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I awoke this morning to the semi darkness of the late sunrise of early autumn.  Getting out of bed this time of year is exceedingly difficult, and as much as I hate the darkness when I get off work, I appreciate the sunlight in the morning.  I intensely covet the ability to bounce of out bed at 6:30 am on a regular basis, and bright sunlight is the best way to get me out of bed.   I need windows, large, east facing windows on the opposing wall from my bed.  My bedroom has big windows, but none of them face east.  The real trick is opening the blinds at night so they will be open to the sunlight in the morning.  I might be a paranoid person, but I’m also slightly nosy, and if a light is on in a room in a house where the blinds are open at night, I am going to look.  So if lights are on at night, blinds should be closed.  Somehow turning all the lights out and then opening the blinds seems strange. 

Oh, duh.  What I need is a chamber maid, to come in the morning and open the blinds for me and leave me clean clothes and tea and toast with butter and marmalade and maybe a hardboiled egg.  I guess if I had a chamber maid I could also have a house with east facing windows on the water or on a mountain somewhere that blinds were not necessary.  Then I wouldn’t need my chambermaid, but breakfast would be pleasant.  Then I might bounce out of bed at 6:30. 

Alas, I was languishing in bed at 7:45 this morning, thinking about what I would wear today.  And I checked the weather, 71 degrees, 84% humidity.  This sounds like an improvement over 78 degrees with 97% humidity, but I wasn’t entirely convinced it was a significant improvement.  The fact that it is September 30th means nothing as far as what kind of weather could be expected. 

Have you ever wondered what the UPS guy does all day?  Because when you want a package to arrive at your house by a certain time, and you track it, it seems like regardless of anything else, the UPS man never gets to your house til after 5 pm, regardless of where you live, even though the UPS.com tracker told you he left the warehouse at 8 am this morning.  Well, apparently he is delivering packagings, because I got a delivery I’d been waiting on at 1:45 this afternoon!  It is like the UPS man knew i needed the package before 5.  Or else it’s friday and he just wanted to go ahead and get rid of all the boxes so he could go home. 

Why do I need this package before 5 pm?  Because I’m going to Augusta today for Britt’s 30th Birthday!  HOORAY!  Happy Birthday Britt!  Yay 30!

I have to admit, my 30th year so far has been pretty spectacular, and I feel sure Britt’s 30th year will be equally amazing!

Happy Friday, take time this weekend and smell the tea olives, and when it gets cold tonight, or tomorrow night, and you shiver in your tank top, remember that is finally the best month of the year, OCTOBER!  Just typing it makes me happy.  I’m going to go dig up some fingerless gloves with skulls and crossbones on them.

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This has been a very interesting week.  In some ways, I have finally been able to settle back down into a schedule and get my life together.  There is still a lot of stuff that needs to be done at my house, but my second roommate Erin is moving in this weekend, and this is pushing me to get a lot of things sorted out now.  There is always something else that needs fixing.  Luckily, I have some really awesome people in my life.   

Last week I mentioned to Justin that I needed to borrow his lawnmower to cut my grass.  Brice let me borrow his lawnmower last time, but the Wright family was out of town and my lawn was really starting to thrive.  When I came home from work on Thursday, sweet Justin was at my house and had just finished mowing the lawn and edging and was about to roundup the walkway.  It was super, super nice of him. 

The rest of this story is pretty funny, so try to stay with me.  Libby was in town, so we went to the Thirsty Thursday baseball game and ended up coming back and sitting on the front porch for a little while before going to sleep.  Libby slept in the guest room downstairs, and was driving her dad’s car.  Libby would have normally stayed at her parents house, but she wanted to wake up and do P90X with Sara and Kirby on Friday morning at the crack of dawn (because they are XTREME) and Bryan’s flight got into the airport at like 8. 

Natalie was out on a narcotics raid in Harrisburg (I know that sounds hilarious, but she’s an ADA, and anyway, apparently it’s really fun to go on narcotic raids), so she didn’t get home until after we went to sleep.  I guess I had neglected to tell her that Libby might spend the night.  So I wake up in the morning and I have a text from natalie from 1 am that says, THERE IS SOMEONE IN OUR HOUSE.  And then by the time Natalie woke up on friday, Libby was already gone.  I felt really bad that I might have scared Natalie, but she swears she wasn’t freaked out, and once she saw libby’s toothbrush in the bathroom she figured it was okay. 

Ultimately the weirdest thing that has happened this week is that it has been cool outside.  Last night we went to dinner after tennis, and we left dinner, we were all cold.  Granted, we all had on our ridiculous looking tennis outfits, but still.  In Augusta, in July, you should be able to be in a bathing suit at any hour of the night and day and not be cold.  A wet bathing suit at that.  Normally it’s 90 degrees at midnight.  Recently, it hasn’t reached 90 degrees at 3 pm. 

Speaking of tennis, I’ve decided one of my favorite things about tennis is the fact that you get to wear ridiculous outfits that would be inappropriate anywhere else but are totally appropriate on the tennis court.  It is amazing how much I enjoy wearing tennis skirts.  My tennis shoes are a little clunky, but what can you do. 

The biggest problem of my life right now is that I can’t get up in the morning.  I would happily go to sleep at 9:30 at night if it meant I could wake up refreshed at 6:30.  But I can’t go to sleep at 9:30.  My body won’t let me.  And forget getting up at 6:30, I can barely drag myself out of bed at 7:30.  I  don’t lack will power in any other part of my life, I have a good bit of self control, and I work hard at life.  But I CAN NOT GET OUT OF BED.  It is a real problem.  My body wants to sleep from 2 am to 10 am, and not from 11 to 7.  Sigh.  Oh well.  I think I’ve been working out too late at night. 

Briscoe got her hair all shaved off last week, and she looks like a little lamb.  She also looks kind of fat.  It’s impossible to tell when she has long hair, but when she gets her hair all cut off, she seems to become a little self conscious of her figure.  Natalie made up a new song for Briscoe’s hair cut.  It goes something like this –

Bobby had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb, Bobby had a little lamb who’s puffy, fluffy and white!

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Best Idea Ever

ALWAYS put clean sheets on your bed before you leave town for a long weekend. 

Coming home to clean sheets is one of the greatest things that can ever happen. 

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I opened my computer on my bed, and I had a new email.  So I sat down on my bed to read the email, and I realized that the bottom of my jeans were wet from the puddle of rainwater I encountered in the parking lot of Kroger.  So I took off my jeans and put on my pajama pants and sat back down on my bed. 

I took my socks off.  And put my feet into my covers.  Then I decided to actually get comfy for a second and lean back into my husband pillow and actually snuggle into my covers while reading the email.  No need to be uncomfortable. 

Half an hour later I am a paralyzed in my warm awesome bed, and I need someone, preferably someone who has a key to my apartment, to come over here and brush my teeth for me and wash my face while I stay here under my warm covers.  Because I know I won’t be able to go to sleep if I don’t brush my face and wash my teeth, but right now I find myself incapacitated. 

Is part of the reason it is so comfortable because I know I have to get up in a second?  Or am I having a hard time getting up because it is so comfortable?  I’m telling you, my mind is always thinking really hard. 

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I think a lot of people in law school have a hard time sleeping. I have a hard time sleeping a lot of time, I take adderrol, and although it doesn’t do all the crazy things to me that it does to someone without the chemical imbalance (yeah, don’t fight with me, I have a chemical imbalance), but it does make it more difficult to sleep. Coupled with the stress that accompanies law school, sleeping can be difficult.

Some law students like to drink heavily every night and that helps them sleep. I don’t want to be that law student. Some people like to take tylenol PM, or the like. Those kind of things scare me. I do take benadryl sometimes to help me sleep. But there has to be a better, none drug way to sleep. This is my advice to a friend that can’t sleep (and this just happens to be how I calm down, so things work different for different people, but hey):

Put clean sheets on your bed. Take a bath, or a shower (but not to hot)so that you feel all clean and fresh. Pick out a novel, something with good descriptions that isn’t too difficult and a story that you can get lost in, or if you don’t like novels, play some music. Concentrate on how good your sheets feel, and how warm you are, and how great your pillow feels, and concentrate on taking deep breaths. And read the book and don’t think, just read the story. You have to learn how to turn off your brain. If you can find a way to turn your brain off, or at least turn it down, then I promise it will be easier to fall asleep. Learn to concentrate on your luxuries, and not on your perceived shortcomings and difficulties.

I don’t think this is going to make a huge difference under extreme circumstances, such as exams, but right now in the semester, it makes a big difference for me. Sweet Dreams.

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I’ve been defeated

I can’t fight the cold.  I have given up and returned home to sit in my bed with my heating pad and dream about summer time.  I am still going to attempt to do my homework, but my room is so messy I might have to attack it before I can do anything else.

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at the end of the day….

More thoughts on this weekend tomorrow, but here is my happy thought of the day:

Getting into the bed at night when I still have an hour before I actually need to go to sleep and I have a book to read makes me happy in a tingly, warm, fuzzy, I’m so excited I can’t breathe way. Since I have been in law school I have really neglected my pleasure reading and this has had a profound detrimental impact on my personal happiness. Books are my happy place and I refuse to let law school rob me of that.

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