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Columbus Day Observed

I’m in Augusta tonight – I spent the weekend in Columbia for the Georgia game.  Everyone showed up, tons of old friends.  We had great food, great booze, great weather.  The only thing that didn’t show up was the Georgia football coaching staff and players.  It was the WORST football game I’ve ever been to, and I don’t say that lightly.  I’ve been to some bad games.  This one was the WORST.  There was not a single moment in the entire game where I felt anything but sickening dread.  Christy said the word of the day was Demoralizing, and I agree.  

BUT, besides the game, it was an overall fantastic weekend.  Friday night we had a great dinner at The Oak Table, and then we abandoned classiness for the night and drank beer at a dive bar.  We showed shockingly good restraint and enjoyed a good night of sleep before the big game day. Game day dawned sunny, and warm.  I ran into Curt at Starbucks before 10 am, and it was awesome to have confirmation that Atlanta and Athens people were already here and ready to go.  

It was so hot in Columbia.  There is a new tailgating station/park(ing) thing, called The Farmer’s Market.  Someone said that they cut down a bunch of trees to built this fancy parking lot area, but I wasn’t aware that trees grew in the city of Columbia.  I’ve never been to a game in Columbia where it hasn’t been full sunshine, without a cloud in the sky.  Shade is a myth in Columbia, SC.  It makes me really appreciate Athens.  That being said, I’m not going to bash the city – I’ve had many an enjoyable night and day in Columbia.  I’m just pointing out the lack of shade.  Charleston doesn’t have a ton of shade either.  Palmetto trees do not provide much shelter.  

Yesterday was a long day of quality time with old friends and catching up, and eating barbecue and brownies.  Hard to complain.  

Now I’m in Augusta, because tomorrow is Columbus day, and my birthday is Wednesday, and my mom made me a cake.  The cold front is coming in tonight, apparently it is already 20 degrees colder in the ATL than in Augusta, and the low tomorrow is 52!  

I hope your football dreams came true as mine did not, but I am thankful for my many friends, and the fact that I have someone to cook me a birthday cake from scratch.  Hooray for October!

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