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Old Friends and New Snow

Yesterday morning I was knee deep in snow, with a big sweeper broom trying to get all the snow off our sweet rental car before we could scrap the windshield.  Let’s just say I don’t have a lot of experience with digging a car out of a foot of snow.  Libby and I were in Steamboat Colorado playing in the Champagne powder!

Today during lunch I changed out of my suit and put on a tshirt and shorts and took a nap in my parents front porch swing.  And I got so hot I woke up.  The wood bees were bzzzzzzzing around creating little shadows and the fragrance of rosemary and tea olive wafted around in the warm breeze.  And it was very hard to remember this – 671709146206_0_bg

or this – 761709146206_0_bg

or this – 895098146206_0_bg

But I want to remember because we had such an amazing time.  Our colorado friends looked after us so well and it dumped snow the whole time we were there.  Friday night it snowed 13 inches, another 6 inches on saturday, 6 inches saturday night, I have no idea how much on sunday but it dumped all day, and a foot sunday night.  Libby and I almost died driving back to denver.  It just wouldn’t stop snowing!  I’m so sore.  I slipped on some ice a few times over the course of the weekend and I was in a mild altercation with an aspen tree.  I told the aspen tree I’d be back with a chain saw if it ever jumped out in front of me like that again.    And then I gave it’s friend a hug to let it know I was in a forgiving mood (since they are all connected, I figured the one I assaulted with death threats would know I had moved on) –

491709146206_0_alb Libby gave out some aspen love too –


474168146206_0_alb I look good in blue.  Libby looks good in raspberry. 


Colorado, we love you, and all your mountains and snow.  And the warm hot springs, naked people and all.  But we especially love the people and beer.  It was snowing outside, but it was pitchers of sunshine inside the bar. 

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The Beginning

I started my first blog three years ago today.  Sort of.  It was actually February 24, but it was a tuesday and today is a tuesday, so I’m going to pretend like it was today – since I won’t be around on February 24 to tell you about it.  I originally wrote on livejournal, here is my very first post.  The day I started my blog was the day after I turned in my 1L brief.  That seems like ages ago, while at the same time I remember the entire day very vividly. 

I liked live journal,  but about six months after I started the blog I moved to blogspot and about a year after that I moved to my current location on typepad.  Oh yeah – and I used to be pretty against line breaks, so my livejournal stuff is a little difficult to read. 

But it is interesting.  I think I was a little less concerned with the audience at that point.  And I definitely rambled a lot.  I might have been a little more honest and stripped in my writing.  Not that I’m not honest now, but I’m a little more censured.  It is interesting. 

In honor of this anniversary I want to thank you all from the  bottom of my heart for reading this blog, it means more to me than I think I even realize.  I appreciate the comments and the silence.  Y’all are great.  Love ya. 

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This weekend we went to Catie’s farm in the Burke county.  It was a fabulous weekend of sunshine, freezing temperatures, happy dogs, good friends, loud guns, big trucks, cold beer, bourbon, grits, card games, old friends, new friends, McKinny’s pond, Coleman’s lake, 17 year olds drinking beer at the bar, Mennonite baked goods,  sleeping bags, gloves, skeet, turkey shots, and large spot lights that plug into cigarette lighters.  Oh, and Joe Diffy and Tracy Lawrence. 

In other words, it was awesome.  Briscoe got to run around and play with the big dogs.  There were two bird dogs and two labs that ran her into the ground.  I swear when she woke up this morning she moved around like she was very sore and stiff.  Which was hilarious.  She probably should have stretched after playing so hard. 

Things I brought home with me from the Burke:

1.  A pair of chocolate brown carhart overalls that I bought at the hardware store in Waynesboro. I’m really excited about them. 

2.  The most dirty and tired dog you have ever seen.  She could barely stand up for me to give her a bath when we finally got home yesterday.  She kept getting briars caught in her fur when she would try to follow the big dogs down to the creek.  She likes the water. 

3.  A lot of bruises.  One on my shoulder from shooting guns, a large on on my leg from where Gunner jumped on me (he weighs a lot more than he looks), one from where Will thought it was great idea to tackle me on greeting (inside the house, we both fell to the ground hard, and I don’t think he was even drunk yet), and numerous other bruises from being clumsy and accident prone.  I’m falling apart.  Essentially, they are pleasant reminders of what a great weekend I had. 

4.  A koozie with two big holes in it and lots of little holes.  Apparently, shooting beer cans with a shotgun is really fun sport for boys.  Especially if the beer can has a koozie on it.  And the koozie belongs to me.  I think it adds character to the koozie.  it is now an important possession.  Oh, and I also picked up a Swainsboro racetrack koozie at coleman’s lake.  I hope whoever set that beer down didn’t want the koozie anymore.  I think I’ll wash it before I use it. 

5.  A renewed appreciation of how beautiful the world is and how amazing God is for giving us such spectacular things like the sun and the stars and the tall tall pine trees and the mockingbirds, and the bright cheerful rye grass, and dappled bird dogs and spanish moss and gnarled oak trees and spring lakes, and lifetime friends who love me.  I am blessed beyond belief in all aspects of my life.  I know that life has hard times, so I think it is so very important to live up the happy moments and enjoy the enjoyment. 

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My office is in a suite that has three offices and a secretary right inside the door of the suite.  Our circuit is three counties – Richmond, Columbia and Burke, and at any point in time – any of us could be in any of the three counties, even though we only have an office in one county.  Richmond is the main county.  But essentially this means that we rarely know why someone isn’t around that day.  I barely know my own schedule, much less someone else’s.  Oh, and our office is on a totally different floor than everyone else, so people are always wandering up and down the elevators. 

So a man came in this morning.  The secretary – we will call her K, was not sitting at her desk.  He hollared down the hallway – "ANYONE HERE?

Me:  "Yes?"

Him:  "Is K here today?"

Me:  "I’m not sure."

Him:  "Does she normally come in on fridays?"

Me:  "I think so."

Him:  "But you don’t know if she is coming in today."

Me:  "Well, I don’t know if she is here or not."

Him:  "Where do you think she might be?"

Me:  "Um…I have no idea."

Him:  (obviously frustrated)  "Well, what is the phone number to her desk so I can call her."

Me:  "Honestly I don’t know.  I normally just talk and she hears me."

Heather: (from the office down the hall):  "I know the phone number!"

Me: "Oh wait!  Me too!  It is right her written on my phone."

Him:  "Thanks."

Me:  "Your welcome.  Have a nice day."

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Briscoe! Dogs are gross

This is a great video of Briscoe chewing up my socks right after I got back from running.  You can also hear me talking to her if you listen.  I sound weird in my opinion. 

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Wedding Registries

A lot of my friends have been getting engaged recently.  And I am very happy for them.  This is the first huge wave of weddings I’ve experienced.  I’ve had friends get married – but mostly friends from home, or from college, that I’m not in constant contact with.  This is the first wave of good friends to get married.  I don’t do that well with change, so it takes me a little while to actually accept the fact that my friend is getting married after she gets engaged.  Or he for that matter.  It has nothing to do with my excitement – it has to do with my brain having a hard time catching up with the events of the real world.  Like I have a hard time putting it all together.  Like this –

1.  Jennifer is marrying Matt. 

2. Matt lives and works in Columbia. 

therefore –

Jennifer is moving to Columbia.  To live with Matt.  Her husband. 

It takes me a little while to wrap my head around what all this engagement stuff means.  But one thing that jolts me into having to accept some of these obviously consequences of engagements and marriage is looking at people’s wedding registry.  For some reason they freak me out.  I think part of it is that it makes me feel grown up and old.  My relatives made me pick out a silver pattern years ago because they didn’t know what to give me for christmas.  But all my random pieces of silver are all mixed up my mom’s and my grandmother’s silver because I picked out the same pattern. 

And there just seems to be a lot of china and stuff floating around that never gets used.  I’m sure I can come up with a set from somewhere in my parents house – or maybe my husband’s family will have an extra set.  China scares me and I would worry about breaking it, so I think I would be happy with an old set.  Especially since you don’t use it that often.  Since you can’t put it in the dishwasher.  How sad would I be if I broke a piece of my wedding china?  I guess not as sad as I would be if I broke a piece of my grandmother’s wedding china. 

So I think I’d like to register somewhere like REI.  I already have a coffee maker.  I could use a kayak.  Or something else I could tie to the top of my car.  Then someone could buy me a rack for my car as well, and I’d look cool.  If I have a party we can eat off of paper plates and I won’t have any dishes to wash. 

p.s. I’m obviously being ridiculous, and I’m sure when and if I ever do get engaged I’ll be salivating over new china and crystal.  This is mostly me just being silly.  But I’m serious about wanting a marching band at my wedding. 

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Positive Affirmation

I haven’t forgotten about you – I’m sorry. 

The deputy that guards the employee entrance to the courthouse tells me I’m pretty on a regular basis – in a fatherly, appropriate, sincere way.  Today, he interrupted the man that was talking to him and said – "Look here – isn’t she pretty?"  And the man agreed.  I made my day. 

And you know what?  Even if I don’t feel pretty when I get dressed in the morning – because I don’t like my hair or my outfit, or whatever trivial thing I’m obsessing over that day ( my nailbeds suck!) – I feel pretty after he tells me so.  And I walk into work feeling pretty and appreciated.  It is awesome.   

I don’t say this to broadcast that someone thinks I’m pretty, I tell you this because I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it is easy to discard the compliments that people give you and dwell on the rejections and disappointments in life.

Also, you never know whether or not your kind words might make all the difference in someone’s day.  I know y’all all think I’m a crazy advocate for being nice to everyone and being delusional about people’s motives, but I just can’t help it. 

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