till then.  But no one has used my debit card, and my phone is still ringing and no one stole my car out of the deck.  So – apparently no one has exploited my loss yet.  I bet some 19 year old found my pocketbook and is more excited about my drivers license than anything else.  She can have it.  I really want the actual pocketbook and my car key more than anything.  It also sucks to have lost all my phone numbers.  OH WAIT!  I STILL HAVE MY OLD PHONE! VERIZON CAN TAKE MY NUMBERS OFF MY OLD PHONE AGAIN! YES!  SILVER LINING!

Oh yeah – did I tell you how much fun I had last night?  So so so so so so so so so so much fun.  I love everyone.  I sure hope everyone loves me as much as I love them.  Actually – it doesn’t even matter. 

I wish someone would take a shower for me.  Have I ever told you that I have a tendency to pull my eye brows out when I get stressed?  I’m trying to stop.  Especially since I only do it to one eye brow.  I have problems. 

Don’t tell the responsibility police where I am. 

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So, apparently my advanced evidence teacher didn’t get the memo that pop quizzes are completely against the law and categorically unfair in law school.  Especially 3rd year.  There are only 3rd years in my class. 








I totally failed it.  And I’m kind of upset. 

OMG!  What is the problem!  I used to be a professional at failing pop quizzes.  No sweat.  Seriously, failing pop quizzes used to be one of my specialties.  I guess today was just the first pop quiz I’ve failed in three or four years.  Maybe I’m losing my touch. 

In other news – the Snickers conspiracy continues. Not only are there no snickers in the vending machines anymore – now there are no snickers in the bookstore candy shop. 

I have complained to Dean Kurtz and the employees at the bookstore candy shop.  The candy shop people I politely asked  them to order more – to which they thanked me for pointing out the need.  Dean Kurtz said that he would look into it and agreed whole heartedly with me that it was a dire situation to which he would devote his whole attention. 

Also – not to be a nerd – but what is the problem with Star 94.1 these days – I used to get good reception in my car but lately I’m just not able to hear the music like I once was – and I kind of miss it. 

Lastly – Christy and I decided yesterday that we would rent a movie and order a pizza.  So Christy picked us up a pizza from little italy and then we both went to Video Warehouse.  But instead of renting a movie like we should have – we decided to rent the first season of 24.  Yep – so instead of committing to a three hour movie – we committed to 24 hours of intense, stress-filled television.  We made it through seven hours yesterday – and I’ve watched three more hours this afternoon by myself.

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Back in the Classic City

I got back to Athens yesterday in time to go to Advanced Evidence – which I think is going to be an awesome class. I’m probably going to fail it of course – since it is me and the mock trial team, but whatev.   I didn’t make it to legal profession or law and the legislation – but I did go run and unloaded my car and started cleaning my apartment (I washed a couple loads of laundry too!).  I was planning on getting it all clean today – but I’m running a little behind.  Mostly because I’m a crazy person. 

My schedule really is awesome right now, I’m only taking 9 hours and they all fall into nice time slots.  But for some reason I have this uncontrollable problem at the beginning of every semester where I really want to completely change my schedule.  Which is really not that great of an idea, especially not this semester.  Mostly because half the classes I’m taking are things I MUST take, and the rest of the classes are awesome and give me a great schedule.  Screwing around with it will just end up giving me a less awesome schedule.  But even equipped with this knowledge I still spent all day trying to get into classes that would end up giving me a headache and which aren’t available to me for a reason.

I just took a break from writing this post to talk to Jennifer on the phone and I’m feeling a lot better.  She reminded me that we are being positive in 2006, and that tomorrow is another day, and that I’m not lazy, but that I need to get a hobby this semester or I’ll be sad.  So now I feel better. 

The real dilemma that we worked out is that on Monday and Thursday I only have class from 10-12, on Tuesday 10-2, and no class on Wednesday and Friday except for a minicourse on Wednesdays for six weeks in the middle of the semester.  So, as Jennifer said – that is a lot of no class.  And I’m so much happier when I’m productive. 

Any ideas with what I should do with my semester?  I need structure.  I really want to get a dog.  Dogs are expensive.  But I would really love one.  My mom said that if I get a dog I need to get a dog that doesn’t shed.  I kind of agree. 

In other news, I truly am happy to be back in Athens, in my own space, with all my stuff, and my cute frat neighbors who are playing basketball outside and all the dogs in our neighborhood, and all my sweet law school friends.  I had a fantastic break in Augusta, and I didn’t want to leave, but it feels kind of good to get back into a routine.  I can’t even talk about how this is my last semester. 

My thoughts about what I’m going to do with my life would take a whole other post – but I can say this – my decision to come to law school was a faith based decision, and even time I’ve wondered why I’m hear it has always been an enormous relief to think back and remember that God wanted me to go to law school – and even though I don’t know what he wants me to do this time next year – he knows.  So there is no need for panic.  In the same way that you aren’t being patient if it isn’t something you are longing for, it can’t be faith without some uncertainty and doubt. 

Also – today is my sweet friend Molly’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Molly! Yay!

I promise to be better about updating – now that I’m back in the swing of things!


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I’m finished with exams!!!!!  I’m so excited!

Nothing compares to how happy I am to be finished with finals.  The fact that I am going to be spending the next week in South America drinking wine on the coast pales in comparison to the excitement associated with being finished with finals.  Isn’t that sick?  I hate finals (and maybe law school) THAT MUCH. 

I finished late yesterday afternoon, and it of course took me a couple of hours to calm down, after which Christy and I went to dinner at the globe as we are wont to do, and proceeded to celebrate with the winery and then of course nowhere bar and THE GRILL!!!

Megan and I played trivia on the machine at nowhere for about an hour.  It was super fun.  We are really smart. 

Right now I’m laying in my bed, thinking about how I need to get to packing.  Also considering whether or not I have time to go the movie this afternoon.  I really want to go see narnia.  I really won’t have time.  Anyway, it will be crowded, and although I don’t mind going to movies by myself, I don’t like to go to crowded movies by myself. 

And I’m still kind of sick.  And a touch hung over. 

Best quote from last night that I just found on a napkin my pocketbook – "We don’t like each other but we definitely hate you." 

BTW – This time tomorrow I’ll be in the Andes!  And my mom is flipping out because it is suppose to be 90 degrees down there.  Haha – I think that is awesome.  I’ve never been to the southern hemisphere and I’m really pumped about going from winter to summer in 9 short hours. 


I’ll try to post while I’m down there, maybe I’ll be able to post some pictures. 

But if my parents ask me one more time if I have my passport I might lose it on purpose. 


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