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New York, New York

Hey y’all!  I am sorry I haven’t updated all week, I was in augusta last weekend and then Monday and Tuesday were really hectic, and yesterday I hopped on a plane and flew up to the City to visit some of my favorite people!

Yesterday was Jennifer’s birthday, so we are going to some awesome restaurant tonight.  But for breakfast this morning – I think we are going to go find a yummy bagel.

I’m really excited about this week and this weekend, and I will be in touch about our adventures. 


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Which Country are you?

You’re Thailand!
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My parents are in Rome.

My parents are in Rome. They left for Atlanta Friday night in order to get out of Augusta before the ice storm. I am now tortured with jealousy. I wasn’t jealous, I was perfectly content with being left out of this trip – after all, I am going to Steamboat on Wednesday.

But then this morning I started looking at a large map of Rome that my dad blew up. And I turned on the television and began watching My House in Umbria – the Maggie Smith movie. I have seen it before, so I didn’t mind that I only caught the last part of it. Although it is a rather upsetting movie, I adore the depiction of life in the Italian countryside.

When I was looking at the map, a flood of memories rushed back to me. The streets all means something different, I have a distinct mental picture for each. The fountains on the corner, the orange buses, the enormous ads on the buildings, the ruins that seem to grow in ever crack and cranny of the modern city, the vespas flying by carrying well dressed Italians to their high profile jobs, the hills, the gardens, the stores, the stores, the stores! Not to mention the food.

While watching the movie I flashback to a weekend trip that Catherine Anne, Suz, Beth and I took to Assis. The mid-June heat of Rome was becoming oppressive, and we had been in the city long enough to miss the county. As we emerged onto the platform at the foot of the hill the refreshing breath of summer overpowered the exhaust of the train moving on to the next town. Our lodging were situated directly below the town on the winding path that cut up the hillside and consisted of a rambling country house of terraces and shuttered windows amid flowers, cats, and dogs.

Initially disappointed with the inn’s distance from the town and the realization that walking would be our only option for travel, it wasn’t long before we came to the conclusion that nowhere in the town could have been as pleasant. Saturday afternoon we sat in the windows of our room and looked out onto the valley as the most tremendous summer thunderstorm rolled in and frightened and delighted us as it lit up the sky and tore into the sunbaked ground as we told secrets and stories.

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Last night was tons of fun. Not necessarily a night I would like to have on a regular basis, but one that I will remember for a long time. I didn’t lose anything (so far as I know), and I am sustained minor bruises and scraps – mostly due to the fact that I walked home barefoot through the east village. I wanted to walk all the way home barefoot from Chelsea, but it was too cold and even though my shoes were painful; the cold, wet ground was worse (and I hadn’t had enough to drink numb the pain).

But I do love New York. Even though there are a lot of people here that are entirely too much for me, and even though the only way I could live here was if I could have a house in the middle of central park, I still really like to visit.

I don’t know what I want to do with my life. I do know some wonderful people that I know I want to be in my life. But I don’t know where those people are going to end up – and I know that there are lots of other wonderful people out there that I haven’t met yet that I also want to be in my life.

I don’t have any serious thoughts about what I want out of this year. I can honestly say that 2004 was probably the most wonderful year of my life so far – with severe ups and severe downs. But the downs weren’t really that bad and all resolved themselves well – and the ups are incredible memories that I will have forever.

p.s. Tonight we decided what foods we all were. here is the list.

In everyday life:
Mary Beth – Vanilla cupcake with pink frosting.
Libby – Warm Honey Ham (baked) with cherry glaze
Jennifer – Pineapple (whole pineapple – spiky on the outside, sweet beyond compare inside).
Emily – Pretzel – bendy and salty.
Charlsie – chocolate chip cookie (sweet, with delicious morsels scattered throughout).

For Breakfast:
Mary Beth – muffin (close to cupcake)
Emily – biscuit (warm and buttery)
Libby – crispy bacon
Jennifer – cut pineapple
Charlsie – big bowl of grits

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As it turns out, I’m not quite the travel agent that I like to believe. I bought my plane ticket for this week during finals. I am incapacitated for normal activity during finals. I’ve said it before. But this is a great example. My flight was suppose to leave tomorrow. But some how I made a mistake on the computer and booked it for the 30th, then I never looked at the confirmation (something my dad always tells me to do, I know, I know).

So instead of leaving tomorrow and getting to spend some quality time in DC, I am leaving on Thursday and will only be in DC for a night. That sucks. But as libby said, it could be much worse. I could have booked it for today and missed it completely. That would be much worse. It is still going to be an awesome week, but I am going to miss Cybil’s party and that is going to suck. Oh well. At least I still get to go.

Sometimes I wonder if I am ever going to be a completely functional adult. I kinda doubt it. This is distressing.

I was taking a personality test and my mom was helping me, and I asked her on a scale from 1-5 (1 the least, 5 the most) whether she thought I was a perfectionist or not, and she said a 4. This surprised me because I don’t see myself as a perfectionist, but apparently I have perfectionist tendencies. I think this basically boils down to the fact that I am hard on myself. I don’t mean to be. I don’t know why it happens, or where the pressure comes from, because I don’t think the people in my life pressure me too much, but it is there anyway. And it causes me to be disappointed in myself for making mistakes that could have been avoided – like my plane ticket. I had to learn a long time ago to not put ridiculous expectations on the people in my life because no one is perfect and I am setting myself up for disappointment in addition to alienating people. I guess I am still learning how to do that for myself. Oh well.

But I am still soo excited about spending the weekend with my favorite people in such fun cities!!!!! Can’t wait, can’t wait!!!!! Happy New Year’s!!!!!!

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I stayed up too late last night. It is becoming a trend. I have so much stuff I need to do, but I think I am going to just go to sleep. I am very tired.  Daddy and I tried to go see the aviator, but it was sold out so we went to see a series of unfortunate events.  I liked it, but I like children’s movies and love children’s books.  I thought it was fun and just dark enough. But I don’t think that Daddy thought much of it.  Oh well, he goes for the popcorn mostly anyway.

Libby and I are going to the ATL in the morning for a little shopping and to spend the night with Betsy and Katie. Then Libby is going to take me to the airport on Tuesday morning. I am flying to DC to hang out with Cybil and Jennifer and Emily and Caleb. I am really excited, I love DC. Caleb is going to pick me up and take me to see his family and house and then we are going over to Cybil’s for a dinner party. It is going to be awesome! Mary Beth is going to meet me in DC and on Friday Emily, Jennifer, Mary Beth, Cybil and I are all going to New York for New Years. Libby and Emily and Maggie will already be there and Katie, Katie and Sally are going to be there too. It is going to be all of my past colliding. Best friend from kindergarten, best friend from middle school, best friend from high school, best friends from college, pledge sisters, a couple old best friend roomies from college, best friend in law school…..I mean, I can’t tell you how happy I am going to be the entire time. I am going to be one big ball of excited. Plus New York has the best food all the time. And you don’t have to drive anywhere. Especially late night for food. Because there is a gyro place next to the bar, or down the street. (although I doubt I will be able to find a waffle house or a pancake house – but hey, when in rome – eat fried risotto balls). Come to think about it, I think that one of the greatest things about traveling is that everywhere you go eats something different as a late night snack. And it is normally delicious. And New York has some of everything.

I think I am going to get to hang out with some new friends I made last night time I was in New York, and I am also pumped about this. I love new friends. Mary Beth has never been to New York, so that is going to be fun as well.

Wow, I feel like I am partying up the east coast; the ATL, D.C., NYC. (it really isn’t a big city if it can’t be referred to by a few letters. I love calling it the ATL. But, I like prefer to call it THE ATL, and not ATL, and I don’t think I would ever call it THE D.C. – which is probably in fact more appropriate than THE ATL). (how about THE O.C.? – that isn’t really right either, but I like it).

My hands are cold. I left my laptop at Katie and Betsy’s house and have been without it for over a week – which is huge for me. Otherwise I would have had a lot more to say this week. I love Christmas. And I love y’all.

It didn’t snow, but it did sleet and was very cold. I will pretend that we had a white Christmas, even if it was only ice. I love my family and friends a lot, I am so very blessed. I will try to post on my travels, but if not I will get back to you when I return on the 4th. Sweet Dreams.

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I had the most unbelievable weekend – and the best thing about it was that nothing overly spectacular happened. I mean, I was in New York, which was awesome, but the reason it was so awesome is because some of my favorite people were there – and it all fell into place. I will give a cast of characters: (I have a lot of best friends – I see this as a class of people, not a ranking)
Libby – best friend from home, went to the university of maryland to swim, moved to new york this summer.
Maggie – another best friend from home, carpool friend from kindergarten, 5th grade best friend, pledge sister in college, and roommate last year. Maggie moved to New York last week with Emily.
Emily – best friend from kindergarten, went to Notre Dame and worked in Milwalkee until moving to New York last week.
Jennifer – best friend from college, also from Augusta, also roommate from last year, a year younger than the rest of us, very important person in college, also in sorority with maggie and me. Just moved to D.C. but is not settled yet.

Originally, Jennifer was not coming to the city, but Thursday decided to take the train. This was very exciting, because Jennifer and Libby and Maggie are three people that I miss a great deal. I am used to missing Libby, because we haven’t lived in the same town since high school, but I haven’t lived away from Jennifer and Maggie ever – and I am used to seeing them on an everyday basis. I was on the verge of tears just thinking about seeing Libby and Maggie in the same place, but throw Jennifer into it and I was a wreck. Actually, I was just ecstatic.

It was pouring down rain on Thursday when I arrived in New York, and this was a huge hassle, but after the rain stopped that night, the weather was perfect and mild and beautiful and windy and wonderful.

Things I learned this weekend:
1. Not all Karaoke bars are the same. Some are scary and dark and creepy.
2. Hunan Chinese food is very, very, very spicy – to a degree that I can’t handle.
3. Chinese food tastes good with Miller Lite tall boys – especially if you drink the beer out of the little tea cups on the table.
4. Some people in New York are still so upset about the election that simply being from a red state is enough to merit abuse.
5. Bars that don’t have names on them and look like a random warehouse in the front can be really great if you have the best group of people with you.
6. Doing handstands on the sidewalk is fun, doing headstands is less fun.
7. Marathon runners are really accomplished and impress me greatly (they make jennifer and nick feel bad about themselves – like, what did you do today? oh, I ran a marathon. Really? I slept in and ate a huge brunch and drank a bloody mary).
8. Central Park is so pretty, if I lived in New York I would have to spend a great deal of time there just to make up for the craziness outside the park.
9. If the Chinese food at dinner is too spicy, just go down the street and get a Gyro – I promise that it will make you feel better.
10. Football is always fun to watch on Saturday in the fall.
11. Pizza is ALWAYS good in new york.
12. Frozen hot chocolate is yummy, but if you eat the whole thing, you could feel sick (kinda like how jaeger is fun, but doen’t drink the whole bottle!).
13. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are great fun and taste like liquid fall (leaves, deep blue skies, warm kitchens, brisk winds, cool grass, warm sunshine, warm cookies, big hugs, sandwich from ham straight out of oven, apples, pecan pie, sweet potatoes, sweaters and fresh bread).
14. EVERYONE has an iPod on the subway.
15. I am so lucky to have such awesome friends and I have no right to complain about anything because I have such wonderful people in my life. In addition to having such great friends, I am in a position to visit them and have spectacular experiences. This has been the greatest year of my life when it comes to opportunities and experiences, I feel so blessed and happy.

p.s. If you haven’t caught on by now, I am a bit of a gusher. All weekend they made of fun of me, being like, so Charlsie, how are you feeling right now? which was enough to launch me into a monologue of how happy I was and how much I loved everyone. I think enthusiasm is important.

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