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On Tuesday, Jennifer and I went to Career Day at Angel Oak elementary school, to tell 4th-6th graders about being a lawyer.  We made up a little skit trial about the dog eating a kid’s homework and had a fake robe and a gavel and some candy.  I bought the candy at CVS on my way to the school, for dirt cheap because it had hearts all over it and it was February 15th.  I also bought some sweettart gummie hearts.  For myself.  Well, career day was definitely an experience, but the kids got to pick which careers they wanted to learn about and we lawyers really couldn’t compete with the bird of prey trainer who had a real life hawk on his arm, and the police officers who had handcuffs and a siren, the chef who cooked things and the firefighters who brought the damn real live fire truck.  There were a few kids who wanted to be lawyers in the first two sessions, but the third and fourth session had one kid and then two kids, and all three of them seemed a little confused as to why they ended up in this session. 

This morning, I discovered the gummie hearts in the candy bag, and thoroughly enjoyed entirely too many of them.  As I was eating them, I was thinking, these are going to make you feel sick, stop! Stop! STOP!  But my mouth was saying, THESE ARE AMAZING!  I COULD EAT THEM ALL!  Well, my mouth won the day, and now I feel vaguely awful.  I need to go eat some lunch to even out all this sugar. 

The high today in the low county is 78 degrees. I am so happy.  The entire weekend is suppose to be amazing.  Last night there was a full moon, and I had some wacko dreams. 

So, I was paying my verizon bill online today, and it never ceases to amaze me that EVERY TIME I pay the bill on the computer, seconds later my text message alert goes off, and it never fails, I pick up my phone and think, hmm, who is text messaging me?  And EVERY TIME, it is just verizon telling me my payment has been received.  At what point, do you think, I’ll come to expect that text message and not fall for the fake out text?  It makes me concerned I have brain damage or something.  I do really love text messages, the noise is so fun, and you just never know who it is going to be!  Sigh. 

I have a few recommendations for new television shows.  Hawaii 5-0 is everything the promos say it is and more.  I didn’t want to watch it.  I thought it was going to suck.  It does not suck, it is awesome, and has awesome actors.  Pretty people, pretty scenery, good stories.  A+. 

Harry’s law is awesome, it is like a cross between The Practice and Boston Legal, two of the greatest legal shows ever.  It also has an amazing case, and some awesome humor.  Love it. 

The weekend is going to be huge.  The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition is all over the place, the weather is going to be spectacular, and Kate and Trav are coming tomorrow.  It is so exciting, I’m going to have to start early.  Love y’all!  Be good.

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