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List envy

Did you see this map about baby girl names?  It is mesmerizing.  I accepted as a young child that I was never going to find a keychain or a license plate or a coffee mug with my name on it.  I do have a couple coffee mugs that say Chuck on them.  Since SSA is a large part of my every day life, I am well aware of the 1000 top baby names released every year.  What I was not aware of is that my name was once in the top 1000 baby names!  I made a list!  Exactly 50 years before I was born! This made my day.  Thanks, Cristi and Mental Floss, for giving me real evidence for the next time I get in an argument with a stranger who says Charlsie is not a real name.  It IS a REAL name.  It’s just an old name.  59 baby girls were named Charlsie in 1930.  Don’t worry about the fact that 237 baby girls were named Charles in 1930, it’s not relevant.    According to SSA, 1930 is the only year that the name Charlsie broke into the top 1000 names.  The name Travers has not made the list to date.  The records began in 1879, 100 years before Travers was born.

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I was suppose to work all day, but then Jennifer called and said she was on the boat and for me to come lay out with her. There is this unwritten rule, when your bestie who recently had her second child, wants you to come hang out and drink beer during the work day on the water, you have to go. Holiday weekends strengthen the enforcement of this rule. Sort of like all the other laws. Giant perk of working for the federal government at the beach.*

Last night Catie and I were walking down Broad Street and East Bay, and we ducked into a bar, and these guys behind us called out to us and said – “where are you going? I’ve been following you for blocks checking you out!” (This is the pg version of his comment, it was actually a much more body part specific) Guys, this is the greatest way to make SURE to scare a girl off. Don’t tell women you don’t know that you’ve been following her for blocks, and specifically comment on the part of her body you noticed. Just FYI.

In other ground breaking news from the coast, coppertone kids 70 SPF sunscreen will destroy your nail polish.

Get excited for a holiday Spoleto weekend full of art, dance, music, family, friends, great food, and the prettiest weather in everyone’s favorite city. As soon as someone dries my hair for me, I will be ready for tonight.  Kate and Trav are on their way, and we are going to act cultured all weekend.


*BTW, the reason I can leave early on Friday is because I worked 10 hour days ever other day this week, not because federal employees don’t do work.  Y’all don’t get crazy.  I was with a bunch of Republicans. I have no political affiliations beyond YOLO.

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April and Augusta

Kate and CharlsieMarch 2013 might go down as the longest month in the history of months, but April 2013 should go down as the shortest.  I literally blinked and April was almost over.  I love this photo of my mom and me.   Masters 2013 was a complete success, and an impressive amount of white bread and mayonnaise was consumed.  I don’t think I realized how infrequently I eat white bread or mayonnaise, and I think I can say with confidence that there is a reason for that.  This year, I was intelligent enough to remember to DVR the weekend Masters television coverage, because I don’t have a good grasp on what the television coverage is like, and I feel like I have been missing this vantage point.

After viewing selected portions of the coverage, I have a few observations.  First off, I had NO IDEA there was a grandstand on the 4th green.  How have I never been to that grandstand?  How do you even get to that grandstand?  Has this grandstand always been there?  I’m literally shocked by this discovery, mostly because 8 and 5 are two of my favorite holes, and walking by 4 is one of the best ways to get between the two.  I had to get out my spectator guide and check it out.  I am almost positive you cannot walk down the Berkman road side of the 4 fairway, so that means you would have to walk up from the 5 fairway, or maybe from the six green?  I’m really not clear, but I would like to know.

4th Grandstand visual

The television coverage also looks sort of fake.  The grass really is stupid green and all the colors and the blue sky and everything can be visually overwhelming in real life, but on television, it ends up looking superimposed or something.  I took some photos of my television to illustrate this point.

Green roomAdam Scott appears to have been digitally superimposed onto a random backdrop of lob lolly pines.  Not like I’m complaining, I’m just saying.

Video GameThis appears to be a screen shot of the Tiger Woods golf video game.  Instead of an actual shot of Tiger.  That’s weird, right?

I feel like I learned a lot by this DVR exercise, and I hope you have enjoyed it.  #eggsaladandbeer #yolo #whitebreadandmayo #emailmeifyouwanttoparty

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Happy Day!

About a month ago it was discovered that statue in memory of my sister, Alice, had been stolen from the grounds of the Old Medical College in Augusta.  Alice died from a genetic disorder four months before I was born.  She was five years old and had been sick for over three years.  My parent’s friends got together and raised money and commissioned a Georgia artist, Marshall Daugherty, to create a statue in her memory.  It was Daugherty’s last work, as he lost his eyesight shortly after he completed the piece.  He told my mother it was his “Ode to Joy”.  It was bronze, about three feet high, and sat on a rose marble pillar.  Until recently.  The loss of the statue was devastating for my parents, another reminder that nothing lasts forever and nothing is sacred.  Not even the memory of a child. 

But, my awesome to be sister in law, Natalie, was determined to find the statue.  She is a prosecutor and worked tirelessly with the Richmond County Sheriff’s office.  My parents offered a reward for any information leading to the recovery of the statue.  But we were starting to believe that the statue was lost, probably irreparably damaged, most likely melted down for scrap metal. 

Then today we got the amazing news that the statue had been recovered!  Honestly, I really can’t believe it.  Natalie sent me a text message this afternoon that said –

Looky what Richmond County Sheriff’s Office Found!

Apparently a neighbor tipped off the police for the reward money.  I’m so relieved, I can’t even tell you!  Apparently my dad went straight there and put it in his car.  Haha.  Hooray!

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Happy Father’s Day!

The best Trav quote I have from this past week goes something like this:

Me: Daddy – you won’t believe this awesome frosty deal they have, you can get a free frosty for six months! (Trav loves frostys and I had been really excited about telling him the good news).

Trav: No joke, I’ve had a frosty tag for weeks.* That’s old news. What I always do is go into the Wendy’s and get a frosty then go through the drive thru and get another one, then you almost have a whole frosty. The mini frostys are too dinky to only eat one – but you don’t even have to buy anything to get one.

*the frosty fundraiser started on may 26.

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It snowed all day yesterday.  I can’t ever remember being in Augusta when it snowed for such a long time.  Sadly, all the snow was in vain, because it melted almost a quickly as it fell.  There were moments when it would start to stick, then the snow would let up or the temperature would rise.  I had a bunch of errands to run, and driving around in the snow was a lot of fun, especially because it wasn’t sticking.  The flakes were big enough to land in my hair and on my coat and stay there until I got into my car or into the courthouse.  It made me happy all day long. 

After work I went and drank champagne with Kate to celebrate the inauguration.  Kate likes to celebrate with champagne.  Someone got engaged?  We’ll drink champagne for them!  New job?  Champagne!  Birthday?  Champagne!  The moon is bright enough that you can see your shadow?  Champagne!  Pregnant?  You can watch us drink champagne!  So of course the inauguration was an EXCELLENT reason to drink champagne.  We sipped and chatted and the watched parade and the Obamas start to seize up from the cold. 

I was in the kitchen looking for something to eat when the parade finally ended and the Obamas were able to enter the White House as Mr. and Mrs. America for the first time.  When I came back into the den :

Kate:  “You missed it!  They just got home to the White House!  It was so sweet, he picked her up and carried her over the threshold and kissed her!”  

Me:   “SHUT UP!  Back it up, I want to see that.”

Kate:  “Ha.  I’m kidding, that didn’t happen.”

Don’t believe everything your mother tells you.  Sometimes she’s just straight up lying for the shock effect. 

More than anything we wanted to see the part where Michelle took off those heels she’s had on all day long and jumped on the beds.  Cause that is the first thing I would have done.  At that point it would have been a small jump, to conserve energy.  But a jump nonetheless.

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Islands and Interstates

I’m going to Valdosta today.  To the lake.  I’ll let y’all know if the islands are still there.  I’m hoping to get to stand on one tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll even take a picture.  If I’m feeling crazy. 

Hopefully I’ll be back in augusta by tomorrow night.  Happy St. Patricks Day! Fun holiday, even if green really is most definitely, NOT my color. 

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My dad sent me this story of the  murder of a 15 year old boy that took place in Lowndes County in 1843.  Download troupville_trial_1848.pdf

The boy was shot when some men were horsing around with an old rusty rifle they thought was broken.  The shooter was "moved and seduced by the instigation of the Devil."  Troupville was the county seat at the time of the murder – and not far from Wildwood Plantation.  Valdosta is the current county seat.  The story originally appeared in the 1931 issue of The Georgia Lawyer.  This will probably only be really interesting people who love the law – like me (hehe).

My favorite part of the story is at the end – the author explains the importance of court week in the small town. 

Court week always attracted a great concourse of people.  Some attended from necessity or compulsion, some to enjoy the feast of erudition and eloquence; others to trade, traffic or electioneer, but to many it was an occasion for much drinking and horseswapping, and for indulgence in cock fighting, horse racing, gaming, and other "worldly amusements" for which Troupville became somewhat notorious.  Indeed, among the Godly, it was regarded as a wild town – almost as wicked as Hawkinsville. 

And I love this –

A Vanished Town

Now Beneath a spreading oak that shades the old stage road, a granite marker points out to passers-by the place where once stood Troupville – the far famed capital of Lowndes. 

Only the rivers there remain, eternally the same –

black waters, musically slipping,

Whose ripples sway the gray moss dipping

From hoary overhanging trees

That murmur to the whispering breeze –

Old tales of ancient memories. 

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Gather round, let me tell you children a story.  Over a hundred years ago, in a land far far away called Valdosta, my great great grandfather, Charles Paine, and his first cousin, M. Smith (I can’t remember his first name right now) married two sisters, Ada and Rachel Jones, respectively.  Ada and Rachel’s father had a plantation called Wildwood along the banks of the Withlacoochee river which encompassed a great deal of land.  He left Wildwood to his two daughters.   (On a side note, the land originally came from Ada and Dsc00853 Rachel’s mother’s family, not the Jones family.  Apparently giving land to your daughter is cool in Georgia. We are so progressive.) This is a camellia I captured this weekend from a bush in my great grandmother’s yard – apparently the bush came from Wildwood, which I think is cool.  Heirloom plants is what  you call them I believe.

Each couple had six children.  Then tragedy struck and Charles and Ada both died within a year of each other.  So the Smith couple adopted the six orphaned Paine children and raised all twelve kids.  The kids were all double cousins at the least, basically siblings.  They lived part of the time in Valdosta but also at Wildwood Plantation where the cantaloupes were grown –  Dsc00901_3

It is unclear to me whether or not the twelve children were used on the plantation, but it says – grown, picked and packed by Paine and Smith, so I would assume that they were.   Twelve kids would come in handy on the plantation.  My great grandfather, the first Travers, was one of the twelve children.   Dsc00862

Before Charles died, he and M and four of their other friends bought a piece of property with a lake on it called Loch Laurel.  The lake is about three miles around and a mile across, spring fed, about five miles from the Florida line.  Charles and M bought out the other partners.  Loch Laurel is very pretty.  (here are some pictures I posted last spring).

So the Paine’s and the Smith’s, although two different last names, are virtually one big family.  But everyone is aware of the different branches.  Over the years Wildwood has been split into many different pieces and sold off little by little.  Loch Laurel is owned by a privately held corporation – with family members holding  shares. 

On the morning of Friday October 13, 2006, it was discovered that islands had appeared in one corner of the lake.  Overnight.  Loch Laurel is assumed to be a limestone sinkhole lake, and we believe the islands to be some sort of limestone plate that has shifted.  Actually, let’s get real, we have no idea what happened and it is totally freaky and weird.  But regardless, this is what they look like – Img_0705

I’m not sure if you can see from the pictures, but one of the islands is much larger than the restImg_0707. My cousin (first, once removed) Helen and her husband Jim and I decided that it would be really funny, if under the cover of darkness, we claimed the big island for the Paine family.  Hence the need for the family back story.  Because, obviously we deserve the big island.   Luckily – there was an almost full moon this weekend as we made our way across the lake in Helen’s john boat at dusk.  Dsc00866_1 Dsc00874

The pictures are dark because we were being sneaky, but I think we made our point –

Dsc00888 Of course, we couldn’t just leave it at that.  Because there were all these other little islands that needed signs.  Signs that said something like – Smith.  The only problem was that we didn’t have any paper or a pen to write with.  All we had was a beer bottle, a beer can, and a box of cheez-its.  Never leave home without them.  Fortunately – the islands themselves are essentially black mud rock.  So we ripped up the cheez-it box, broke off a piece of rock to use as a pen, and stuck the beer bottle into one of the smaller islands.  Hahaha, we are so funny and resourceful.    


Unfortunately it rained Saturday night, so our dark twilight photos might be the only evidence of the Smith sign.  The Paine sign was laminated and should last for a while.   This has been a very long post and I hope you enjoyed the photo journey.  I want to leave you with a couple more creepy nighttime photos.  They were taken with the long exposure nighttime setting of my digital camera, so they are a bit blurry, which makes them all the more creepy. 

Good luck to everyone who is taking exams, Jessica – I will try to be diligent in my posting. 

Dsc00884 Dsc00897 Dsc00898Dsc00879

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