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I know I’ve talked about the Monday after Masters being miserable, but today was equally as depressing.  Y’all, Libby’s wedding was last weekend, and I had so much fun, but now I’m depressed.  I’m sure that part of it is that the wedding is something Libby and I have been discussing for, oh, the last fifteen to twenty years, and there is something deflating to have it actually be over, but even besides that, it was insanely fun.  I like to believe that all my bridesmaid experience was utilized to the fullest extent, but regardless, I had the maximum amount of fun.  I’m looking at photos of the weekend and wishing I could have been at three places at one time the entire weekend because there is video evidence that I missed almost as much fun as I experienced!  Haha.   I’m also sad because an impressive amount of my favorite people in the world were all in the same place and now I freshly miss them.  Sigh.  If only we could take all our favorite people and make them all live in the same place.

Then I wouldn’t have anyone to visit in Colorado or New York or a few other choice locales, but maybe we could all travel to those places together on a regular basis?  This dream is becoming increasing unrealistic.  Maybe I’ll just stick to praying for cheap airfare, connecting flights that don’t get cancelled in the black holes that are also known as the ATL and CLT, and for staying up until 5 am on a Saturday night to not ruin my entire week.  A girl can dream, right?

On top of everything, my best friend will be virtually  unreachable for the next two weeks.  JUST when we had so much to talk about, she runs off to the other side of the world.  Even Briscoe is exhausted.  Yesterday, my parents house was littered with hungover people and animals.  Bella got in the trash Saturday night after the festivities and let’s just say on Sunday, the term, “sick as a dog,” sprang to mind.  But I’m pretty sure she would do it all over again.

I’d like to tell you more, but I’m so tired my hair hurts, and they say a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

It's a marvelous night for a moondance...

Mr. and Mrs. McAleer

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1.  Call Bloomingdales from work to order lingere for bachelorette party.  Try to be quiet as you ask for Hanky Panky Low Rise Thong.  When the girl ask you if you want the ones with lace all over or not, try to ignore that your boss just walked in the room and is looking at you like you are crazy. 

2.  Call Clerk’s office in Florida.  As soon as clerk picks up the phone, scream bloody murder because the wasp that has been buzzing around your office all day that you thought your boss killed with a broom earlier has crawled up onto your desk and across your mouse and onto your hand. 

3.  Stop to talk to your neighbor after running a few miles in the heat.  Stand there, with blank look on your face and try not to be concerned that you have no idea what you just said but you are pretty sure the neighbor thinks it is strange that you are still in their driveway.  Wander off. 

4.  After you have attended a tennis clinic for three weeks, and spent the entire third week clinic hitting with the instructor, call him by the wrong name in a loud voice in front of the whole class.  Thanks Nick!  (CHARLSIE!  HIS NAME IS RICK!  NOT NICK!  AGGHH IDIOT). 

5.  When the mother of the groom comes to retrieve him from the bar at 2 am on Friday night after the rehearsal dinner, hop on in the car with him and try to be supportive of his demands to go to Krystal.  When you find rubble where the neighborhood Krystal USED to be (torn down for renovations – literally, levelled), find the next closest Krystal with Google maps and place the order while hanging out of the back window of his mother’s car.  Try to keep the car clean by taking the remaining chiks and cheese krystals that remain in the bag into your house when they drop you off first.   

6.  Send the runner on errands such as 1.   Pick up Briscoe’s flea medicine from vet 2.  Get jewelry cleaned  3.  Pick up Blizzard (small, peanut butter cup).

7.  Neglect your dry cleaning long enough to where you have to pick it up on the way to work in order to have anything suitable to wear that day. 

8.  Wage war on the dandilions in your yard.  Dig the roots up with a shovel if necessary  (my dad saw me trying to get the whole root of this dandilion the other day and told me to stop being weird.  I told him to leave me alone and let me be weird in my own backyard – he told me not to act like that in my front yard).

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Hair today

Cristina mailed me my bridesmaid dress the other day.  I had her send it to my office because my dress for Maggie’s wedding got lost in the mail through forwarding problems from my old address.  I was showing the dress to Sarah and Kate, and their response was –

Kate:  “OOHHH, Pretty!  Why are you in so many weddings?”

Me:  “I do hair real good.”

Sarah:  “Funny, no one would think that to look at you on a day to day basis.”

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I love summer.  Now, instead of having Kate (the runner, not my mom) bring us starbucks treats in the afternoon, she brings us Sonic slushies!   I like grape slushies.   I don’t drink caffeine in the afternoon and I drink a lot of coffee in the morning so a slushy is infinitely better than starbucks.  Plus it’s happy hour at sonic so it’s basically free. 

I love the way a charcoal grill smells.  Love. 

I don’t like the way bug spray smells when you aren’t outside anymore.  Speaking of, sometimes I feel like that kid at camp who is super high maintenance.  I can’t go into the sun without sunscreen or I burn like an infant in Cancun, I can’t go outside these days without being DESTROYED by mosquitos unless I put on bug spray (btw, I like this kind – the dry spray for when I’m at home and the little toilettes to keep in my pocketbook for weddings and other outdoor events). 

Briscoe went to the vet today to have her shots updated so she can get her hair cut tomorrow.  She’s really hot, but the dog salon requires kennel cough.  I’m excited about taking my big fuzzy bear animal in the morning and getting back a shorn lamb tomorrow afternoon! 

Maggie is getting married the weekend!  It is going to be lots of fun.  Now I just have to make it through another day of work and try really hard to pay attention.  Focus.

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I know I’ve told y’all before how much I love coffee, but I just thought I’d remind you.  Lots of huge important things have happened this week, my car hit 180,000 miles, I won my first case, and I had to go back into my house the other day to get my shoes because I’d left home without them. 

How often do you get in the car and think, dang, I don’t have on any shoes!  I’ll have to go back into the house and get them?  Once a year?  Once a month?  Once a week?  Never?  Now that it has gotten warm outside I have revived my beloved habit of only wearing shoes when it is required by my job, the law, and/or to comply with social norms.  It’s awesome.  What isn’t awesome is that Donald and Ronald (my home repair people who are fixing all the things in my house that need fixing, and who I would be lost without) keep finding these HUGE metal roofing nails that the roofers left in my yard.  Those nails look like the quickest way to get lockjaw I can imagine. 

Briscoe has enjoyed having Donald and Ronald around (they are twins), and D & R have gotten pretty attached to Briscoe.  To the point where they have renamed her.  Her new name is Biscuit. And you know, she sort of looks like a little biscuit!  It’s the perfect new name for the fuzzy head. 

I almost stepped on a snake this morning right outside the front door of our office.  He was a really cute little green snake.  He told me his name was Lionel. 

Okay, I’m off to track down a judge and get my summary judgment motion signed!  Hooray!  And Molly is getting married this weekend!  And it’s suppose to be 90 degrees tomorrow!

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I’m leaving in a few minutes to drive to the ATL so I can fly to New Orleans in the morning.  Betsy and Andrew are getting married on Saturday, and the weekend is going to be slam packed with excitement.  My flight lands around noon tomorrow, Todd is suppose to take the day off from the Dome(and maybe pick me up from the airport, if I’m lucky), and everyone arriving for the wedding should be there by the time the crawfish boil starts tomorrow night.  Todd has also promised a St. Patrick’s day parade at some point, and definitely some green beer. 

I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone, so many special friends from the law school years, and I’m so excited for Betsy and Andrew.  I tell Betsy all the time that I want to be just like her when I grow up.  She’s such an amazing friend and I’m always impressed with how she and Andrew are able to have common goals and dreams and actively pursues these goals and dreams together in a successful and exciting way.  I love them.  And I love Kaya too. 

Pray that it doesn’t rain, and I hope that your Friday the 13th is as fun as mine promises to be!


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Be careful, I’ll cut you.

I was talking to my boss on Monday.  He was asking me about my birthday (I was at a conference when my actual birthday happened last week).  His secretary chimed in with the information that my birthday adds up to my age, which led to a conversation about how I am 27, and when I turn 30 on 10-10-10, I’m having a big party. Then the conversation took a turn. (he’s a big teaser, so he was definitely kidding)

Boss:  Well Charlsie, I doubt your parents give you a hard time about this, but your getting on up there, maybe you need to get more serious.  Do you need for us to start setting you up on dates?  Have you considered the internet?

Me:  Look, I just had a birthday, my best friend from college got married last weekend, and my best friend from home is getting married this weekend, I swear, this is not the day to start picking on me about getting married and being left behind.  I’m in a feisty mood, and I’ll hurt you. 

Boss:  Hahahahaha.  I can’t imagine why you are still single. 

(on a side note, at the wedding this past weekend (which was really a whole lot of fun) I ran into my sweet friend Keri from college.  Keri is a social worker in the ATL , at an intercity hospital, and she works with HIV/AIDs patients.  Any one who does what she does deserves a HUGE medal and an applause from everyone in the world.  She is a saint.  Well, Keri told me that she reads my blog, and that sometimes it is the only thing she has to smile about all day.  Which, I have to admit, really touched me.  And made me want to post more often, and to be more funny.  But alas, this is the best I can do this week.  So, Keri – this one is for you.  Everyone, if you have a second, leave Keri a comment telling her how much you appreciate what she does, because she is truly in the salt mines of human suffering every day.) 

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Wedding Gifts

I like to buy people old books for gifts.  Part of it is that I like to look at old books in old bookstores, and on Ebay.  Part of it is that I love books in general.  Part of it is the idea that I can find a book with some sort of meaning or personal thought behind it and feel my gift was unique.  I use old books as decoration, and I like to buy books that are pretty. For example, I gave Ashley and Otis an old copy of Gone with the Wind for their wedding.  Ashley is from Oklahoma, and Otis is from Marietta.  Gone with the Wind has a great deal of the history of Atlanta and Marietta in the pages and Ashley has never read it before, and it was a book she and I have discussed in the past.   

But sometimes I worry that I’m doing that thing where I’m giving people a gift I would want to receive – as opposed to giving them a gift that they would want to receive. 

Anyone got an opinion?  Sometimes it is a cheaper option, but it definitely takes more time and effort than buying off the registry.  But you never know, some people don’t want a musty old book that someone else picked out.  Maybe I’m just weird. 

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Hair Spray and deniem

My cute friends Rachel and Will are getting married this weekend!  YAY!  I’m about to go to Rachel’s bridesmaid luncheon cause I’m a reader in the wedding.  I’m excited. 

The rehearsal dinner tonight is a catfish and quail bake, and the dress code is – suits forbidden, jeans preferred, waders optional.  AND the setting for rehearsal dinner is the Casino, which is where we had dances in high school.  Shoot, it is were my parents went to dances in high school.  Love it.  Perfect setting, perfect theme, perfect people.  I’m hungry just thinking about it. 

I asked rachel if I could wear my carhart overalls.  She said for me to not get to carried away, but that she would insulted if I didn’t wear my cowboy boots and hat.  Sweet. 

In other news:

Have any of y’all ever cut yourself with an emery board while filing your nails?  No?  I guess it takes a special kind of stupid.  For the record, it hurts. 

Have you ever noticed that the song – I Wanna Dance with Somebody – makes you want to dance?  My ipod was on shuffle this morning and that song came on, and I just couldn’t help it.  I wanted to dance. 

Briscoe has started to dig.  This is unacceptable. We are working to stop this destructive behavior. 

I wish the weather would just go ahead and rain, and then clear up and be pretty.  I’m over this cloudy stuff. 

I really like the dress I’m wearing in the wedding tomorrow.  No, I LOVE IT. 

I hope everyone has as great of a weekend planned as I do.  And I hope I stop sneezing soon.  Love y’all. 

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Wedding Registries

A lot of my friends have been getting engaged recently.  And I am very happy for them.  This is the first huge wave of weddings I’ve experienced.  I’ve had friends get married – but mostly friends from home, or from college, that I’m not in constant contact with.  This is the first wave of good friends to get married.  I don’t do that well with change, so it takes me a little while to actually accept the fact that my friend is getting married after she gets engaged.  Or he for that matter.  It has nothing to do with my excitement – it has to do with my brain having a hard time catching up with the events of the real world.  Like I have a hard time putting it all together.  Like this –

1.  Jennifer is marrying Matt. 

2. Matt lives and works in Columbia. 

therefore –

Jennifer is moving to Columbia.  To live with Matt.  Her husband. 

It takes me a little while to wrap my head around what all this engagement stuff means.  But one thing that jolts me into having to accept some of these obviously consequences of engagements and marriage is looking at people’s wedding registry.  For some reason they freak me out.  I think part of it is that it makes me feel grown up and old.  My relatives made me pick out a silver pattern years ago because they didn’t know what to give me for christmas.  But all my random pieces of silver are all mixed up my mom’s and my grandmother’s silver because I picked out the same pattern. 

And there just seems to be a lot of china and stuff floating around that never gets used.  I’m sure I can come up with a set from somewhere in my parents house – or maybe my husband’s family will have an extra set.  China scares me and I would worry about breaking it, so I think I would be happy with an old set.  Especially since you don’t use it that often.  Since you can’t put it in the dishwasher.  How sad would I be if I broke a piece of my wedding china?  I guess not as sad as I would be if I broke a piece of my grandmother’s wedding china. 

So I think I’d like to register somewhere like REI.  I already have a coffee maker.  I could use a kayak.  Or something else I could tie to the top of my car.  Then someone could buy me a rack for my car as well, and I’d look cool.  If I have a party we can eat off of paper plates and I won’t have any dishes to wash. 

p.s. I’m obviously being ridiculous, and I’m sure when and if I ever do get engaged I’ll be salivating over new china and crystal.  This is mostly me just being silly.  But I’m serious about wanting a marching band at my wedding. 

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