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Yesterday, I noticed tha Briscoe’s eye lashes were matted. But her eye didn’t look red, and it didn’t seem to be bothering her, so I decided it was probably just dust or allergies.

This morning her eye was much more matted, and upon closer inspection, swollen. So I called the vet to make sure they were open and to expect the fluffy puff shortly.

When I picked up her leash, Briscoe looked at me like a kid on Christmas morning and bolted for the door. She was so pumped. Once we got in the car she stuck her head out the window and soaked up the crisp autumn air. When we pulled up to the vet’s office, she started crying.

I took her inside, and stood at the counter. The girl behind the desk looked at me and said, ‘Just a minute,’ and looked behind me at a woman standing behind me.

The woman said, ‘I’m here to get Lucky.’

For some reason at 9 am this morning, the fact that this adult woman stated that she was at the vet to get Lucky struck me as absolutely hysterical. I almost lost it.

Then the girl handed her a box. Lucky was her deceased dog, who had been cremated and she was here to pick up his ashes. I was immediately not amused anymore.

Then I looked on the desk, and there was an identical box, but where the other said Lucky, this one said Justice. My mind heard, ‘I’m here for Justice!’

My heart heard that there is no Justice and nothing Lucky about the fact that our dogs won’t live as long as we do.

When they took Briscoe back and I had to leave she tried to leave with me and didn’t understand why I was abandoning her at such a scary place.

I’m trying to make it up to her. She doesn’t seem much worse for the wear.

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It was sunny and warm here all of last week, which always make for an interesting Halloween.  I remember as a child either sweating to death in whatever huge costume I’d been damned and determined to wear, or freezing to death in whatever thin material had seemed absolutely necessary. 

Last Thursday night Kate and I made pumpkin sugar cookies.  We spent the first hour arguing about which cookie cutter we should be using, how thick the cookies should be and whether or not we had a better cookie cutter that had gotten lost at some point in time.  We spent the second hour trying to keep Trav from eating the pumpkins that had already come out of the oven.  It is amazing how long the whole process takes, and Kate had to ice them Friday while I was at work.  He is a serious cookie monster, capable of destroying three days of work in ten minutes.

The heat wave finally broke Saturday night.  Saturday afternoon I had on a tank top, jeans and flip flops and I was so hot, but by the time I headed home that night after it had poured down rain it was chilly.  Sunday was borderline cold, we had a tennis match, and it was the first bit of physical activity I’ve had in about three weeks.  I wasn’t too sore this morning, but I felt the muscle aches set in this afternoon, and I just took a fantastically hot bath.  I love a good bath.     

I washed a load of towels and sheets today, and it was in the dryer when I came home tonight.  It was cold outside and I was tired and a little depressed that it was basically dark when I left work this afternoon.  Daylight savings always comes as a bit of shock to me.  It takes me a few days to adjust to the early darkness, and in the beginning all I can think about is how it’s going to be dark for MONTHS before it gets light again.  I got the hot towels and blankets out of the dryer and sat with them on the couch for a few minutes.  The smell of clean laundry, coupled with the comforting warmth slowly soothed the tension of my day and I was happy.  Hot laundry is not something you can properly appreciate in the summer time here in Georgia, and I had to admit that winter time has a few perks, like thick socks and fun gloves and warm laundry and Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

I hope you all got to see the moon tonight.  It was one of the prettiest full moons I’ve ever seen.  I love a good bright moon. 

Oh, and we had a mouse in the house last week.  Yep, and since I don’t have a landlord to call and demand something be done about it, I had to do something about it.  I caught that stupid mouse in the snap mouse trap I bought.  I don’t feel as bad as I would have imagined, you know, killing a poor defenseless mouse with my tricky spring trap.  I did have a few passing thoughts about the disney Cinderella movie, and how Gus Gus gets caught in the trap and Cinderellie gets him out of the trap, and picks him out a shirt to wear and gets him a hat and some shoes.  Well, I’m fresh out of mouse shirts and hats and shoes.  You can call me the exterminator. 

Briscoe was the cutest pumpkin in America for Halloween.  I’ll post you a picture as soon as I get one from Libby, who is my historian for life because I am so bad at taking pictures and she is awesome at it.

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The road to hell

I had great intentions of having lots of interesting and funny things to say tonight, but then I got really distracted by this blog – Strange Maps.   I love maps.  That, coupled with the fact that my laptop is on his last leg and the keyboard only works when tilted a little forward, has sort of zapped my creative energy. 

Briscoe is asleep next to me, dreaming of something, because her legs twitch every few moments, like she is running in her sleep.  She and I went on a walk today and she has been very full of herself ever since. 

Sometimes, when I’m browsing facebook, and I notice that someone has something really uncool on their profile, like a guy who lists the notebook as one of his favorite movies or lists hootie and the blowfish as one of his favorite bands (you know, those guilty pleasure books, movies, bands that most people secretly like but pretend like they don’t) I immediately wonder – Is this person really cool and confident in themselves and really doesn’t give a damn that they still listen to the first Hanson album and loves the indigo girls? Or, is this person just dweebie enough to have no idea?  Does this make me a judgmental bitch?  Really, I know people in both categories.  Either is a distinct possibility. 

Oh, I was going to post about Serena Williams and Kanye.  But I’m too tired now and I can pretty much sum it up with three letters.  Boo.  Wait, here is a longer word – Unacceptable.  Childish, immature, and sort of scary.  I feel bad for Venus, she seems much less of a diva and much cooler of a person.  I can’t believe that Serena said that she didn’t understand why the line judge felt threatened.  Really?  Serena is what, like 6’3?  She’s a really large, imposing figure.  But you know who isn’t?  Kanye.  Taylor Swift towered over him.  Do you think that is why he took the mic away from her?  Because she’s 5’11 and had on heels and he’s 5’7? 

Honestly, I’m just always disappointed when super stars misbehave and try to intimidate those around them.  I don’t like it when you pick on the little line judge or the 17 year old county music singer when you are the most imposing female tennis player ever and one of the biggest icons in the music industry.  It seems, tacky.  But I do like the way Beyonce handled it.  She is classy.  

On a happier, lighter note, fall is here.  The mornings have become consistently cool and the fall smells are here.  The warm afternoon intensifies the tea olives and the late jasmine, gardenias and hydragas.  The damp humid, cooler mornings smell of oak bark, fallen leaves and wet grass.  I’ve been drinking a lot of starbucks.  Coffee is so much more enjoyable when it doesn’t make you sweat. 

Sweet dreams children, Briscoe has now rolled over on her back and is snoring with all four feet in the air.  I think I will join her.  It is much easier to count sheep when you have a live one laying at your feet.

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This has been a very interesting week.  In some ways, I have finally been able to settle back down into a schedule and get my life together.  There is still a lot of stuff that needs to be done at my house, but my second roommate Erin is moving in this weekend, and this is pushing me to get a lot of things sorted out now.  There is always something else that needs fixing.  Luckily, I have some really awesome people in my life.   

Last week I mentioned to Justin that I needed to borrow his lawnmower to cut my grass.  Brice let me borrow his lawnmower last time, but the Wright family was out of town and my lawn was really starting to thrive.  When I came home from work on Thursday, sweet Justin was at my house and had just finished mowing the lawn and edging and was about to roundup the walkway.  It was super, super nice of him. 

The rest of this story is pretty funny, so try to stay with me.  Libby was in town, so we went to the Thirsty Thursday baseball game and ended up coming back and sitting on the front porch for a little while before going to sleep.  Libby slept in the guest room downstairs, and was driving her dad’s car.  Libby would have normally stayed at her parents house, but she wanted to wake up and do P90X with Sara and Kirby on Friday morning at the crack of dawn (because they are XTREME) and Bryan’s flight got into the airport at like 8. 

Natalie was out on a narcotics raid in Harrisburg (I know that sounds hilarious, but she’s an ADA, and anyway, apparently it’s really fun to go on narcotic raids), so she didn’t get home until after we went to sleep.  I guess I had neglected to tell her that Libby might spend the night.  So I wake up in the morning and I have a text from natalie from 1 am that says, THERE IS SOMEONE IN OUR HOUSE.  And then by the time Natalie woke up on friday, Libby was already gone.  I felt really bad that I might have scared Natalie, but she swears she wasn’t freaked out, and once she saw libby’s toothbrush in the bathroom she figured it was okay. 

Ultimately the weirdest thing that has happened this week is that it has been cool outside.  Last night we went to dinner after tennis, and we left dinner, we were all cold.  Granted, we all had on our ridiculous looking tennis outfits, but still.  In Augusta, in July, you should be able to be in a bathing suit at any hour of the night and day and not be cold.  A wet bathing suit at that.  Normally it’s 90 degrees at midnight.  Recently, it hasn’t reached 90 degrees at 3 pm. 

Speaking of tennis, I’ve decided one of my favorite things about tennis is the fact that you get to wear ridiculous outfits that would be inappropriate anywhere else but are totally appropriate on the tennis court.  It is amazing how much I enjoy wearing tennis skirts.  My tennis shoes are a little clunky, but what can you do. 

The biggest problem of my life right now is that I can’t get up in the morning.  I would happily go to sleep at 9:30 at night if it meant I could wake up refreshed at 6:30.  But I can’t go to sleep at 9:30.  My body won’t let me.  And forget getting up at 6:30, I can barely drag myself out of bed at 7:30.  I  don’t lack will power in any other part of my life, I have a good bit of self control, and I work hard at life.  But I CAN NOT GET OUT OF BED.  It is a real problem.  My body wants to sleep from 2 am to 10 am, and not from 11 to 7.  Sigh.  Oh well.  I think I’ve been working out too late at night. 

Briscoe got her hair all shaved off last week, and she looks like a little lamb.  She also looks kind of fat.  It’s impossible to tell when she has long hair, but when she gets her hair all cut off, she seems to become a little self conscious of her figure.  Natalie made up a new song for Briscoe’s hair cut.  It goes something like this –

Bobby had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb, Bobby had a little lamb who’s puffy, fluffy and white!

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How is it already Thursday?  I literally can’t imagine where this week has gone.  Actually, when it comes down to it, I don’t know where this entire year has gotten off to.  It’s the middle of APRIL! 

The masters was tons of fun, I need to take a picture of my chalkboard fridge so you can see all the people who wrote messages and drew pictures.  It’s awesome.  Saturday night we grilled out, it was an overall team effort, and in my opinion, a great success.  The weather was absolutely perfect, minus the violent storm Friday night.  The flowers and the trees and the grass were all amazing.  I’ve been thinking about what my favorite flowers are, and I’ve decided that I can’t decide.  I LOVE wild azaleas – cause they look like monster honey suckles.  I think I need to plant a few in my new yard!

The weirdest thing I saw last week was a turtle get popped with a golf ball.  It was Wednesday, and the golfers were skipping the balls across the pond on 16(which is one of my favorite things about the whole week).  One of the skipped balls hit a turtle who was sunning himself on the edge of the pond directly below the green.  It made this weird thunk noise, and the turtle plopped into the pond.  A few thoughts.  Could the turtle have survived such a direct hit?  If he did die, would he have floated to the top? (that didn’t happen while I was watching).  If you were a turtle who grew up on the grounds of the augusta national (and trust me when I say there are a TON of turtles), would getting hit by a golf ball during the practice round of the masters be a good way to go?  Is that every turtle’s dream?

Anyway, this week it’s back to reality.  Monday was dark and rainy and I was running late all day long, and I had to go to Aiken, and the lights went out while I was in the Aiken Courthouse, and when I got outside I learned that all the lights were out everywhere, including red lights, which made getting home a lot more interesting.  I don’t know my way around Aiken yet, so I spend all my time lost and confused, and the non functioning red lights did not help.  But I’m learning!  I like to think I get better every time. 


The house is back to being a disaster area, Donald is painting the kitchen, and Briscoe has some oil based paint on her nose that could be there for a while.  Britt’s bachelorette is this weekend in St Simons, which should be lots of fun.   I haven’t been to the beach in a long time!


But right now I mostly need to wake up.   I don’t know why I am so sleepy, but this isn’t going to work. At least it is a beautiful day, I wish I was outside! 

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Foggy Muddy Pawprints

Yesterday was something of a disaster.  My flight got in from New York late Sunday night, and I was exhausted when I woke up Monday morning.  In order to stay in bed for three more minutes I checked out the weather on my phone.  The weather channel said it was FOGGY, but only a 10% chance of rain.  I assumed this meant it was going to be foggy in the morning and clear up later, and it wasn’t going to rain. 

I was in a huge rush, and the dogs were being absolutely ridiculous in the backyard, so I threw them both a rawhide, put their water outside, and left them in the fog. 

Work was a little hectic, and I was busy, so I didn’t really think much about what was going on outside, other than to observe that it was still foggy.  Around 11:45 I checked the weather again, and it said – Light Rain.  And I got a little concerned. 

I looked out the window, and realized that although the rain was very light, it had been falling for a long time.  Which meant the dogs had been playing in the rain for hours.  Um.  I’m an idiot. 

I rushed home, to find two very wet, very muddy, VERY happy puppies.  Briscoe was a dark brown color and the white parts of Grayson were no longer visible.  And they were SOAKING.  I changed out of my work clothes, dragged them both through the house to my bathroom as quickly as possible, and gave them both a bath.  They both have winter haircuts, which basically means they have four to five times more hair now than they do in the summer.  It is amazing how much water their coats can hold.  And every bit of it was sopping with dirt.  It was a river of mud in the bathtub, and they were both ticked that I cut short their fun play time to give them the dreaded bath. 

After the baths, I had to wash the seventeen towels that were necessary in this task, and scrub muddy puppy paw prints off the floor of the kitchen and the rest of the house.  If you don’t wash dogs, you might not know this, but leaning over to wash two dogs does something painful to my hamstrings, and causes them to tremble, for hours.   I threw my work clothes back and rushed back to work.  Needless to say my hair left something to be desired on a professional standard yesterday afternoon. 

Since this was not the relaxing lunch I had been looking forward to, the rest of my afternoon was a blur.  I guess you could say a Foggy blur.  Cause, it’s still foggy, even today. 

But I did go to the trouble to go to the grocery so I could make soup last night.  Soup is awesome, cause you cook everything in the same pot and then put that pot in the fridge, and there is nothing to wash!  I can’t tell you how happy I was to sit on the couch last night with a glass of red wine  and two clean puppies, while my soup simmered and I watched all the television my DVR had saved for me.  It almost made me appreciate the almost disastrous day.  As I scratched Grayson’s ear, I realized he was still wet from his bath, but I let him stay on the couch anyway. 

Sigh.  And now it’s Tuesday.

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Can I tell you how many things I’ve spilled on myself today?  No really, I won’t, because it seriously damages my credibility as an adult.  Needless to say, I need a good dry cleaner.  Britt, do you know of any good dry cleaners near our house?

A few months ago I spilled coffee all over myself one morning, to the point where I went home and changed.  It was still early, and the only people I’d spoken with so far were Jim and Bill.  I figured, hey, boys don’t notice clothes, it’s no big deal.  The first thing Bill says when I see him later that morning – “Is that what you were wearing this morning? ” Curses. 

Briscoe has been upset with me this week.  I haven’t had time to play with her, and she’s mad about it.  She wants to go to the dog park this weekend, and has been trying to emotionally blackmail me with complaints of neglect.  What she really needs is a hair cut. 

Last night when I got home, she hauled around the house like an unhinged soul.  She kept hiding behind furniture and growling (which is her way of saying she really wants to play hid and seek – it’s a funny little growl, not like a mean growl).  So I hid behind the couch for a while and she freaked out, then I went into my room to change out of my work clothes.  When I came back out into the den about five minutes later, she was still in the game position on the other side of the room, with her butt up in the air and her head and chest on the floor.  As soon as she saw me she started growling again, signaling she wasn’t finished playing the game.  So we played some more, and she howled and ran into the wall.  So I picked her up and made her snuggle on the couch with me.  In thirty seconds she was sound asleep and purring (she has a purr like a cat – her breathing comes out in a vibrating rhythm when she is asleep, it’s hilarious). 

It’s suppose to be extremely cold this weekend.  I’m just excited that tomorrow is Friday.  We had two hearings today (three actually, but I only worked on two), and I have to say that it was a pretty interesting day.  I might have even learned something. 

Now that those hearings are over and my office has warmed up I’m getting very sleepy. 

I want to remind you all that exfoliating is an often neglected joy in life.  It’s very important in the bitter days of winter. 

Y’all know how I hate birds?  This is a good example of why – http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/01/15/plane-crashes-into-hudson-river/?hp

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I rushed home from work at 5 pm yesterday.  It was pretty, and I was just itching for a run.  Since it gets dark so early these days, I had to hurry so Kate wouldn't worry about me getting hit by a car.  My dad used to write our names and telephone numbers on our running shoes with a sharpie just in case. 

I couldn't decide whether or not to take Briscoe, she doesn't like to run very long, and I kind of felt like a long run.  But the sun was dangerously close to the trees and the sky would darken quickly when that happened, preventing my long run.  And when I put my running shoes on, she got kind of excited, which made me think she wanted to go.  So I dressed her in her pretty little harness that she doesn't much like, and I had to drag her away from the car (she wanted to ride!) and out into the street (We've spent a lot of time working on staying in the yard, she knows she isn't allowed into the street, so this is always a struggle). 

For the first mile and a half Briscoe is super pumped and wants to run FAST.  We hit a good hill at about that point, and the hill takes a lot of her enthusiasm away.  When we had been running for about two miles (we were right by Sky and Matthew and Brice and Jenny's house), she really started dragging.  Her lead is long, so on sidewalks I keep the loop around my elbow and hold onto the leash to make it shorter.  She pulls in the beginning, but by this point she was trotting along side at a good pace.  So I dropped my hand hold on the lead, and let her have a little slack.  

About ten yards later, she stopped abruptly to use the bathroom ( I guess she's had more water than I thought).  This would have been fine, if I had not been on a concrete driveway under an oak tree.  Leaves and acorns are a serious hazard, and these slippery suckers, along with my dog's great timing, took me down.   

I fell.  Hard.  Actually, I slipped.  I almost wished someone had seen me because it had to have been hilarious.  Like a cartoon.  I had leaves ALL OVER ME.  And Briscoe was just sitting there, like, WHAT?  I'm BUSY!

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We miss you

Briscoe is looking for you. 

She keeps asking me when you are coming to visit.

She is saving you a spot on the couch.  Just in case you want to watch a movie. 


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