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It really satisfies….

In the library/stressful world I live in, I need to give thanks to a friend. Snickers candy bars bring me great comfort and strength. I have a weird schedule these days, and I end up either having to eat lunch before 12, or after 1:30, and in either case I end up listless at some point during the day. I would say hungry, but I am ADHD, and the adderrol I take keeps me from being what most people would call “hungry.” But when I don’t eat enough, I get tired and worn out and down. And this is not good. But Snickers always comes through for me. I mean, it is one of the best tasting things in the universe, so even if you are too tired to eat most things, you can still muster up the energy to eat a snickers. And Snickers worth extends far beyond the library. For instance, say you are hiking, and have been hiking all day. The one thing you do know is that you can’t go any farther. The convo goes something like this:
(Far above the tree line)
You: “I quit.” (lie down, stop moving).
Friends: “You can’t quit, you don’t have a choice, you can’t stay here, it is dangerous. Get up.”
You: “No thanks, I’ll just die here.”
Friends: “Here, eat this snickers and you will feel much better.”
You: “You have a snickers bar?” (sit up, anticipating chocolate, but not expecting to like it much, you feel sick, but after the first few bites you realize that this is the best snickers bar you have ever tasted, and new found energy is discovered in the caramel, peanut, chocolate wonderfulness of the candy bar).
And as it turns out, you do feel much better. I mean, I will never believe that any sort of energy bar can produce such results. Believe in the power of the snickers. It is a classic.

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