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This is how I’ve been feeling lately, minus the snow of course. 

But!  This weekend!  It was so amazing!  It was flip flop weather!  And the Blue Onion Stars are back!  And the red buds are blooming!  And the smell of dirt is making me happy!  Briscoe and I even drove around in the convertable for a while, which she really enjoyed. 

Yesterday was a fabulously beautiful day, I had a great time.  Sometimes I’m impressed by how much can be packed into one day. 

Now I just need to get my fluffy dog’s hair cut so she can enjoy the warm weather too, because right now she seems to be feeling a little hot.  And I’m going to start running more and get back into shape. 

Happy Times.

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Foggy Muddy Pawprints

Yesterday was something of a disaster.  My flight got in from New York late Sunday night, and I was exhausted when I woke up Monday morning.  In order to stay in bed for three more minutes I checked out the weather on my phone.  The weather channel said it was FOGGY, but only a 10% chance of rain.  I assumed this meant it was going to be foggy in the morning and clear up later, and it wasn’t going to rain. 

I was in a huge rush, and the dogs were being absolutely ridiculous in the backyard, so I threw them both a rawhide, put their water outside, and left them in the fog. 

Work was a little hectic, and I was busy, so I didn’t really think much about what was going on outside, other than to observe that it was still foggy.  Around 11:45 I checked the weather again, and it said – Light Rain.  And I got a little concerned. 

I looked out the window, and realized that although the rain was very light, it had been falling for a long time.  Which meant the dogs had been playing in the rain for hours.  Um.  I’m an idiot. 

I rushed home, to find two very wet, very muddy, VERY happy puppies.  Briscoe was a dark brown color and the white parts of Grayson were no longer visible.  And they were SOAKING.  I changed out of my work clothes, dragged them both through the house to my bathroom as quickly as possible, and gave them both a bath.  They both have winter haircuts, which basically means they have four to five times more hair now than they do in the summer.  It is amazing how much water their coats can hold.  And every bit of it was sopping with dirt.  It was a river of mud in the bathtub, and they were both ticked that I cut short their fun play time to give them the dreaded bath. 

After the baths, I had to wash the seventeen towels that were necessary in this task, and scrub muddy puppy paw prints off the floor of the kitchen and the rest of the house.  If you don’t wash dogs, you might not know this, but leaning over to wash two dogs does something painful to my hamstrings, and causes them to tremble, for hours.   I threw my work clothes back and rushed back to work.  Needless to say my hair left something to be desired on a professional standard yesterday afternoon. 

Since this was not the relaxing lunch I had been looking forward to, the rest of my afternoon was a blur.  I guess you could say a Foggy blur.  Cause, it’s still foggy, even today. 

But I did go to the trouble to go to the grocery so I could make soup last night.  Soup is awesome, cause you cook everything in the same pot and then put that pot in the fridge, and there is nothing to wash!  I can’t tell you how happy I was to sit on the couch last night with a glass of red wine  and two clean puppies, while my soup simmered and I watched all the television my DVR had saved for me.  It almost made me appreciate the almost disastrous day.  As I scratched Grayson’s ear, I realized he was still wet from his bath, but I let him stay on the couch anyway. 

Sigh.  And now it’s Tuesday.

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Finally! Some Sunshine!

It's been cloudy since monday, and I missed the sun.  The time change depresses me, and I can't imagine how people who live up north where it gets dark so much earlier handle it. 

Have you ever noticed how some people SLOW DOWN at green lights?  This is something I will never understand.  GREEN MEANS GO.  This is very difficult for some people. 

I've really been trying to decorate my office, to put things like my diplomas, and pictures and paintings around.  The girls in the office hung a bunch of stuff for me and got me some plants that I think I might have let die already, and it is starting to look like a real office.  Travers came in the other day and goes, "Wow!  You have like a real office!  I don't know why I thought you would be in a corner or something, but you've even got diplomas on the wall!"  (that's right Bro, I'm big time.)  I think Travers has a hard time with the fact that he is an adult now, and an even harder time with the fact that his little sister is an adult as well.  Jennifer Blanchard sent me a birthday card with a Margaret Atwood quote – "I am surrounded by adults, whereas I am merely in disguise."  I love it. 

How happy are you that it is Thursday?  I love Thursdays. 

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It is hot outside today.  Hot and icky.  Yesterday afternoon we had a fantastic storm – the weather people said something about a cold front moving in that caused the storm. 

I think the cold front lost the fight.  Because it is still sticky and sweaty outside from where I’m standing. 

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