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Sunshine Daydreams

This weather is killing me.  Slowly.  My soul dies a little for every hour I have to be inside.  I can see the trees and the puffy clouds through my pollen coated window.  I think about my new little backyard and the new little plants I bought at lowes the other day.  They have been calling my cell phone all day long and sending me text messages about how it is killing them to not be permanently planted.  They want me to come home RIGHT.NOW and finish what I started. 

 I’d really like to have an old bathtub to use as a planter.  That way I don’t have to worry about Briscoe trying to eat the jalapeno plant I bought.  Donald is suppose to be keeping his eyes open for one.  Maybe it will be there when I get home!  Donald made me a list of things I need for the house on the back of a KoolMenthal carton box.  I’ve been carrying it around in my pocketbook and it almost fell out in court today, which made me laugh. 

I can’t remember a time when I’ve ever had spring fever this bad.  This might be due to the fact that I’ve never had a real job in April before.  The real world is for the birds.  That being said, I do love my job and it is nice to feel (somewhat) financially secure. 

That being said, every day I’m amazed at how weird my job can be.  I spent an hour this morning respectfully but forcefully disagreeing with someone.  I told them all the reasons why they are wrong.  Then I shut up and didn’t interrupt while they told me all the reasons why I was wrong.  Then I told them my reasons again, then they told me their reasons.  Then we pointed at some documents and underlined some numbers and asked a few pointed questions and then I told them all the reasons they were wrong and then let them point out all the reasons I was wrong one more time.  Then you say – okay, well how are we going to fix this, what are you offering, blah blah blah, and you come to an agreement that no one is happy with and you discuss emails and addresses and checks are written and people grumble.  But as you are walking out of the door, you ask about the other person’s family, and their life and how business is going and you slap each other on the back or shake hands and act like you haven’t just been fighting for the past hour.   

It’s weird.  I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday.

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I am so happy.  It is a beautiful day, the temperature is just to my liking, and I have a whole extra hour of sunshine to enjoy.  Tomorrow morning when I have to wake up an hour earlier I doubt I will be so blissful, but right now I’m extremely pleased. 

Yesterday was the Junior League Attic Sale.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I did so much straight up manual labor in one day.  I moved furniture, shutters, plywood, tables, and about everything else under the sun, including a box of children’s shoes, which were pretty cute.  I have been dreading the attic sale for months.  Last saturday we had to move everything from the warehouse to the fairgrounds, and then we worked from 6-9 every night this week, and finally had to be at the fairgrounds at 6:30 yesterday morning.  None of that sounded like a lot of fun to me.  I seriously considered dropping out.  But I’ve never quit anything in my life, and I didn’t really want to start now.  But, I also hate to be a part of anything that I can’t be enthusiastic about and I hate people who have bad attitudes, and I didn’t want to be the person with the bad attitude.  So I tried to suck it up.  And you know, it did end up being fun, and I’m really glad I didn’t drop out.  It went by a lot quicker than I anticipated.  But it was a lot of work, and it was really dirty.  My elbows hurt.  And I made some friends. 

Yesterday afternoon (after a hot shower) we went to Vallartas and ate cheese dip and drank beers and margaritas and relaxed in the sunshine and it was so nice to be finished with all the hard work and it was so warm outside I was able to wear my favorite summer dress for the for time this year.  I listened to my new friends tell the stories of how they ended up in augusta and what led them to the junior league.    I convinced everyone that they wanted to come over to my new house and sit on my front porch.  It was awesome.  My sweet little house has been empty for a couple of years and it is so happy to have people to sit on it’s front porch on Saturday night.  I just hope my new neighbors are as excited as my house is. 

Speaking of my house, I’m going to go over there in a few minutes and take some pictures.  I should have taken pictures as soon as I bought it, but it was pouring down rain all last weekend and so dark, and then I’ve been at the fairgrounds all week, but today is beautiful and I want to take pictures before we paint and decorate and get everything together.  I will try to put some up so you can see the progress. 

My aching muscles and joints are having a battle with my brain.  My brain is saying, GET UP!  GO DO SOMETHING!  IT’S SO PRETTY!  YOU HAVE THINGS TO DO!  My joints and muscles are saying, PLEASE LEAVE US ALONE!  STOP ABUSING US!  WE’VE HAD ENOUGH!!

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It was in the 80s here today.  I went for a run.  I alllllll-mooooossstttt DIED. 

I mean, I’ve been running 35-45 minutes recently.  After 20 minutes today I thought I was going to drop dead.  It also might have had something to do with the wine I drank last night. 

But when I got home I was rushing to get ready to go to dinner with my dad – jumped in the shower, got dressed, etc.  I’m all ready.  But I’m still sweating. 

Ew.  I forget how long it takes to cool off after a run when it is hot outside. 

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Spring Fever

Today is a beautiful day.  I’m starting to get very itchy about springtime.  Now, I guess it could be said that spring is already here.  There are flowers blooming, we have cold nights and warm days, and basically all around great weather with the occasional thunderstorm. 

This past Friday night we had a baby shower for our friends Caleb and Faris.  It was so much fun.  I think what made it such a fun party is that almost everyone there knew more than half of the people there.  Not the same half, but at least half.  And when you know at least half, you are able to more easily meet the other half.  It wasn’t like at a wedding where one half knows each other and the other half does too, but there are two different groups. 

This was more of an overlapping sort of thing and it made the party flow nicely and after a little wine or beer, everyone was more than happy to meet the people they didn’t know.  Faris said she really enjoys the presents for the baby because there is a reality to getting baby presents that isn’t there when you are receiving wedding presents.  I thought that was an interesting comment.  We were deathly afraid it was going to rain the entire party, but the rain stopped Friday afternoon and didn’t start back until late in the night.   

Saturday morning I awoke when my phone rang at 8:15.  It was my mom, wanting to know if I was coming to the charity 5k that was taking place at MCG.  I had signed up for it, and had picked up my packet, but I could hear the wind whipping around my house and my bed was so warm and I DID NOT WANT TO GO.  But then Jennifer called, and said she would pick me up in 20 minutes and I figured I could handle it. 

I’m glad I went, it was for a great cause, and I saw a lot of old friends.  But in all honesty I can’t say I enjoyed it.  It was 45 degrees and the wind was blowing 30 mph.  I’m not being dramatic.  It really was blowing 30 mph.  Every step I took away from the starting line was mentally challenging.  It wasn’t until we started heading back to the finish line that I started to warm up and calm down. 

After the race we ate at waffle king with my parents and that was AWESOME, even though it took forever.  Post waffle king I went home and took a little nap. 

Saturday night we had my dad’s 60th birthday party.  Let me tell you how fun that was.  Saturday afternoon was not that much fun, because since the wind was blowing so hard and it was so cold outside, what was suppose to be a big party in the backyard ended up being  a big party in the house.  So we spent the afternoon moving furniture and setting up everything. 

I swear Saturday was one of the longer days of my life.  The wind did end up dying down, and the fire in the backyard was enjoyed by most of the guests, even though the bulk of the party was in the house.  I think Big Trav had a great time.  One of his friends found an old football from 1948 on the internet and brought it with two sharpies and had everyone sign it and gave it to him as the Game Ball.  I thought that was so thoughtful and cute and awesome.

In other news, I have been severely struggling to get out of bed this week.  I don’t know what my problem is, but when my alarm goes off in the morning I have no idea where I am or what is going on.  I know it is the time change, but seriously.  I really love it when the time changes, I like it to stay light longer, but I normally adjust quicker to it.  I’ve been trying to go to sleep early.  I’ve also been trying to work out more, so that I can get back into shape.  I’ve been pretty lazy recently.  So maybe that is part of it.  I don’t know. 

I know y’all really wanted a blow by blow of my weekend.  Maybe sometime soon I’ll have some intelligent observation about the world in which we live in.  Until then, I’m counting down the minutes until the TOUR-NA-MENT!

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The Darkness Creeps in

I hate it when the time changes in the fall.  I love daylight savings.  It doesn’t make me feel better that I have another hour to sleep in the morning and it doesn’t make me feel better that it is lighter when I do finally have to get up.  It just makes me feel like when I get home from work it is time to eat dinner and go to sleep.  In addition to it being dark, it also gets cold.  The only plus to these two terrible occurrences is the fact that it is now appropriate to build a fire.  I love fires. 

According to the Onion, Fall has been canceled this year. 

Briscoe had a bath last night.  She is really excited  because she is going to get to see her best friend Clemmie this weekend.

Look at how cute she was on Halloween (pictures I thought I posted yesterday that really I deleted).


Oh, and I’ve already chipped a nail.  Of course.  And my hair isn’t clean anymore.  And I already drank all my coffee.   


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Things are falling these days.  Acorns, leaves, the temperature, walnuts. 

I awoke Saturday morning to the POP POP POP       POP, PLINK       CLICK of acorns on my roof and the air conditoner outside my bedroom window.  It is really loud.  I have to be careful with my bare feet when I walk through the backyard now, or I’ll stomp down on an acorn.  Oak trees don’t produce acorns until they are at least 20 years old, sometimes not until they are 50.  For more about the beloved oak – go here

My parents have a walnut tree in their front yard that shadows part of the driveway.  So when you back up into the turn around you hear the crunch of walnuts being crushed on the bricks.  When I was little I used to collect them and crack them open and try to eat them.  They never tasted very good, but it was entertaining.  My mom has a collection of walnuts from the front yard in plate that looks like it was made out of leaves in the living room of their house.  I like it.

It was really chilly this morning for the first time, and this is the first blustery day we have had so far.  I was starting to think October would be gone before we got some good fall weather.  I like seasons.   

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Fall Apart

When I walked outside this morning it was all I could do not to call in sick.  The wind was blowing in gusts through the trees and I was conscious of my bare feet for the first time in months.  All I wanted to do was make some coffee, grab my novel that I started at the beach this weekend, and sit out on my back deck with the dogs wrapped in a blanket. 

I didn’t spend anytime in the mountains this summer (since my dad sold our childhood vacation home this winter, I’m still a little bitter).  The only somewhat cool weather I experienced all summer was in new york, and then it wasn’t cold, just, not hot.  Of course, by cold, I mean, below 70 degrees.  So let’s just say I miss it. 

This morning it had to have been at least 60 degrees or colder.  Too bad I overslept and was in a hurry and didn’t have time to enjoy it.  I’m so excited about FALL!

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Remember when I said the spider’s name was Larry?  That is so not right.  HER name is Laree.  My bad.  SHE is very pretty.   

Apparently the females are the only ones who spin webs.  Also, the males frequently die in the mating ritual.  Hmm.  That sucks. 

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Spider Update

I emailed my clever friend Josh, who is a professor and expert on all things outdoors about the spider.  Josh was getting his PHD in bugs and forestry, or something like that, when I was in law school.  He has a bunch of degrees in zoology and geology and entomology.  Basically, he knows what he is talking about when it comes to spiders. 

He said that the spider wouldn’t bite me unless I picked it up and aggravated him, and then, even if he did bite me it wouldn’t hurt that bad.  Like a mosquito bite.  He also said that this kind of spider can be really pretty, and that they eat mosquitoes and gnats.  So he is probably a good spider to have around. 

I’ve decided to keep the spider around.  As it turns out, his name is Larry.  He likes it in the back yard.  I went to visit him this morning and his web is quite impressive.  Looks like he’s already taken care of a few mosquitoes that might have tried to chomp on me.  His web is in a good location too, I don’t actually have to walk right there for any reason.   

I would take a picture but I’m pretty sure that it wouldn’t show up right with my little camera.  So you will just have to take my word for it that he is very pretty, and having a good summer. If you happen to be around these parts, and want to see him, let me know and I’ll set up an appointment.  He’d like to make some nice friends in this area.   

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Things I worry about

Then everybody was off to bed. I went up to my room with a piece of candle, and put it on the table. Then I set down in a chair by the window and tried to think of something cheerful, but it warn’t no use. I felt so lonesome I most wished I was dead. The stars were shining, and the leaves rustled in the woods ever so mournful; and I heard an owl, away off, who-whooing about somebody that was dead, and a whippowill and a dog crying about somebody that was going to die; and the wind was trying to whisper something to me, and I couldn’t make out what it was, and so it made the cold shivers run over me. Then away out in the woods I heard that kind of a sound that a ghost makes when it wants to tell about something that’s on its mind and can’t make itself understood, and so can’t rest easy in its grave, and has to go about that way every night grieving. I got so down-hearted and scared I did wish I had some company. Pretty soon a spider went crawling up my shoulder, and I flipped it off and it lit in the candle; and before I could budge it was all shriveled up. I didn’t need anybody to tell me that that was an awful bad sign and would fetch me some bad luck, so I was scared and most shook the clothes off of me. I got up and turned around in my tracks three times and crossed my breast every time; and then I tied up a little lock of my hair with a thread to keep witches away. But I hadn’t no confidence. You do that when you’ve lost a horseshoe that you’ve found, instead of nailing it up over the door, but I hadn’t ever heard anybody say it was any way to keep off bad luck when you’d killed a spider.

I set down again, a-shaking all over, and got out my pipe for a smoke; for the house was all as still as death now, and so the widow wouldn’t know.

Chapter One, Huckelberry Finn, Mark Twain

I loved this book as a child.  And this particular passage scarred me for life.  I HATE killing spiders.  Freaks me out.  Makes me shake.  I’ve come to terms with black cats, friday the 13ths (even when strange island appear), broken mirrors.  Most because I can’t come up with a good reason why those things should freak me out other than that I’ve been taught that they should. 

But spiders serve another more important purpose in my life in the subtropical clime that I live in.  Spiders eat bugs.  I don’t like bugs.  The more spiders, the less bugs.  But I run into a lot of spiders in my back yard.  A lot of bugs actually.  The orkin man came the other day and now I have dead bugs everywhere.  Ew. 

Regardless, this morning I was walking Briscoe and I almost ran slap into a huge spider web.  With a nice sized spider hanging out, spinning the web.  This little spider looked like a crab.  I mean, like a spider that was carrying a crab around on it’s back.  Like a little horseshoe crab.  He was actually pretty cute, although I wouldn’t want him crawling on me.  So I looked it up this morning and I believe it is called a Spinybacked Orbweaver. 

Here are some links to pictures of this strange looking little spider. 

Tell me what y’all think.  What do you do when you kill a spider?

p.s. one time travers killed a spider in his bathroom and million little baby spiders came out of the big spider.  AAAGGGGGHHHHHH.  I would die.  Black out, right there. 

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