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Listen, just last week I was bragging on you, how awesome the month of October is, and all the wonderfulness that goes along with Fall. 

But ever since, you’ve been sort of acting out.  First you got really hot.  Like, wow.   My car said 101 in the sun one day last week.  I think it was actually only about 87 degrees, but it FELT like 101, partially because I had gotten dressed when it was 65 degrees. 

Then the rain started.  And it’s been raining a lot.  Not every single day, but on the days it has rained, it has poured. 

I haven’t seen any actual rain today, but it’s been dark and cloudy and freezing cold.  I tried to go outside with Briscoe this morning, and it was too cold for me to go outside without shoes on.  Sad.  I always hate it when it gets too cold to be barefoot. 

Today at lunch, when I was warming my numb fingers over the toaster oven while I watched the cheese on my left over pizza start to bubble, I realized that summer was actually over.  I started to seriously consider where all my favorite socks might be. 

I’m planning on the rest of October being full of sunshine and warm pine straw.  Do you hear me Fall?  Try not to ruin things. 

I bought so much candy yesterday.  I can’t even tell y’all how much money I spent on candy at target.  I went to target after work and I was wandering around like a patient in a mental ward, for some reason I was having a real hard time remembering why I was there.  But then I stumbled upon the Halloween section, and I was happy.  Candy weighs a lot.  Natalie and Erin think I’m a terrible roommate for bringing such a ridiculous amount into the house.  I think such comments border on joy stealing.  It’s Halloween!

There are lots of other things I might could tell y’all, but I think I’ll keep them to myself for right now and maybe tell y’all later.

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