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one more thing….

Although the last post concentrated on a small group of my law school family, I do want everyone to know that I really love all of my other friends in law school as well. Like I said last night, law school is really hard, and it is very bad on your self esteem. I learned two things last year, rejection and patience. But I was very happy last year. The one true thing I can say is that I prefer to be at the bottom of my class and have friends that I care about and who like me, than to be at the top of my class and be lonely. I will always drop studying to talk to a friend about something important because I care more about my friends than I do about school. Now, if this is truly the case, it is logically that I should be better at being a friend than I am at law school. And since it won’t take me being a very good friend to have me be better at friendship than law school, then my allocation of resources is working. I do enjoy the people in law school and I am looking forward to this year.

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Okay, sorry for my last post, I am feeling much better today. I woke up this morning and hit the snooze button a bunch of times and really tried my hardest to be late to class, but wasn’t. I went to my first class unprepared and paid attention the whole time for the most part and actually learned some stuff in trust and estates. I think I am going to enjoy the class a great deal, I really like the material. Then, instead of reading for the class I am in right now, Environmental law, I went with Cristina and Allison and got a pedicure. This was very important because it gave me the chance to catch up with two of my law school bitches. I refer to them as such in a very endearing way, my bitches consist of the section Z girls that I spent a great deal of time with last year and love very deeply. They are Cristina, Elizabeth, Cybil, Allison, and Christy. I need these girls and we talk about things and discuss life and all have something to add. I think this group of girls could take over the world, I am very proud to be their friend, and they are all jewels to be won (as betsy says). Cybil is from Virginia (DC), and she is the out of state piece to the group, Allison and Cristina are our ATL girls, and Cybil, Allison, and Cristina make up our big city element. Allison is our Georgia girl who went to school in Chicago and has now returned to the great state, Cristina’s mom is from Spain, and she adds a little international spice to things, Cybil went to boarding school, which is very interesting, Christy, Cristina, Elizabeth and I all went to UGA, Cristina and I are the greek aspect, and Christy and Elizabeth balance us out. Christy is Wells TA, so she is a prized possession of the group, because being a TA means that she made the highest grade on out Torts exam last year, which is huge. Allison is on law review and mock trial, so she adds a lot to our collective resume and one day I am going to go out to lunch with her and we can talk about how our lunch was worth $750 because Allison’s time will be worth that much. Cristina is fluent is spanish, which is very important to our resume in the ever global world we live in. Elizabeth and Christy are two of the most impressive slackers I have ever met, because they are both able to get very, very quality work done in the last minute. I really hate to even call them slackers, because they are both so intelligent it isn’t that they are slacking, they just know their own abilities and don’t waste their time in advance when they know they can get it done in the crunch. I think this isa very important skill and I am trying to learn from them. In addition to these credentials, all of these girls have spectacular social skills and I know that I could take any of them any where. You know how you have those friends that you really enjoy and are always happy to see, but you would never take to party where this particular friend didn’t know anyone and you did? None of these girls fall into this category. They are more in the group of friends that you would take to a reunion of your friends from your study abroad. And let me tell you, law school isn’t full of people with A+ social skills, so I really got lucky. The bottom line here, is that these are my friends and I am proud of them all. And now my toes look really pretty as well (red of course).

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