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Spring is very confused today.  The wind chill was 35 degrees this morning.  I had my air conditioning on yesterday.  Technically, my AC might have still been turned on this morning, but since it was 64 degrees in my apartment when I woke up, and the AC was set on like 75, it wasn’t blowing.  Now I have the heat on.  I’m sorry I’m not sorry.

One thing spring is not confused about is raspberries.  I am normally more of a blueberry/banana/apple fruit consumer, but they were out of blueberries, and my mom always says the important thing is to eat colorful food, so I bought raspberries.  I’m not sure if these were particularly amazing raspberries, or if the fact that I ate nothing but white bread and mayo last week had something to do with it, but I can’t remember tasting anything so delicious.  I felt like the kids from Lord of the Flies who are starving and find the tropical fruit (mangos maybe?) and can’t stop themselves from gorging.  But then I remembered that those children felt very sick afterwards and that each raspberry cost about a dime, and I tried to limit myself to no more than a $1.50 in raspberries in that first sitting.

In other news, I ran out of flonase this morning, and I called the pharm for a refill.  The nice lady at the pharm said,”Goodness!  You sound terrible!  Rough time of year, huh?  I figured while I was out of allergy medicine, that I should sweep all the pollen off of my front porch.  Not like, the yellow gritty dust, but the hairy oak pieces.  I’m grasping for a better way to describe the oak debris, it sort of looks like mini caterpillars?  Or maybe a yellow dust bunny? Debris is one of my favorite words.  Spring time brings a lot of extra debris.  My car looks like it hasn’t been washed in two years.  It’s been more like ten days.  Even Briscoe is sneezing.

Despite the fact that there is a windchill today, yesterday was hot and muggy and rainy and the mosquitoes were having a grand time.  Briscoe and I went for a walk around 8 yesterday morning, and we sat down on a bench by the water, and I looked down, and there were at least five mosquitoes trying to bite Briscoe through her fluffy hair.  We came home immediately.  How do you keep mosquitoes off your dog?

I was home in Augusta last week for the Masters, and it was a whirlwind of friends, family, flowers, sandwiches, beer, and pollen.  I attempted to see as many people as possible, and I still missed some important people.  The amount of white bread and mayo consumed was upsetting, but necessary.  My friends from home (The “A” Team) and I discussed how the Augusta National is like Narnia, how the grass is greener, everything tastes better, life seems crisper.  But you can’t take it home with you.  Egg salad does not travel well.  The pairing sheet is just a dirty piece of paper when you get home.  And this week, apparently, the end of the Masters means the return of the endless winter.

My childhood buddy, Lilibet, has written an excellent book – Box Girl: My Part Time Job as an Art Installation.  Check it out, it’s totally hilarious.  And if you need any other book recommendations, The Goldfinch was insanely awesome.  And The Circle was an engaging and terrifying look at social media.

Briscoe and I happy to be back in sunny Charleston, but it was hard to leave home after such an amazing week. The first couple of days after the tournament are pretty rough, but I think I’ve made it through the worst part.   I hope that you are all surviving this STUPID cold snap.  This has to be the end of it, right?   It’s not fair to have pollen and a wind chill.  Winter can’t last forever.  Until them, I recommend hot coffee and zyrtec, and a fuzzy dog if you can find one.

*I also posted a post below that I wrote about a month ago, but forgot to actually post.  Finishing the drill is hard sometimes.

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The Capital Collection

I see this as one of the greatest marketing fails in recent memory.


It makes me think that the people at Cover Girl don’t novels, because if they did, at least one of them might have read the Hunger Games novels.  It is hard to believe that if anyone at Cover Girl had read the books, that they would be glamorizing the Capital.  As a single example, most of the country is starving, and the people in the Capital are attending parties where they eat until they are stuffed, and then they drink something that makes them throw up so they can keep eating the rest of the night.  Um, not to mention that the best thing that happens in the Capital all year is the televised competition where children from the districts fight to the death while they all cheer from the comfort of their well fed homes.

Seriously Cover Girl.  Fail.

I’m all for sparkling makeup and metallic nail polish, and this could have all been avoided if it was simply called the Catching Fire Collection.  Also the “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful” tag line is inappropriate at end of the commercials, cause, well, there is nothing easy and breezy about the Hunger Games (I think Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful).  Someone in the Cover Girl Marketing department should be fired.


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It barely rained at all this April, but we’ve had spectacular flowers anyway.  Once it did finally start raining in May, everything started growing, growing, growing.  Sprouts, shoots, branches, buds, springing up from every empty space.  Cracks in the sidewalk, the space between the slats on the porch, the nook in the tree, chinks in the concrete slab back steps, in the gutters on my neighbor’s house, the storm water gutters in the street.  There is a weed in my neighborhood that is close to two stories tall.  I think it grew up in about two weeks.  Everything is green and growing.

I’ve been making Briscoe run with me recently, partially because the puff has gotten fat, and partially because I’m out of shape, and partially because pretty soon it will be so hot that the puff won’t be able to play outside unless it involves swimming.  She gets really hot.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog, and blogs, and life on the internet.  I recently celebrated my sixth blogiversary, and I’ve become a very slack blogger.  I don’t necessarily mind being a bad blogger.  But I realized this morning that more importantly than me not blogging, I haven’t been writing much recently.  I stopped writing on a regular basis at some point last year, I think.  I made excuses that the writing I did at work was the reason for my lack of motivation to write.  My new job doesn’t afford much writing, and I can’t use that as a reason anymore.  And I still don’t have a lot of motivation to write, which makes me sad.

I know there are other reasons I lost my motivation last year.   And I think I know what they are, but I’m not sure they make sense.  There were times I was too miserable to write, and times when I was too happy to write, and I’m inclined to say I was also too busy.  But I hate that excuse.  I don’t care how busy you are, you make time for the things you love.  Like the people who tell me they love to read, but just don’t have time.  If you loved it that much, you would find the time.  Maybe it is simply an over use of the world love.  You can’t love an indefinite number of activities.  For instance, I like to bake, and I like to cook.  But I love to run and I love to read (and I love to drink beer and wine, but that is probably another post).  So when I come home from work, instead of going to the grocery story for lots of fun food to prepare the new recipe I just found that I’m excited about – I come home and put a leash on my dog and go for a run.

That’s not to say that I don’t ever cook, because I do, but mostly because I get hungry and have to eat something after I work out, not so much because I just love to do it.

So maybe I just don’t love writing as much as I wish I did.  It is sort of like running, in that it can feel like work, but you always feel much better afterwards, and the more you do it the more enjoyable it becomes.

In other news, the new Frosty Card is out.  For a dollar you get free frostys for six months!  The best part?  When your little card’s time runs out – you can buy another card for another dollar!  Sigh.  It’s one of the greatest things that ever happened.  Thank you MCG Children Medical Center for making my summer exceptional!

Also, I would really appreciate it if someone would go to the mall and buy me a bunch of new clothes that I would really like – I need some work clothes and some fun going out clothes and a couple of really cute dresses to wear to weddings and engagement parties this summer.  Make sure it is the right size, will be flattering for my figure, is a good color for me, will be appropriate for the occasion, is comfortable, and isn’t too expensive.  Thx.

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You’re So Vain

So back to my grotesque self inflicted injury.  My entire eyeball is now blood red.  I would post pictures, but it is so gross, that I cannot subject y’all to that.  I’ve been sending Libby a picture text every day of the progression, because, well, she cares more than any normal person should about my personal difficulties (which I appreciate to no end).  It’s interesting to see it progress.  It’s like a lava lamp.  It moves really slowly, but it’s always moving.  Every time I look in the mirror it looks different.  Jim shudders every time I look him in the eye.  When I got upstairs this morning Sarah said, wow, it’s gotten a whole lot worse.  THANKS. 

The weird part is that it doesn’t hurt.  At all.  I don’t even notice it.  Actually, I forget about it.  And I’m even starting to get used to seeing it in the mirror.  But see, no one else is getting all used to it like I am.  I wasn’t really sure how to go about handling this.  So I got an eye patch.  ARRGGG.  I’m a pirate.  Actually, I now have two eye patches.  One has pink sequin hearts on it.  The other one is just regular.  I wanted one with a jolly roger on it, but I had to buy the whole pirate costume for an eight year old to get that.  Sigh.  Life is hard. 

I apologize for anyone and everyone who has to be around me for the next week.  I know I should probably just stay at home and not subject other people to the horror film being shown in my left eye, but I don’t really want to stay at home.  Home is sort of boring, and going out is so much more fun.  There are so many fun things to do this weekend and fun people to see, staying at home sounds no fun.  Of course, grossing out everyone in my line of sight also sounds kind of lame. 

I sincerely appreciate all the nice people who have told me that it doesn’t look that bad (it does) and who tell me it is cool (it’s not).  Those are very sweet, thoughful lies, and they do make me feel better. 

Despite my eye, I have been in a fantastic mood all day, for no real good reason.  I think it might be the eye patch in my pocketbook.  It changes you.

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I love having my nails painted red. Love it. I think part of is that the upkeep on red nail polish is way more time consuming than I am capable ofhandling on a regular basis – so when I do bother to paint them – it makes my day. I don’t enjoy having my nails ‘done’ because I hate having other people pick at me(I don’t trust others with my hang nails) – and I secretly like painting my own nails. I’m actually sort of good at it. But I’m shockly ocd about the painting (I’m always disappointed by manicurist paint jobs) and I have to have plenty of time to get it right. But when I do get it right – I am completely happy everytime I look at my hands. It makes driving a pleasure. At least until it starts to chip.I made the time tonight. My hands and toes are both looking pretty happy right now.

It’s the little things in life.

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Holy Cow

Do you exfoliate? 

My goal this summer is to protect my painfully fair skin from any more dangerous sun damage.  In an effort to fit in with society and not look like a scary pale person all summer I purchased a self tanner.  As I was reading the directions, it suggested you exfoliate your skin before applying for best results.  Also, my mom said that most self tanners don’t smell great so you want to use them at night and then shower off in the morning. 

Hmm.  I didn’t really have any exfoliating skin products.  As such, my self tanner has been sitting on my dresser untouched for over a month. 

Yesterday I was attempting to spend my entire paycheck on sunscreen  at Target (seriously, why is it so freaking expensive?) and I remembered my self tanner.  So I went in search of an exfoliant.  I decided upon Soap and Glory’s Flake Away.

While in the shower last night I remembered that I was suppose to be exfoliating, so I jumped out of the shower, grabbed a towel, and dripping water all over my house like a little kid who just got out of the pool and wants a specific toy they forgot I retrieved my flake away exfoliant.   

I followed the directions.  At one point I got a little bit concerned that I was going to end up with red whelps all over my body, since it said I was suppose to scrub until all the little gritty pieces were gone and there was no way that was going to happen.  My hands got all tingly and I can say with full certainty that they are callus free today.   

Well, I got out of the shower and moisturized as the directions instructed and let me just say – it is like I have new skin.  No whelps, no irritation.  It is glorious.   

I wanted to call people and tell them how great this stuff was, but I was a little concerned that maybe everyone has been exfoliating for years and I just didn’t know how awesome it could be.  I almost woke Britt up so she could use the stuff this morning and see how awesome it is.  But it was late, and like I said, I thought maybe I might just be out of the loop. 

The only complaint I have is that it smells like almonds.  I use unscented everything so I’m just not used to smelling like much of anything more than soap, and I am hyper sensitive to smells. 

Also, I didn’t use it on my face, but I read in the review that it is great for you face, so I’m going to try that next. 

I’ll let y’all know how it goes. 

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Mixing Things Up

I work in the Courthouse.  And the Marshals who guard the courthouse doors are my friends. 

They always notice if I change my appearance, like if I wear my glasses instead of my contacts, or if after wearing my glasses for a while I switch back to my contacts. 

They also notice if I wear my hair down instead of up.  I almost always wear it UP (this is a correction from earlier), and apparently I look quite different with it down (first year of law school I wore my hair down to a party at the end of first semester and bunch of people in my section wouldn’t talk to me because they didn’t recognize me.  My hair was really long at the time.)

Well, I’m cutting my hair short tomorrow.  And I’m thinking about getting lasiks.  What do y’all think?

I’m a little worried the marshals won’t know who I am. 

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