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The Beginning

I started my first blog three years ago today.  Sort of.  It was actually February 24, but it was a tuesday and today is a tuesday, so I’m going to pretend like it was today – since I won’t be around on February 24 to tell you about it.  I originally wrote on livejournal, here is my very first post.  The day I started my blog was the day after I turned in my 1L brief.  That seems like ages ago, while at the same time I remember the entire day very vividly. 

I liked live journal,  but about six months after I started the blog I moved to blogspot and about a year after that I moved to my current location on typepad.  Oh yeah – and I used to be pretty against line breaks, so my livejournal stuff is a little difficult to read. 

But it is interesting.  I think I was a little less concerned with the audience at that point.  And I definitely rambled a lot.  I might have been a little more honest and stripped in my writing.  Not that I’m not honest now, but I’m a little more censured.  It is interesting. 

In honor of this anniversary I want to thank you all from the  bottom of my heart for reading this blog, it means more to me than I think I even realize.  I appreciate the comments and the silence.  Y’all are great.  Love ya. 

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