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In case you did not know, I love weather.  All weather.  My mom loves weather.  I have special weather buddies (GARY!)  My brother’s friends in high school called our mom Accu-Kate and Kate Cantore because she always wanted to tell us about the weather and talk about what might happen.  I love tracking hurricanes.  I had a ten page, hand written note from a cousin in Charleston detailing the events of hurricane Huge that I read over and over again.  I remember exactly where I was during hurricane Katrina (on my bedroom floor in Athens watching the weather channel and talking to my mom on the phone, obviously).  To this day, my parents will get in the car and drive around specifically to look at trees felled by a storm.  Twister and The Perfect Storm are excellent movies.  I count the flooding in Charleston as one of my hobbies.  Twitter is shockingly entertaining when it comes to inclement weather.  Don’t you just love the word inclement?  It gives me happy shivers.  

I have no less than six weather apps on my phone, at least if you count my tide app, which I do, and you don’t count Twitter, which i could.  My NOAA Hi-Def Doppler app is my favorite, but when it comes to free apps, Intellicast and TWC are my favorite.  I could get lost on the NOAA website for hours.  

Y’all, I am absolutely giddy about the weather right now.  This is the best weather week ever.  I’m on tour with Jim Cantore (side note – I’m going to the super bowl!).  It is DUMPING snow in the ATL, and Jim Cantore is reporting live from the Cistern.  Jim says we are going to have 2-3 inches!  I will die.  Seriously die.  Last night when twitter told me that Jim Cantore was headed to Charleston, I was frightened, since Jim generally heralds the angel of natural disaster destruction, but now I’m optimistically delusional that we might get a fun winter storm instead of a scary ice storm.  

It’s hard to imagine what this town is going to be like when it actually starts storming here.  The power lines in my neighborhood are threaded through and basically wrapped around branches.  I live on a peninsula, with three grocery stores.  We are at a dead end.  I heard the Harris Teeter manager tell someone yesterday that he was planning on spending the night at a hotel downtown.  

ANNNNDDDD it’s starting to rain! I just made Briscoe go out real fast.  I think it’s raining.  Sleeting?  Whatever it is, it’s coming down.  

Man.  I did a ton of laundry, and I’ve got everything charged.  I made soup last night. I bought a couple bags of ice on Chuck’s advice.  Lots of beer and wine.  I think I’m going to take a shower, since my hot water heater is electric.  Jim said it’s freezing rain at the airport.  It’s coming for us!  I really want one of those laser thermometers, for future gift ideas.  Yippee!  Stay safe and warm my friends!  

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These Twenty Dash years are speeding along rapidly, although I have to admit that I was happy to see 2013 exit the stage.  My ankle surgery in October and the government shutdown were rather disruptive forces, and then in mid November I developed what was inconclusively walking pneumonia or a vicious viral infection.  Either way, by the Friday after Thanksgiving I was in the bed.  Two and a half weeks of antibiotics, a steroid pack, and five sick days later, and it was almost Christmas.  Seriously, I didn’t drink alcohol or coffee for almost three weeks, in December, to give y’all an idea of how ill I truly was. Obviously, ankle surgery and a terrible hacking cold with a racking cough that last a month is not the worst thing that could happen, but it did make me appreciate all the things I take for granted.  Like walking, and breathing.  It made me a little more compassionate towards the subjective complaints of the claimants.  Additionally, in the instance of my ankle and my respiratory difficulties, I was required to see more than one doctor and be my own health advocate to fight for additional treatment options and testing.  Not because my doctors aren’t competent, but because many of them are overworked and jaded and under appreciated, and lacked the time or effort to waste on an otherwise seemingly healthy young person with no real health risk factors.    I’m not going to get into all the nuances involved in health care, suffice it to say, being sick or injured sucks, and if you don’t like the answers you are receiving, keep asking your questions, find additional opinions.

When I woke up from being sick and realized that it was almost Christmas, I had to play catch up on the festivities.  My friends and I threw an oyster roast/skeet shoot, which we’ve decided will be known as the First Annual Christmas Clays.

Here are my friends shooting skeet.


They were some of the best oysters I’ve ever had the pleasure of destroying.

We had a blue grass band, oysters, skeet, venison chili,ham, Frog Island Punch, koozies, and a lot of fun with all of the frogs.  The party was held at my friend Zan’s family’s property, and Zan and his father are sculptors, and the property is littered with artwork.


Shannon and me playing in the froggy scrap yard.


Me and my favorite frog.


This is Jack, and Briscoe was a really great sport.

Christmas brought the arrival of a new family member at my parents house –

Christmas Day with besties from home.

Christmas Day with besties from home.


Polar Bear Plunge with some of the greatest friends ever!

Christmas was great, and I got to see a lot of old friends.  New Year’s Eve was Alicia and Bryan’s beautiful wedding.  And New Year’s Day, we all jumped in the ocean to celebrate 2014, and then we ate hoppin’ johns and collards, with mac and cheese, and the best wings in america, washed down with a game changer at Home Team.

Overall, the last two weeks of December more than made up for feeling like I was on restriction from the beginning of October until the middle of December.  And 2013 will always be the year that I really found a home in Charleston, with amazing friendships, a job I love, and an unrivaled picturesque natural setting.

As a side note, I do have to admit that I’m currently freezing to death at my house, whilst wearing an obscene amount of clothing and my uggs, wrapped in a blanket, with my arm warmers.  My power still works, but my house was not designed for the cold, and it’s all my little heater can do to keep up.  This is the coldest weather I’ve experienced since I moved to Charleston in Fall 2010.  The upside is that it’s suppose to be in the 70s this weekend. I’ve started running again, and yesterday I ran two miles, which is the furthest I’ve run since I stopped running in December 2012.  I’m looking forward to my first yoga class since September tonight, and can’t wait to be in the suffocating heat, after this freezing day.

Speaking of freezing, this weather has brought to my attention that I only have the bare minimum of cold weather gear.  I’m going skiing in February, and I think I need some new gear.  You know, like gloves with fingers.  None of my gloves have fingers.  Suggestions?

You kids try to stay warm out there, and if winter ever gets to be too much, come on down to Charleston some weekend, the cold weather never lasts for more than a couple of days.  I promise to take you to Home Team and to an oyster roast.  My new year’s resolutions are obviously to blog more, and to get back into fighting shape.  I’m going to get back on the mat, back on the tennis court, and take some things out on the pavement.

Cheers to 2014 being the best year yet!  Happy New Year!

The Big Bridge

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