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This weekend we went to Catie’s farm in the Burke county.  It was a fabulous weekend of sunshine, freezing temperatures, happy dogs, good friends, loud guns, big trucks, cold beer, bourbon, grits, card games, old friends, new friends, McKinny’s pond, Coleman’s lake, 17 year olds drinking beer at the bar, Mennonite baked goods,  sleeping bags, gloves, skeet, turkey shots, and large spot lights that plug into cigarette lighters.  Oh, and Joe Diffy and Tracy Lawrence. 

In other words, it was awesome.  Briscoe got to run around and play with the big dogs.  There were two bird dogs and two labs that ran her into the ground.  I swear when she woke up this morning she moved around like she was very sore and stiff.  Which was hilarious.  She probably should have stretched after playing so hard. 

Things I brought home with me from the Burke:

1.  A pair of chocolate brown carhart overalls that I bought at the hardware store in Waynesboro. I’m really excited about them. 

2.  The most dirty and tired dog you have ever seen.  She could barely stand up for me to give her a bath when we finally got home yesterday.  She kept getting briars caught in her fur when she would try to follow the big dogs down to the creek.  She likes the water. 

3.  A lot of bruises.  One on my shoulder from shooting guns, a large on on my leg from where Gunner jumped on me (he weighs a lot more than he looks), one from where Will thought it was great idea to tackle me on greeting (inside the house, we both fell to the ground hard, and I don’t think he was even drunk yet), and numerous other bruises from being clumsy and accident prone.  I’m falling apart.  Essentially, they are pleasant reminders of what a great weekend I had. 

4.  A koozie with two big holes in it and lots of little holes.  Apparently, shooting beer cans with a shotgun is really fun sport for boys.  Especially if the beer can has a koozie on it.  And the koozie belongs to me.  I think it adds character to the koozie.  it is now an important possession.  Oh, and I also picked up a Swainsboro racetrack koozie at coleman’s lake.  I hope whoever set that beer down didn’t want the koozie anymore.  I think I’ll wash it before I use it. 

5.  A renewed appreciation of how beautiful the world is and how amazing God is for giving us such spectacular things like the sun and the stars and the tall tall pine trees and the mockingbirds, and the bright cheerful rye grass, and dappled bird dogs and spanish moss and gnarled oak trees and spring lakes, and lifetime friends who love me.  I am blessed beyond belief in all aspects of my life.  I know that life has hard times, so I think it is so very important to live up the happy moments and enjoy the enjoyment. 

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