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Fluffy dog problems

In light of Christy’s comment that she doesn’t care what I blog, as long as I blog – here we go.

The photos of Briscoe on the pillows evidence Briscoe’s lack of concern that her bed has been taken apart for the cover to be washed, and will make do with what is available. The pictures on the couch clearly demonstrate that Briscoe’s comfort is more important than mine is when it comes to couch lounging. The photo of Briscoe asleep on the bed was taken at 10:30 in the morning when I had been out of bed for close to two hours. I think she had been asleep for a solid 12 hours.

Would it get on your nerves if the person you lived with took pictures of you sleeping all the damn time? And then posted them online?






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Let’s get real. No one wants the oatmeal raisin famous Amos cookies in any circumstance, much less when they are seeking satisfaction from a vending machine. This is like when instead of peanut m&ms, they have those gross crunchy m&ms.

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I’m sitting on a patch of grass, on the edge of the parking lot of my office building. My building is one of many neighboring office buildings, and my friends work nearby. Paul works directly across the street, Dan works around the bend in the road, and Friend organizes food trucks to come visit.

It might not be a glamorous area of town, and my building might be the plainest vanilla box you’ll ever see, but it takes me 15 at most to get here every morning, and there is plenty of free parking.

I took off my long sleeve shirt and am sitting in the sun in a tank top. Of note, this would have probably (or definitely) gotten me fired from last job. It is 70 degrees, bright blue sky, and I’m eating roasted red pepper hummus and carrots. A few of my coworkers are walking laps around the complex for exercise. The interstate is buzzing along behind me, and although that could be an annoyance, I’ve gotten rather fond of the noise.

At my last job, I was only allowed 30 minutes for lunch, on a good day. It is hard to drive to Wendy’s and back in 30 minutes. The job before that, my bosses liked to discuss cases at lunch, and lunchtime was not my own time, and the places we ate would have put me to sleep for the rest of the day if I’d actually eaten it. Work lunches were simply part of the job, and I think that is reasonable in certain professions like small law firms. I did lose ten pounds in the 18 months I worked there, as a side note.

Having control over my own lunch is an amazing privilege that I try to never take for granted. I go to lunch whenever I want between 11-2, and I live in a place where the weather often lends itself to sitting in the sunshine. My coworkers like to pick on me because I eat a turkey melt on an English muffin every day. But it is a privilege, and I am going to enjoy it, because it makes me happy.

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Charleston can be something of a revolving door of visitors.  You’d expect this in the summertime, but it is amazing how many different people have been here in January.  I love visitors, but in January, the activities available in Charleston basically involve wandering around downtown eating and drinking all day and night.  And, I’ve hurt myself.  I was deathly afraid I had a stress fracture, because the pain started back in October, and then got better, and then got worse at the end of November, but I ignored it, and ran in a 5k, and then finished my last two tennis matches of the season, because it wasn’t so bad I couldn’t do those things, and I wanted to do them.  I figured that if I didn’t run or play tennis over Christmas that by mid January my foot would be better.  I probably should have been smarter about walking around in heels and going to yoga, but I wasn’t, and it didn’t get better.  I finally went to the ortho last Friday, and I have posterior tibia tendinitis, but thankfully, nothing was broken.  They put me in a walking air cast boot that goes all the way up to my knee, and I’m suppose to wear it for 4-6 weeks.  Even though this sucks, the fact I don’t have to have a real cast or use crutches, is so awesome, that I really don’t care.  I just want my foot to get better so I can go back to doing the things I want to do.  I HATE being hurt.  Although, I guess it is a good time of year to have a boot.  If you have to have one.  Maybe I will start swimming again, even if swimming makes me feel like I’m going to drown.  Hopefully I will be able to go back to yoga soon.

I saw a real bluebird on Thursday.  He was a soft sky blue and had a rust colored chest.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a for real blue bird before.  It was exciting.  I’ve also eaten a ton of oysters in the past week.  Oyster roasts are tons of fun.  I recommend this activity as a cure for any winter blues.

Briscoe is super bored by my inability to walk any significant distance.  She is super dirty, and desperately needs a hair cut.  She looks like a car wash towel, after you washed the car.

Happy Super Bowl!  I can’t decide who I want to cheer for, but the Super Bowl is always fun.



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