Charlsie and Briscoe Dog live in Augusta, Ga. Charlsie's largest problems include how to get all the different drink choices she has purchased at the grocery store home to her house (coke, diet coke, orange juice, beer, wine (red and white), gator aid (citrus cooler), milk, apple juice, ginger ale, and sparkling water), and is thankful that coffee (decaf and regular) and tea are purchased in the dried out form and that most drink containers are recyclable. She likes her job more than she ever would have hoped, but would rather be baking cookies and reading a novel. Briscoe's troubles circle around people's aversion to being licked by puppy dogs and her tendency to run into brick walls and furniture, and the necessity of the hair brush. She loves to swim in the pool and the river and will even climb into a cooler full of ice if given the chance. Both have the tendency to approach life at full force and greatly appreciate having a soft warm bed at the end of the day.

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