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Go Giants!

I don’t really care about the NFL, but I was happy to see the Giants win last night.   I don’t love Eli, but I like Payton a lot.  Plus they are both good SEC boys from Mississippi, the land of awesome quarterbacks like Brett Favre.  Plus, Libby lives in New York, and she was at the game, and I don’t love Tom Brady or Bill Belichick.  But I do like a good football game, and that is what we had last night. 

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and Briscoe and I went for a nice long run on the river.  There were millions of people riding their bikes and lots of other dogs for Briscoe to sniff.  When Briscoe got home she limped around like she had broken her front paw.  I think I’m going to have to stop running with her.  Which is really sad.  But I feel terrible when she limps around after every time we run.  And we weren’t even running on pavement!

It is very foggy here this morning, low visibility in downtown augusta.

My brain is operating at about a 3 right now.  I need it to be closer to an 8 or a 9.  At least a 6.

Y’all, I’m really sorry this blog is so boring right now.  But I really just don’t have a lot to report about.  My friends I haven’t talked to in a while call me and ask, What is going on with you!  And I honestly have to tell them, not a lot.  It has been a very calm January.  Which is nice after the crazy months of October, November and December.  The crazy people have been coming out of the woodwork here at work, but other than that, my life has been uneventful recently.

But stay tuned.  You never know when things could get interesting.    


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