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Cupcake’s Wedding

So, our little pink frosted cupcake got married.  Sniff.  It was very emotional – as she is so young and fresh.  Jennifer and I were lucky enough to be bridesmaids – and we all feel very good about the hot, tall, seemingly entertaining navy dentist to be that she snagged. 

I always like pictures of me the best if they include my best friends.  I think I look happier.  And happier = prettier.  But then of course – I’m vain.  Want to see some pictures?

Cods_angelsCod’s Angels. 


GangsterSometimes I like to pretend like me and my friends are in a gang.  My friends don’t pretend the same thing. 



Big times in the car. 


Mary Beth was too busy being the bride – so we took a picture with her portrait. 



These are my favorite friends.  All in one place.  YAY!


We are so fun. 


Okay kids.  I’m going to pack.  Miss y’all. 

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Walking in Memphis

I’m off again this weekend to another wedding.  This will be my,  uhh, actually, I have lost count of how many weddings I have been to in the past six months, seven or eight, or something, and I have another one next weekend that I’m missing, and one that I am going to make it to the next weekend. 

Don’t worry, I’ve worn the same dress to almost every wedding.  I like it, it is pretty, and it is non-descript, and I have the right accessories for it, which makes life easier.  No one remembers what you wear anyway. 

I really do enjoy going to weddings, this weekend I’m headed to Memphis for Bonnie’s wedding.  I’m sure it is going to be beautiful, and it is one of the few chances I have to see a lot of my friends from college.  And I love Memphis.  It is such a neat city.  Plus, we are staying downtown, so we will be all over Beale Street. 

Okay, I need to be productive for 15 minutes and then I’m headed home to get my act together, after which I am driving to the ATL to eat lunch and get a mani/pedi with Betsy, before I hop on a plane and jet on over to Memphis!

Miss me.  I love y’all. 

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Tonight I am going to my fourth wedding in five weeks, and my last wedding for a while.  My summer wedding tour 2005 will be over.  Which is good, because I was starting to get tired. 

But I am looking forward to tonight.  It should be fun.  The rehearsal dinner last night was very pretty and the food was great.  I had an upsetting run in with a cab driver on my way home from downtown last night, but other than that it was a good night.    I apologize if I called you last night and left you an overly dramatic voice mail, I was a little distressed.  I’ve regained my composure. 

I still have a cold, which sucks, but I’m fighting through it. 

I don’t know why, but I’ve kind of had a chip on my shoulder the last couple of days.  I’ve been a little overly sensitive, and a bit defensive.  I hate it when I act like that, hopefully I will be able to brush my shoulders off and get a grip.  I think sometimes I just get a little overly analytical.   Actually, more than that, I think I have been rather negative lately, and critical of others.  This is going to stop now.  Sometimes I think I am being hilarious, when really I am just being mean. 

So from now on I’m going to be more positive and less critical.  Basically, I haven’t been very loving, and loving charlsie is much more pleasant than unloving charlsie. 

I apologize if I have given you a hard time lately or picked on you, or made any comments that hurt your feelings, and call me out if I do it again, because from now on I am going to be much nicer, which in turn will make me much happier.  I love you all!!

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I have decided to just go ahead and make a new category for weddings.  Because weddings will be consuming my life for the next month, and I can see many more weddings cropping up in the next year or so. 

This past weekend I went to Dallas for the wedding of Catherine Anne, who was in my pledge class and who I studied abroad with in college.  She was a beautiful, happy, relaxed bride, and the wedding was tons of fun.  My favorite part was the champagne bar, where you could get fruit juice, fresh fruit, candy, etc of your choice in your champagne.  It was excellent.  The other highlight of the weekend for me was the dessert at the rehersal dinner, which was creme brulee in a milk chocolate shell.  I’m serious when I say I am going to have dreams about for years.  It was better than meeting a cute boy. 

In addition to watching Catherine Anne walk down the aisle, I got to spend some quality time with some old friends, like Neiman Marcus and Maggie (no, really, I did get to hang out with a lot of people I haven’t seen in a long time and I wish I saw everyone more often).

I stayed with my love Kallie, who I met in Greece last summer and who I absolutely adore.  I haven’t seen her since Greece, but I have high hopes of her one day making her home somewhere in the metro atlanta area where I can watch her become a high power attorney and we can go to expensive lunches.  She is going to be a 3L at UT in Austin and is working in Dallas for the summer.  Kallie was the source of the best story of the weekend I think.  Kallie is splitting her summer with two firms in Dallas, and had a dinner Saturday night at one of the partner’s houses (they actually call them shareholders, not partners, but regardless).  So Kallie came to the reception after the dinner, even though she doesn’t know Catherine Anne, or anyone else involved, Catherine Anne told me to bring her, and I really wanted Kallie to get to meet my other friends.  Well, by the time Kallie gets to the reception, we have been drinking champagne for a while, and I introduce Kallie to Catherine Anne’s brother Michael, who just graduated from medical school.  Somehow I neglect to tell Kallie that Michael is Catherine Anne’s brother, and here is how the conversation went (by the way, Kallie did get to meet Catherine Anne before this happened, she really wasn’t crashing the wedding):

M:  So what are you doing in Dallas?
K:  Well, I’m clerking for two law firms, I just finished my second year.
M: Really?  What firms are you working for?
K:  Firm W for the first half and then Firm H & L for the second half, I’m rotating in the business part, contracts, real estate, that sort of thing. 
M:  Oh, well, my dad is a partner at H & L, actually, he is one of the founding partners, he works in real estate – venture capital.
K:  Really?  I love that sort of thing, who is your father, what is his last name?
M:  Well, he is the father of the bride.
K:  Oh, right, yes. 

(eventually it is all sorted out and Michael introduced Kallie to his dad, who I know and think is great, and it all ends up being hilarious and Catherine Anne’s dad promised to get Kallie a project). 

Catherine Anne’s wedding was the first of my June weddings, and from here on out I have a wedding every weekend for the next month except the weekend of the 4th of July.  So counting this last weekend, five weeks, four weddings; Dallas, Sea Island, Augusta, and Athens.  I am heading down to Saint Simon’s on Thursday of this week for the Sea Island wedding, and I am looking forward to laying on the beach.  I haven’t been to the beach since Spring Break, in contrast to  last summer when I spent seven weeks on the beach in Greece. 

But work has been terribly interesting this morning, give me a little while and I will get back to you on that topic.

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Travers and me at the

Travers and me at the the white trash engagement party for Frank and Caroline.  Posted by Hello See old Comments | See old Trackbacks

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