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Positive Affirmation

I haven’t forgotten about you – I’m sorry. 

The deputy that guards the employee entrance to the courthouse tells me I’m pretty on a regular basis – in a fatherly, appropriate, sincere way.  Today, he interrupted the man that was talking to him and said – "Look here – isn’t she pretty?"  And the man agreed.  I made my day. 

And you know what?  Even if I don’t feel pretty when I get dressed in the morning – because I don’t like my hair or my outfit, or whatever trivial thing I’m obsessing over that day ( my nailbeds suck!) – I feel pretty after he tells me so.  And I walk into work feeling pretty and appreciated.  It is awesome.   

I don’t say this to broadcast that someone thinks I’m pretty, I tell you this because I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it is easy to discard the compliments that people give you and dwell on the rejections and disappointments in life.

Also, you never know whether or not your kind words might make all the difference in someone’s day.  I know y’all all think I’m a crazy advocate for being nice to everyone and being delusional about people’s motives, but I just can’t help it. 

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