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In preparation to write this year’s email, I have rewatched the last 90 seconds of the 2021 National Championship game about 100 times.  I was at the game, absolutely losing my mind, worried sick that I was once again watching the same terrible Alabama movie I’d already witnessed live repeatedly.  Sometimes, after you attend a big game live, you come home and want to watch it again on tv.  We watched the 2017 Rose Bowl repeatedly, from all the available ESPN angles, and it was glorious every time.  

I tried to rewatch the national champ game when I got back from Indy.  The game has often played in the background of parties and bars in Athens this year.  It stresses me out.  

Y’all, we won that game 33 to 18, and there is a version of that game that would have been enjoyable from start to finish.  The reality is that no one scored a touchdown until the end of the 3rd quarter, and no bulldawg faithful took a deep breath until the final minute.  There was not enough Coors light in Indianapolis or Athens, take my word for it.        

But good lord, that final 64 seconds.  Pure joy.  41 years, almost my entire life.  So many football games in so many places with so many people I love, culminating in this victorious celebration.  We screamed, we laughed, we cried, we simultaneously lost our minds across the country and the world.  All of our dogs lost their minds at our reactions. It makes me so happy to know I shared that with all of you.  So happy, that as I sit here thinking about it, I just want to…

TURN IT LOOSE!  (and skip in the endzone)

Dawgs, that’s enough looking backwards, today, this week, we need to focus on the present.  Those gators are still lurking in the swampy deep.  And that other orange team is coming to Athens soon.  There is work to be done.  Get out there and run some windsprints and clean the coolers.  Don’t forget your rain jacket this weekend, it might rain in Jacksonville on Saturday.  Let me know when you are going to be in Athens next, Ed the bulldog and I will be here, awaiting your return.  

With all the Bulldawg love – 

Charlsie Kate Paine and Ed the Bulldog

Libby Walsh McAleer, Mary Beth Hill Donovan, Charlsie Kate Paine

P.S. Watch this one too.

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Happy October!

As most of you know, October is the best month of the year because it is the month I was born.  No really, it has to do with football.  Or maybe it’s the weather.  Or the leaves and the candy corn and the pumpkins (and the pumpkin candy corns) and the smells!  October smells like boiled peanuts, sawdust, burning leaves, funnel cakes, apple cider, damp mornings and warm afternoons.  The kind of afternoons where if you are standing in the sun you are hot and it is bright, but if you walk into a wooded trail  it gets dark and cool.  This is the time of year when I miss the Botanical Gardens more than you can imagine.  I have places I run here in augusta, but none of them compare to the gardens in terms of convenience, safety and pure pleasure.  Sigh.  Athens, I miss you. 

But I will be in Athens tomorrow!  Libby is flying in tonight and we are hitching a ride with Kate and Trav.  I think they will probably drop us off on North Campus with our little coolers so we can go find our friends and meet back up with them later.  Hopefully we can stop for boiled peanuts on 78.  Trav is normally agreeable to such diversions. 

I have been trying to figure out what Briscoe should be for Halloween.  She doesn’t seem to care right now, but I know when the time comes she’s going to be upset if she doesn’t have an awesome costume. 

I was driving back from Waynesboro the other day and there was a Bud Lite truck in front of me, and there was a sticker on the back of it, like where it might say – IF YOU CAN’T SEE MY MIRRORS I CAN’T SEE YOU! – except, this sticker said – HONK AND I’LL PULL OVER.  And it made me think, huh, like, if I’m feeling like a case of bud lite while I’m cruising down the highway, can I just honk and the truck will pull over and hook me up?  It is the best case scenario and the only one I wish to consider for the purpose of such a sticker. 

I’m really happy that it is Friday.  I’m going to now push my personal opinions on you. 

I love the new Spearhead cd, it makes me happy.  I think Lie To Me is the best show currently on television.  Target has great paper towels.  

I’ve been thinking about time zones and earthquakes and how I need to mow my lawn.  Hopefully these will be later posts.  I feel sad for Chicago and the death of Roberta the chickenreally upset me yesterday.  I told my mom about Roberta and she got mad at me and told me not to tell her such depressing things.    Bizzy told me about it.  I told mama it wasn’t my fault Bizzy spread such horrible stories.  Speaking of Bizzy, I’m going to DC next weekend!  Hooray!  I haven’t been to DC in years and years. 

Susan Elizabeth came in town last night and we went to Luigi’s and ate our little hearts out and drank some red wine.  We told lots of secrets and talked about the past and the future and work.  It was awesome.  Then we came home and ate pound cake and drew on the refrigerator and laughed.  Briscoe was really happy.

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Happy Game Day!

Who's excited about football season?  I AM!  Yippee!  I have the perfect dress, which I'm planning on wearing to every game until we lose or it (hope against hope) gets too cold.  I think I know where my black rainbows are, but if I can't find them, I'll have to get some more.  Hah. 

So yesterday Britt and I had someone come clean our house for the first time since we moved in a year ago.  Obviously, we've been cleaning the house, but we haven't had anyone else clean it.  I really think it was the best money I've ever spent.  My goal in life is to make enough money where I don't have to clean my own house.  Not because I think house cleaning is really so terrible, but mostly because I LOVE having a really clean house and I really kind of suck at cleaning.  I'm sort of a messy person, basically the things that belong in my closet don't normally reside in my closet.  I have two rooms in our house, my bed room and a little sitting room.  Most of the stuff that should reside in my closet resides in my sitting room, on the couch, on top of the dresser (not in it), in bags on the floor.  Because I'm terrible about unpacking things.  So really my sitting room is like a big closet.  But yesterday I put everything back into my closets yesterday so the lady could clean, and I washed my sheets and now our house looks awesome.  She accomplished in just over two hours by herself what it would have taken britt and me all day long to accomplish.  I was impressed.  Plus I liked her. 

The only thing left to do to put my life in order is to wash my dirtball dog (who by the way, says hey) and water my ferns.  And figure out what I'm suppose to be doing in my job, which by the way, I really like so far.  I love my office, I love the other lawyers, I love the support staff, I love the little coke fountain machine and the new stapler I just got that happens to be the exact same color as my new sigg coffee mug.  I'm very pleased with things so far.  My only complaint is that you can see my feet under my desk and as such can tell when I've taken my shoes off, which is basically, all the time.  Luckily only people who work here come in my office. 

I ordered Briscoe a new bed from Orvis, so hopefully that should be coming in today, and I can give her a bath and let her bask in the awesomeness that is orvis. 

Since hurricane Fay dropped part of the atlantic ocean and most of the gulf of mexico in our lovely state this past week, the mosquitoes have staged a TAKE BACK THE YARD party.  I was outside for two minutes with Briscoe this morning and I have a HUGE bite on the back of my calf.  Hopefully the skeeter man will come by soon with his truck of pesticides and save us all from the west nile virus. 

OH!  And Maggie is in town!  Hooray!  I love Maggie.  We are going to dinner tonight. 

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Go Giants!

I don’t really care about the NFL, but I was happy to see the Giants win last night.   I don’t love Eli, but I like Payton a lot.  Plus they are both good SEC boys from Mississippi, the land of awesome quarterbacks like Brett Favre.  Plus, Libby lives in New York, and she was at the game, and I don’t love Tom Brady or Bill Belichick.  But I do like a good football game, and that is what we had last night. 

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and Briscoe and I went for a nice long run on the river.  There were millions of people riding their bikes and lots of other dogs for Briscoe to sniff.  When Briscoe got home she limped around like she had broken her front paw.  I think I’m going to have to stop running with her.  Which is really sad.  But I feel terrible when she limps around after every time we run.  And we weren’t even running on pavement!

It is very foggy here this morning, low visibility in downtown augusta.

My brain is operating at about a 3 right now.  I need it to be closer to an 8 or a 9.  At least a 6.

Y’all, I’m really sorry this blog is so boring right now.  But I really just don’t have a lot to report about.  My friends I haven’t talked to in a while call me and ask, What is going on with you!  And I honestly have to tell them, not a lot.  It has been a very calm January.  Which is nice after the crazy months of October, November and December.  The crazy people have been coming out of the woodwork here at work, but other than that, my life has been uneventful recently.

But stay tuned.  You never know when things could get interesting.    


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She was a real hit at our birthday party with this little number.  I’m so proud that she is now big time enough to do it on television – (I can’t make it be embedded, so you have to actually follow the link) –

Paige’s Soulja Boy. 

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Travers W. Paine III

I know I’ve told y’all before about my dad’s fabled Georgia Florida touchdown in 1969.  Get pumped.  I’ve finally got it on youtube.  Well, I’ve got the 1983 Coors commercial that included the clip of the 46 yard touchdown.  Just in time for the 2007 World’s Largest Cocktail Party.  Yippee. 

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This was the point in the game where things really got fun.  Like, one of the most fun games I’ve ever been too.  Last Saturday was a total blast, from start to finish.  If only all football game days could be so full of great friends, great football, great food (you would be grossed out if I told you all the things I ate), great drink (or drank for that matter), great weather, coupled with no obligations and little stress.  Most of the time you get a few of these things, but very rarely do the stars align for such an all around super fun, no drama, happy day (Although, I would say the weekend before in tuscaloosa was a close second.  It’s been a good year).  I love fall.

(p.s. my parents seats are on the 15th row behind the georgia bench, so we had this performance upclose and personal, and not on the big screen.  It was awesome.  Too bad the game wasn’t televised.)

GA Bulldogs – Soulja Boy

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C_and_c_2_2 (Christy and I right before we watched UGA kill Tennessee- never been to tuscaloosa, best I can do right now). 

To the point where I won’t have a voice left.  Yes, that is correct, I’m heading to Georgia-Alabama game.  I’ll be in birmingham tonight, and Tuscaloosa tomorrow.  YAY!  Who’s excited!  I am!  GOOOOOOOOO  DAAAAAAAWWWWGGGSSS! SIC UM!  WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF. 

Hit the cell up if you are going to be in these locations this weekend. 

P.S.  Today is my cute sweet friend PAIGE TUCKER’s birthday!  Give her a call.  She will be reporting live from Tuscaloosa all weekend. 

YAY – one more picture of me and christy on gameday


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Ahh, Miscellaneous.  I’ll never learn how to spell that word without spell check.  The same way I will ALWAYS be confused about Affect and Effect.  I know it isn’t difficult, I know it should be simple and I’m entirely too educated to not know the difference.  Back off, maybe I have mild brain damage. 

So, just thought I would share a few things with y’all.  I recently purchased the Colbie Caillat CD, and I highly recommend it.  It is definitely girl music, but it is upbeat and soothing, sort of something you can tune out, but good lyrics too.  I like it. My favorites are Oxygen and Midnight Bottle. 

I also recently purchased the Luke Bryan CD – he is from Albany, Ga, and is fun.  He wrote Billy Currington’s song – Good Directions, and I think this is his first CD.  It makes me happy.  My favorite songs are We Rode in Trucks and You Make Me Want To.   

Travers says I listen to terrible music.  Who asked him anyway?

I’ve recently found a few new websites that I like a lot –

The Pasty Quail – this is site run by a few law students at UGA.  Lots of interesting articles and outside links with blurbs.  I was thoroughly entertained. 

Walking to the Shops Damages the Planet More than Going by Car – I love this article.  Honestly – I’m all about the environment, I really am, but most people don’t even think through the real impact of their actions – and what might seem "good" is sometimes "bad", or, simply, "not good". 

Binge Drinking is Good For You – I just thought this article was hilarious.  I mean – it doesn’t have a real serious point, but it made me laugh.  I like columnists.  Especially British ones.

Oh, and speaking of substance abuse – if it ever comes down to it – please send me to this Rehab.  I feel at peace in the mountains.   

And last but not least – what I think of as the funniest SNL skit I’ve ever seen, starring Lindsey – who has been lucky enough to go to rehab at the Cirque Lodge –

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I want to make sure no one missed this –

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