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I rushed home from work at 5 pm yesterday.  It was pretty, and I was just itching for a run.  Since it gets dark so early these days, I had to hurry so Kate wouldn't worry about me getting hit by a car.  My dad used to write our names and telephone numbers on our running shoes with a sharpie just in case. 

I couldn't decide whether or not to take Briscoe, she doesn't like to run very long, and I kind of felt like a long run.  But the sun was dangerously close to the trees and the sky would darken quickly when that happened, preventing my long run.  And when I put my running shoes on, she got kind of excited, which made me think she wanted to go.  So I dressed her in her pretty little harness that she doesn't much like, and I had to drag her away from the car (she wanted to ride!) and out into the street (We've spent a lot of time working on staying in the yard, she knows she isn't allowed into the street, so this is always a struggle). 

For the first mile and a half Briscoe is super pumped and wants to run FAST.  We hit a good hill at about that point, and the hill takes a lot of her enthusiasm away.  When we had been running for about two miles (we were right by Sky and Matthew and Brice and Jenny's house), she really started dragging.  Her lead is long, so on sidewalks I keep the loop around my elbow and hold onto the leash to make it shorter.  She pulls in the beginning, but by this point she was trotting along side at a good pace.  So I dropped my hand hold on the lead, and let her have a little slack.  

About ten yards later, she stopped abruptly to use the bathroom ( I guess she's had more water than I thought).  This would have been fine, if I had not been on a concrete driveway under an oak tree.  Leaves and acorns are a serious hazard, and these slippery suckers, along with my dog's great timing, took me down.   

I fell.  Hard.  Actually, I slipped.  I almost wished someone had seen me because it had to have been hilarious.  Like a cartoon.  I had leaves ALL OVER ME.  And Briscoe was just sitting there, like, WHAT?  I'm BUSY!

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Thoughts on Running

I say the STUPIDEST things when I’m running. 

Actually, that isn’t always true.  I like to talk when I run.  A lot people have a hard time running and chatting at the same time.  I’m not one of those people.  I like to talk.  But it doesn’t bother me if who ever I am running with has a hard time running and talking at the same time.  I’m happy to just tell a story while we run.  It is nice, because the other person isn’t trying to interrupt me during a long drawn out story that probably has little to no relevance on their life.  Most of my friends who run with me say they don’t mind because the stories are mostly entertaining.  I get bored when I run so I like the mental challenge of trying to remember the events of some past drama and relate them to someone else in an engaging way.  It gives me something to concentrate on and I can normally make sense. 

But, if I am running by myself, listening to music, and I see someone I know, and I stop and talk, I never make any sense at all.  I call people by the wrong name, I say things like, good morning!  when it is late afternoon, I answer no to questions that I mean to answer yes to, I stammer, I stutter, and I all around sound like an idiot.  I try to get away as quickly as possible.  It is like I have the correct words in my head, but they don’t come out of my mouth.  And it ALWAYS happens when my run is interrupted by a conversation.   

Then I spend the rest of my run thinking – YOU IDIOT!  Why did you say that?  Now they think you don’t know who they are/can’t speak english/don’t have a good grasp on the world around you. 

I guess running is just such an escape for me, and I zone out to such a strong degree that it takes me a little while to get back to the real world.  This is why running trails is really in my best interest.  Less people to run into who want to talk.   Too bad there aren’t any good trails around here.

p.s I painted my finger nails red.  It makes me real happy for some reason.   

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Sacrifice the Body

I’m exhausted.  I went to weddings the past two weekends, and this past weekend I stayed up WAYYY too late.  Friday night I’m blaming it on the groom, which I think validates my lack of sleep, but Saturday was pretty much my own fault.  But it was really fun and worth it.  I’m just now paying the price. 

I’ve been rather slack in my work out routine as of late, and it was cloudy and muggy when I got home from work this afternoon.  And I’m still tired.  But I have real guilt issues with not working out, mostly associated with how my mental happiness has a direct correlation to how often I’m breaking a sweat. 

So I decided to play tennis on the nintendo Wii instead of going to run.  You know, for exercise. 

Well, I broke a sweat all right.  I might have also broken my hand on a piece of furniture.  And I’m pretty sure I threw out my arm.  And stomped on my dog a few times. 

But it sure was fun!  Then Britt came home and I smoked her in the two player tennis. 

Then she beat me in the Wii play shooting game.  I’m convinced my controller had a low battery. 

Wanna play?

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One of my day dreams is that I am famous and part of my job is to be in terrific shape.  I don’t want to be famous, I just want "working out" to be in my job description to a point where I could justify devoting a great deal of time and money to my workout.  For some reason the only job I can come up with that would allow me to do this is being famous.  I don’t want to be required to train for a sporting event.  I want to work out for the sheer purpose of looking great. 

I would own a gym that would have lots of trampolines, round ones, long tumble track ones, bouncy ones, taunt ones.  And they would all be in the floor.  And mats all over the place.  I would also have a big padded floor with a mirror in the middle.  Basically I would have my own gymnastic training center, but it would used exclusively for tumbling, bouncing, and stretching.  We might have some treadmills, but probably not.  Since this is my fantasy, the training facility would be situated next to some wooded trails on rolling hills.  And if I’m really feeling rich in my dream, at least one side of my gym/warehouse would open up like a garage door, revealing said woods, you know, for pretty days in the fall and spring, or even summer depending on where my fantasy is located.  Sometimes is it Georgia, sometimes Colorado.  Sometimes elsewhere. 

Since I’m rich and famous, I would have a couple of people who worked for me, probably part time, but maybe full time.  I would want a tumbling coach, nothing too fancy, I don’t want to do crazy things, but just someone to watch and offer suggestions and help.  Maybe bounce on the trampoline with me. 

Oh, and there would be a sweet stereo system that blasted lots of fun music.  People could bring their iPods. 

I would also have a yoga instructor on staff.  Once again, I don’t need the best in the land, I would be happy with a college student who taught yoga on the side.  My roomie in college, Betsy,  was (is)  an aerobics instructor and she could kick my butt all day long. 

I would want my friends to come work out with me.  I get bored by myself.  It could be lots of fun. 

I would have a poweraid fountain, and lots of luna bars and pria bars and fresh fruits. 

And those big fans.  And shoes would be prohibited, along with cell phones. 

We would do handstands and backflips to our heart’s content. 

It would go something like this –


Tramp Tramp3

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As I have said before, I love reading other blogs.  So here are some of the things I have run across today that I like.  Rufus has alerted us all to the fact that it is okay to beat up your girlfriend in Ohio via a post by This is not Over .

  Mr. Andvodka would like it if we could all stop being mean to Ashlee Simpson (but if you get a chance, bid on his attempt to sell his blog to the highest bidder).

Mr. Poon went ahead and ruined all of our future lives in one fatal swoop.  Thanks for dashing one of my few positive dreams about litigation.

Also in sad news – The Hot Librarian has been discovered by a vicious ex who has threatened to expose her.  I am offended by this because it seems to be a manipulative and abusive use of his  previous position in her life.  Sometimes I hate boys.  Oh, the dark and evil side of the world wide web.

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tired and sore

I ran the past two days. I forgot how law school makes me run like someone is chasing me. I don’t understand how I am already stressed. This is only the third day of school. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM!

I’m not sleeping well, and I’m a little on edge. I need to get a grip on my life. Oh, and I REALLY need to clean up my room and unpack. It looks like a bomb full of clothes, pillows, books, and highlighters exploded.

I can’t wait to go out tonight.   I love beer.

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