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Charleston can be something of a revolving door of visitors.  You’d expect this in the summertime, but it is amazing how many different people have been here in January.  I love visitors, but in January, the activities available in Charleston basically involve wandering around downtown eating and drinking all day and night.  And, I’ve hurt myself.  I was deathly afraid I had a stress fracture, because the pain started back in October, and then got better, and then got worse at the end of November, but I ignored it, and ran in a 5k, and then finished my last two tennis matches of the season, because it wasn’t so bad I couldn’t do those things, and I wanted to do them.  I figured that if I didn’t run or play tennis over Christmas that by mid January my foot would be better.  I probably should have been smarter about walking around in heels and going to yoga, but I wasn’t, and it didn’t get better.  I finally went to the ortho last Friday, and I have posterior tibia tendinitis, but thankfully, nothing was broken.  They put me in a walking air cast boot that goes all the way up to my knee, and I’m suppose to wear it for 4-6 weeks.  Even though this sucks, the fact I don’t have to have a real cast or use crutches, is so awesome, that I really don’t care.  I just want my foot to get better so I can go back to doing the things I want to do.  I HATE being hurt.  Although, I guess it is a good time of year to have a boot.  If you have to have one.  Maybe I will start swimming again, even if swimming makes me feel like I’m going to drown.  Hopefully I will be able to go back to yoga soon.

I saw a real bluebird on Thursday.  He was a soft sky blue and had a rust colored chest.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a for real blue bird before.  It was exciting.  I’ve also eaten a ton of oysters in the past week.  Oyster roasts are tons of fun.  I recommend this activity as a cure for any winter blues.

Briscoe is super bored by my inability to walk any significant distance.  She is super dirty, and desperately needs a hair cut.  She looks like a car wash towel, after you washed the car.

Happy Super Bowl!  I can’t decide who I want to cheer for, but the Super Bowl is always fun.



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