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Big Times

I got locked out of my house last night due to some miscommunication while I was walking Briscoe.  I walked the half mile to my parents house in my flannel pajamas and barefoot dreams robe.  At 10:30 at night.  Sweet.  Trav and Kate were like, WTF?

I’ve sneezed at least 9 times today.  Big sneezes.  I don’t feel bad.  Call me sneezy. 

I’m watching the fourth and final dvd of the second season of The Office.  Netflix sent it to me today.  Awesome.  I love The Office because no one on the show has any concern with the future.  It is great.  Very little ambition around that place. 

It is such a pretty day today.  Too bad it is going to be rainy tomorrow!  I should enjoy it while it lasts and go run outside.  But is cold!  I’m not sure I can take it, what with the sneezing and everything.  Maybe I should just rest and watch the office. 

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