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I’m tired.  I had a big day.  I had a lot of amazing opportunities today.  Overall, today made me feel very rich and blessed. 

And now nothing makes me happier than being in my b ed.  And knowing that Betsy is going to call me soon and we are going to discuss all the many mysteries of the universe ties it all together. 

The weather makes me happy.  Happy Easter, I love you and so does Jesus. 

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I am back home to Athens.  I’ve been gone all week and I can honestly say I missed the Classic City.  Even though the Garden City was in full bloom. 

My week was sunny and drunk.  I had an absolute blast.  The Augusta National is one big huge botanical garden as far as I am concerned.  I love the golf, but I’m much more impressed with the trees and the flowers.  White Pine trees are my fav. 

In other news – I passed the MPRE.  I’m pretty pumped about it – in the back of my mind I really did have a sneaking suspicion that I MIGHT have failed it.  Phew.  Maybe now I’ll have the confidence to not fail the bar. 

I’ll post some pictures for y’all later.  But suffice it to say I was ridiculously spoiled by my whole family.  And my family is huge.  Yesterday I have four uncles, three aunts, two cousins, mama, daddy, and travers out there all at the same time. 

I’ll try to come up with some highlights for y’all later – and some of the funny quotes from the week. 

But now I have to read evidence because we are having a pop quiz tomorrow.  I think quizzes in law school should be against the rules.  Gah. 

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I have all the windows in my house open.  It is lovely.  I should probably actually be outside – but when I was outside earlier the wasps were trying to attack me so now I am safe behind the screens.  Actually – I should be in class right now.  But it is too pretty.  So having the windows open is as good as it gets. 

Earlier I watched the boys next door load up their little boat that lives next to my car in the parking lot with fishing poles and a cooler.  It made me quite jealous. 

Things I can hear:

people talking and laughing far away – children laughing and playing
the hummmmm and buzzzzz of the bugs
the trill and song of the birds – the mockingbirds are my favorite and they have just recently come back from their winter vacation. 
The airplanes flying in and out of ben epps airport – this makes me feel like I’m in augusta because at my house in augusta you can hear all the daniel field planes. 
my neighbors opening and closing their car doors
the rumble of passing cars
the rustle of the trees and the leaves on the ground as the wind blows by

Things I can smell:
someone’s charcoal grill – I think hamburgers and b-b-q chicken is for dinner tonight
the warm breeze out of the pine trees
the faint whiff of cleaning solution
the occasional fragrance of the tea olive across the parking lot

What a wonderful day.

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Forecast – Beautiful

3272 degrees and sunny. 

Today is quite possibly the most beautiful day imaginable. 

I had my door open until a wasp came to visit.  Before the wasp came to visit Baxter the pug from a couple of doors down came to visit.  I infinitely prefer Baxter to the wasp.  I was much friendlier to Baxter.  I let him live.  The wasp – not so much.  He had to die.  I mean – he would have died soon anyway because it is going to get cold tonight.  So, no, I don’t feel bad about it. 

I’m thinking about going to Larry’s for lunch.  Dot is cleaning my apartment in anticipation of my new roomie.  It is so nice to have a clean apartment.  Because I also cleaned my room myself before Dot because she can’t vacuum if she can’t see the floor. 

Fat Tuesday was fun last night.  I really love everyone I hung out with last night.  And I got to go to the grill which made it a perfect night. 

I’m going to the ATL tomorrow.  Anyone going to be around?  I have to take an MPRE class Saturday morning at emory.  But other than that I should be laying around the Wieuca Terrace basically taking up space and soaking up Betsy. 


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Today is such an enormous improvement over yesterday.  The sun is shining, and although it is rather cold – the air feels like the chill is temporary is will be gone by lunch.  Honestly, when was getting in my car this morning I could have closed my eyes and imagined myself on the golf course in early April with a pimento cheese sandwich and an azalea in my near future. 

Seriously – I’m already so excited.  I LOVE SPRINGTIME!

First – there is spring break for school – then a couple of weeks later I go home and celebrate Augusta’s spring break. 

Caleb claims his reasons for moving to Augusta include the fact that it is the only city he knows of where the whole town  celebrates a mandatory  spring break.  I concur.

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Forecast – Dreary

The weather is really terrible here today.  I have spent part of my day in class, part of it on the phone for hours, and part of it watching movies.  Oh, and I read my book for a while. 

I am bored.  And I almost never get bored.  It is super cold outside. 

I didn’t sleep very well last night.  Because I took a nap yesterday afternoon.  Pretty stupid. 

I can’t wait for it to turn pretty and warm permanently.  Late February and early March are the worst time of year as far as I am concerned.  Because I turn into a hypochondriac (more so than usual) and I get really tired of the chilling rain. 

Sorry I’m being down today, I’m just in a bit of a funk.  Tomorrow will be better.  I’m not actually down, I’m just a bit restless.  I can’t tell you where I would rather be. 

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Yay! It’s Thursday!

I am so happy that it is Thursday.  Really, Thursday is the best day ever.  Today was excellent, my coffee was yummy, I got to eat lunch with Allison, Christy and Kipp at little italy, and the weather is beautiful, and we worked out tailgating plans, and the whole town is getting excited, and the anticipation is building, and I’m starting to hyperventilate I’m so excited. 

In other news, my new favorite website is Dogster.  You can check out Bella, and Bo.  Obviously friendster and thefacebook were just not enough for me.  My favorite random dog is Woodson, and then of course there are my real friends, Maggie, Reece, Larry,  and Junebug,

I want everyone to be super excited that it is Thursday, and enjoy this most perfect of days. 


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Townie Acceptance

After more than six years of investing a good bit of quality time eating at Five Star, drinking at 283, living it up at the Globe, drinking tall boy PBRs at the 40 Watt, lounging at Room XIII, popping tots at Clocked, and the occasional trip to the Manhattan, Cristina and I have finally been acknowledged as acceptable by the City of Athens. 

Six months of eating breakfast at Five Star once a week finally got us a sponsorship – the cool girl at the counter GAVE us free tshirts.  Free Five Star T-Shirts.  So we can be advertisements.  She likes us. 

I’m so excited.  It made my day, maybe my month.  I can’t wait to wear it.  I’ll feel so cool. 

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There was no traffic on the way to school.  The parking deck was empty.  The streets were deserted and the only sound was that of the rolling bags of tired law students.  Cloudy – with a slight mist coming down with a cool breeze.  The buildings around the quad were barren – except on the western edge of the quad.

Fall break – for everyone except the law school.  I would be really depressed if I wasn’t leaving today to go to the beach.  Oh, the advantages of living in georgia, Halloween on the beach in a bathing suit drinking a beer with old friends and then watching my team humiliate the enemy on national television.

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It is so beautiful outside,

It is so beautiful outside, and it is cold. It is unbelievably refreshing to walk outside and be hit by the coolness and warmed by the sun. North Campus has that damp feel of a big backyard with lots of big old trees that have dropped leaves and acorns but still prevent the sunlight from drying the dirt. I had a dream last night that another tree fell down on north campus, which would upset me greatly and I am glad that it was just a dream. I am in the annex, and I forget how much I enjoy the annex. It is very quiet, and if you work it out right, you can surround yourself with friends and still get work done, which is a spectacular state of affairs in my opinion, and one I have found very few places. I have good feelings about this weekend, it promises to be cold and laid back. I don’t think I have any friends coming to visit, which in a lot of ways is sad, but it is also nice to relax. Three home football games in a row is enough to wear on anyone. I had a great night last night, I hung out with five girls that I adore, we drank a few beers and ate pizza and candy, I talked to a far away friend on the phone, and I got a good night sleep. Desmond and Emily are going to dominate in mock trial today and I can’t wait. Christy is such a sympathetic witness. I am so proud of them!

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