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Spring is very confused today.  The wind chill was 35 degrees this morning.  I had my air conditioning on yesterday.  Technically, my AC might have still been turned on this morning, but since it was 64 degrees in my apartment when I woke up, and the AC was set on like 75, it wasn’t blowing.  Now I have the heat on.  I’m sorry I’m not sorry.

One thing spring is not confused about is raspberries.  I am normally more of a blueberry/banana/apple fruit consumer, but they were out of blueberries, and my mom always says the important thing is to eat colorful food, so I bought raspberries.  I’m not sure if these were particularly amazing raspberries, or if the fact that I ate nothing but white bread and mayo last week had something to do with it, but I can’t remember tasting anything so delicious.  I felt like the kids from Lord of the Flies who are starving and find the tropical fruit (mangos maybe?) and can’t stop themselves from gorging.  But then I remembered that those children felt very sick afterwards and that each raspberry cost about a dime, and I tried to limit myself to no more than a $1.50 in raspberries in that first sitting.

In other news, I ran out of flonase this morning, and I called the pharm for a refill.  The nice lady at the pharm said,”Goodness!  You sound terrible!  Rough time of year, huh?  I figured while I was out of allergy medicine, that I should sweep all the pollen off of my front porch.  Not like, the yellow gritty dust, but the hairy oak pieces.  I’m grasping for a better way to describe the oak debris, it sort of looks like mini caterpillars?  Or maybe a yellow dust bunny? Debris is one of my favorite words.  Spring time brings a lot of extra debris.  My car looks like it hasn’t been washed in two years.  It’s been more like ten days.  Even Briscoe is sneezing.

Despite the fact that there is a windchill today, yesterday was hot and muggy and rainy and the mosquitoes were having a grand time.  Briscoe and I went for a walk around 8 yesterday morning, and we sat down on a bench by the water, and I looked down, and there were at least five mosquitoes trying to bite Briscoe through her fluffy hair.  We came home immediately.  How do you keep mosquitoes off your dog?

I was home in Augusta last week for the Masters, and it was a whirlwind of friends, family, flowers, sandwiches, beer, and pollen.  I attempted to see as many people as possible, and I still missed some important people.  The amount of white bread and mayo consumed was upsetting, but necessary.  My friends from home (The “A” Team) and I discussed how the Augusta National is like Narnia, how the grass is greener, everything tastes better, life seems crisper.  But you can’t take it home with you.  Egg salad does not travel well.  The pairing sheet is just a dirty piece of paper when you get home.  And this week, apparently, the end of the Masters means the return of the endless winter.

My childhood buddy, Lilibet, has written an excellent book – Box Girl: My Part Time Job as an Art Installation.  Check it out, it’s totally hilarious.  And if you need any other book recommendations, The Goldfinch was insanely awesome.  And The Circle was an engaging and terrifying look at social media.

Briscoe and I happy to be back in sunny Charleston, but it was hard to leave home after such an amazing week. The first couple of days after the tournament are pretty rough, but I think I’ve made it through the worst part.   I hope that you are all surviving this STUPID cold snap.  This has to be the end of it, right?   It’s not fair to have pollen and a wind chill.  Winter can’t last forever.  Until them, I recommend hot coffee and zyrtec, and a fuzzy dog if you can find one.

*I also posted a post below that I wrote about a month ago, but forgot to actually post.  Finishing the drill is hard sometimes.

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April and Augusta

Kate and CharlsieMarch 2013 might go down as the longest month in the history of months, but April 2013 should go down as the shortest.  I literally blinked and April was almost over.  I love this photo of my mom and me.   Masters 2013 was a complete success, and an impressive amount of white bread and mayonnaise was consumed.  I don’t think I realized how infrequently I eat white bread or mayonnaise, and I think I can say with confidence that there is a reason for that.  This year, I was intelligent enough to remember to DVR the weekend Masters television coverage, because I don’t have a good grasp on what the television coverage is like, and I feel like I have been missing this vantage point.

After viewing selected portions of the coverage, I have a few observations.  First off, I had NO IDEA there was a grandstand on the 4th green.  How have I never been to that grandstand?  How do you even get to that grandstand?  Has this grandstand always been there?  I’m literally shocked by this discovery, mostly because 8 and 5 are two of my favorite holes, and walking by 4 is one of the best ways to get between the two.  I had to get out my spectator guide and check it out.  I am almost positive you cannot walk down the Berkman road side of the 4 fairway, so that means you would have to walk up from the 5 fairway, or maybe from the six green?  I’m really not clear, but I would like to know.

4th Grandstand visual

The television coverage also looks sort of fake.  The grass really is stupid green and all the colors and the blue sky and everything can be visually overwhelming in real life, but on television, it ends up looking superimposed or something.  I took some photos of my television to illustrate this point.

Green roomAdam Scott appears to have been digitally superimposed onto a random backdrop of lob lolly pines.  Not like I’m complaining, I’m just saying.

Video GameThis appears to be a screen shot of the Tiger Woods golf video game.  Instead of an actual shot of Tiger.  That’s weird, right?

I feel like I learned a lot by this DVR exercise, and I hope you have enjoyed it.  #eggsaladandbeer #yolo #whitebreadandmayo #emailmeifyouwanttoparty

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Happy Spring Break 2k13! I’ve been having a happiness panic/heart attack ever since I left my office yesterday afternoon. The weather is beautiful, I’ve been drinking coffee and I’m ready for a mimosa. The bridge run is today, and all of Charleston is out and about for a day of sunshine and parties.

Tomorrow I leave Charleston for a week at home in Augusta. My plans include drinking beer in the sun, pimento cheese, turkey on wheat, velvet hammers, grass that is greener than your eyes can accept, azaleas, wisteria, old friends, family, and a town full of people who are all just happy to be there.

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My new favorite song is Amos Lee and Willie Nelson, with the above stated title.  It is soothing, inspiring, and brings to mind desolate, dusty roads with the sun on your shoulders (we are in a convertible of course) and wind in your hair.  I”m wearing faded jeans and a white tank top, no watch, flip flops and on my left wrist, an indian friendship bracelet like the ones we used to make at camp with smocking thread.  I have aviators, a doctor pepper, and maybe a tootsie pop or some sugar babies I bought at the last gas station.  There is a cooler in the back icing down cold beer and sandwiches for later.  What are you wearing? 

Summer has come to the low country, and the humidity is here to stay.  As are the tourists.  All winter, I would run through the main tourist district on week nights, mostly monday, tuesday and wendesday.  There were always people around, it is better lit than other areas of town, and it allowed me to be on the streets a little later than I would venture alone in less populous areas.  The time change and the lengthening days makes running through the tourist area less of a necessity, but last night I ran my regular route anyway.  I was shocked by the enormous influx of people.  Seriously, it is a different town.  It is the town I would expect on a Saturday, but yesterday being Tuesday, I did not expect it. 

The most amazing part of the late spring here is that the entire town smells like confederate jasmine.  I LOVE the way confederate jasmine smells, and there is nothing more enjoyable than being assaulted with wonderful flower smells everywhere you go.  Even Briscoe likes the way the flowers smell.  Of course, she likes the way a lot of things smell I find questionable, so her opinion probably doesn’t really support my point.  My point is that it is awesome. 

Libby’s bachelorette party was last weekend, and maggie bought some FAGE yogurt that made it to my refrigerator on sunday afternoon.  I’ve been eating a good bit of yogurt recently, trying to be healthy.  I must have grape nuts or granola to make yogurt work for me, and I can’t eat plain yogurt without some kind of sweetness in it, but with a little strawberry and cereal, I find yogurt fantastic.  On Monday, while stirring the strawberry jam portion into the plain yogurt portion of my FAGE container, I noticed writing on the container, in red lettering:  “Suggestion – DO NOT STIR.”  I paused my stirring.  Wait.  I need the strawberry taste in the yogurt, why can’t I stir?  Did they have to be so bossy about it?  Should I have known that stirring yogurt was bad?  Have I been eating yogurt incorrectly for years?  Am I killing the live cultures?  All those fruit at the bottom yogurt cultures murdered by me, the stirrer?  Who knew you weren’t suppose to stir yogurt?  Apparently, other people who are not me.  From what I can discern from the internet, apparently the yogurt tastes better and is lighter and fluffier if you don’t stir it.  Good to know. 

Life has been moving at a rapid pace recently, with lots of changes over the past month.  I had to retire the silver bullet, attend the funeral of an amazing man who lived a fantastic life, watch an impressive golfer and even more impressive person fall apart in the prettiest place in the world, get my little dog’s hair cut to transform her from a winter bear to a springtime lamb, run the bridge run with some great old friends, and really start to settle into this job that I love so much.  Thankfully, at the last minute, Congress got it together and I still had a job.  Haha. 

I think things are starting to calm down a little bit, so I’m planning on being much more diligent in my blogging.  But then again, I’ve said that before, right?

Before I go, I have some television recommendations – Blue Bloods (if you don’t like Tom Selleck, you hate america) and Chicago Code.  Cop shows at their finest.  I also watched the first episode of Game of Thrones, which has a great deal of promise, and scared me to death in the first ten minutes, and broke my heart in the last two.

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Y’all, I’m honestly embarrassed by how long it has been since my last post.  But I do have a few excuses.  I am also well aware that no one wants to hear excuses.  But, 2010 has been kind of crazy so far.  I left my old job, had a few panic attacks about what I was going to do next, and started a new job that I’m really happy with so far.  Somewhere in all of that, I went skiing, spent a week doing hard manual labor for the junior league attic sale (I know the best way to fill up a dumpster with trash), raked over ten huge paper bags full of leaves out of my yard, drank a few liquor drinks and washed a few sandwiches down with beer at the Masters, and celebrated Paige and Jack’s wedding!  I’ve made new friends and spent quality time with old friends, and I can say so far that this year is really shaping up. The flowers have been absolutely unbelievable this year.  I’ve never seen the azaleas show off so.  And guess what I saw today?  A HONEYSUCKLE!  My favorite jasmine of all times!  I got really excited.  Briscoe just kind of looked at me like, Lady, get a grip. You know what else has been amazing this year?  The pollen.  A week or two ago it was basically raining pollen.  There was a yellow cloudy haze hanging over the entire city.  Pollen accumulated inside my car in amazingly gross amounts.  Briscoe turned yellow.  You could literally sit and watch it fall like, like, um, I don’t want to say snow, because it doesn’t look like that, it’s more like dust falling, lighter than sand, but not like snow.  Maybe sort of like ash?  But lighter.  Someone said it looked like someone had dusted for finger prints all over Augusta.  I think that is the best analogy I’ve heard so far.  It falls, but it blows around.  I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’ve never seen it as bad it was this year.  And it turns EVERYTHING yellow.  It’s almost like a nightmare. ANYWAY, the yellow pollen is apparently not the pollen that makes you feel bad, because if it’s big enough to see, it’s too big to inhale, and the pollen you inhale is much too small to see.  The small pollen has been slowly killing me.  I’ve decided to coin this illness as the yellow lung.  No more complaints of allergies.  I’m dying of the yellow lung.  I like to think my voice sounds cooler with the deep raspy tone I’ve recently developed, but we all know I’m not rational about such things. I infinitely prefer the noise my window unit air conditioner makes to my noise machine when I sleep at night.  Like, a bazillion times over.  One day I’ll get my upstairs connected to the central air, but right now I’m sort of loving the window unit.  Is that bad?  Does recycling atone for my window unit sins? My new favorite television show is Mercy.  The people on this show are ridiculously good looking, total alcoholics, and complete trainwrecks.  But I have to say they all seem to have a super sense of humor.  I love a dark drama that also makes me cry laughing.  It happens rarely, if ever.  My other favorite show is Cougar Town.  I didn’t want to like it, but I really REALLY love it.  LOVE. I hope you all had a very pleasant Monday, and that Tuesday is an even better day.  The lamb and I are going to sleep tight.  Sweet dreams!

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How is it already Thursday?  I literally can’t imagine where this week has gone.  Actually, when it comes down to it, I don’t know where this entire year has gotten off to.  It’s the middle of APRIL! 

The masters was tons of fun, I need to take a picture of my chalkboard fridge so you can see all the people who wrote messages and drew pictures.  It’s awesome.  Saturday night we grilled out, it was an overall team effort, and in my opinion, a great success.  The weather was absolutely perfect, minus the violent storm Friday night.  The flowers and the trees and the grass were all amazing.  I’ve been thinking about what my favorite flowers are, and I’ve decided that I can’t decide.  I LOVE wild azaleas – cause they look like monster honey suckles.  I think I need to plant a few in my new yard!

The weirdest thing I saw last week was a turtle get popped with a golf ball.  It was Wednesday, and the golfers were skipping the balls across the pond on 16(which is one of my favorite things about the whole week).  One of the skipped balls hit a turtle who was sunning himself on the edge of the pond directly below the green.  It made this weird thunk noise, and the turtle plopped into the pond.  A few thoughts.  Could the turtle have survived such a direct hit?  If he did die, would he have floated to the top? (that didn’t happen while I was watching).  If you were a turtle who grew up on the grounds of the augusta national (and trust me when I say there are a TON of turtles), would getting hit by a golf ball during the practice round of the masters be a good way to go?  Is that every turtle’s dream?

Anyway, this week it’s back to reality.  Monday was dark and rainy and I was running late all day long, and I had to go to Aiken, and the lights went out while I was in the Aiken Courthouse, and when I got outside I learned that all the lights were out everywhere, including red lights, which made getting home a lot more interesting.  I don’t know my way around Aiken yet, so I spend all my time lost and confused, and the non functioning red lights did not help.  But I’m learning!  I like to think I get better every time. 


The house is back to being a disaster area, Donald is painting the kitchen, and Briscoe has some oil based paint on her nose that could be there for a while.  Britt’s bachelorette is this weekend in St Simons, which should be lots of fun.   I haven’t been to the beach in a long time!


But right now I mostly need to wake up.   I don’t know why I am so sleepy, but this isn’t going to work. At least it is a beautiful day, I wish I was outside! 

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I’m still alive

Barely.  Last week was a blur of golf balls, azaleas (the flower and the drink), good friends, old friends, tea olives, dogwoods, green jackets, pollen, sandwiches in little green bags, and snickers. 

The week started out downright hot, and was absolutely FREEZING by saturday.  I wore long underwear and gloves on saturday.  And it is still cold today.  But not as cold.  The weather was perfect the whole week but saturday. 

And I am tired and worn out and overwhelmed and over socialized.  I still have a cold from before the week started, and I think I’m passed the point of being able to blame it exclusively on pollen.  I’m thinking about locking myself in my house with some hot tea and dvds of northern exposure until thurday.  But my house looks like a bomb of sweaters and bath towels, laundry, liquor drink cups  and beer cans exploded.  So maybe I’ll clean that up before I lock the door.  MAY-BE.   

Life is so tough sometimes. 

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Golf Traffic

Jennifer called me this morning to tell me that when she crossed over the river on her way to work she saw the first golf traffic sign of the year.  I’m really excited.  It will be here before we know it!  This is the only picture I could find online of the golf traffic signs. 


This is the first year since 1999 that I’ve lived here – and it is pretty fun this time of year.  The DJ on the radio last week was talking about how the national better get out the ice bags because the warm weather appears to be here to stay.  Everyone is watching the flowers – they are already so pretty.  I love watching the flowers, worrying about when they are going to peak, and hoping that they all wait as long as possible to bloom so all the tourists can see how pretty our little city is.  Right now it is very, very pretty. 

As a matter of fact – yesterday was about as near as perfect as a day can get.  I slept late, played with my little dog who is getting big, laid out in the sunshine with a bestest friend, read a good book, layed in the grass with my parents dogs, watched Briscoe play in the sprinklers, went on a bike ride with my dad down the canal, went to church, and then finished the day off with an excellent pizza at the pizza joint and a couple of beers with Elizabeth while we sat outside and enjoyed the absolutely perfect temperature of the night and people watched.  Then I feel asleep easily and dreamed weird dreams – as usual. 

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I will be in augusta this weekend, on the golf course.  And I might promise to write while I’m home, but I don’t like to make promises I can’t or might not be able to keep.  So I thought I would leave y’all with a sample of some things I’ve written in the past.

Everyone’s personal favorite – The Time Charlsie Got Arrested
A Virtual Run
Dating during football
Stories of Bella
How to be Good
Things I thought in September
Just Because

Okay – Libby and I are off to play – love you miss you.  Kisses.

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Spring Break #2

I went to the ATL last night to play with Betsy and her roommates.  It was tons of fun. 

This morning – I drove home to Augusta to help my mom get our house ready for the Masters.  Our backyard and our basement need some spring cleaning. 

I got really excited when I saw my first Golf Traffic sign as I approached my exit from I-20 to Bobby Jones Expressway. 

I can’t wait for this week to actually start – it is going to be a blast.  I just wish I could accommodate everyone.  Because I really want as many people as possible to get a chance to come to Augusta and to see the National.  And in the past few years I have been able to help a lot of my friends enjoy this special week and that makes me really happy. 

But it is frustrating.  Because my ability to accommodate everyone is something that is completely out of my control.  And being the pleaser that I am I hate disappointing people.

So we will see how it goes – read what Megan has to say about it.  And here is my post from last year. 

I’m going to unload groceries from the car.

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