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Hair Spray and deniem

My cute friends Rachel and Will are getting married this weekend!  YAY!  I’m about to go to Rachel’s bridesmaid luncheon cause I’m a reader in the wedding.  I’m excited. 

The rehearsal dinner tonight is a catfish and quail bake, and the dress code is – suits forbidden, jeans preferred, waders optional.  AND the setting for rehearsal dinner is the Casino, which is where we had dances in high school.  Shoot, it is were my parents went to dances in high school.  Love it.  Perfect setting, perfect theme, perfect people.  I’m hungry just thinking about it. 

I asked rachel if I could wear my carhart overalls.  She said for me to not get to carried away, but that she would insulted if I didn’t wear my cowboy boots and hat.  Sweet. 

In other news:

Have any of y’all ever cut yourself with an emery board while filing your nails?  No?  I guess it takes a special kind of stupid.  For the record, it hurts. 

Have you ever noticed that the song – I Wanna Dance with Somebody – makes you want to dance?  My ipod was on shuffle this morning and that song came on, and I just couldn’t help it.  I wanted to dance. 

Briscoe has started to dig.  This is unacceptable. We are working to stop this destructive behavior. 

I wish the weather would just go ahead and rain, and then clear up and be pretty.  I’m over this cloudy stuff. 

I really like the dress I’m wearing in the wedding tomorrow.  No, I LOVE IT. 

I hope everyone has as great of a weekend planned as I do.  And I hope I stop sneezing soon.  Love y’all. 

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If you don’t live in a pollen infested place, you can’t possibly understand the wreck that pollen invokes.  It is disgusting.  Molly sent me an email the other day that while she was sitting outside at panera in the ATL stealing wireless internet she kept having to wipe her screen clean because the yellow build up happened almost immediately.  At the lake a couple of weeks ago I watched my uncle’s eye glasses slowly turn yellow until he had to take them off and clean them in order to see.  My parent’s front porch, which is normally black, is now a pale buttercup. 

Everyone’s car has a yellow film over it.  If you pour water out onto the ground you get a yellow puddle.  Or, actually I guess you get a puddle of water with a yellow film over it. 

APPARENTLY, I’ve been told that this yucky yellow coating pollen is not the pollen that gives you allergies.  It has been explained to me that if the pollen is big enough for you to see it, it is too big for you to breathe in.  I’m not sure if I believe this, but this is what I have been told.  Question everything. 

All I do know is that some sort of pollen, whether it is this big yellow stuff or some unseen pollen floating around, has been making me feel poorly.  Sore throat, always thirsty congested in neck sort of poorly.  I’m hoping this goes away soon. 

We need a good rain to wash all this yellowness away.  But it needs to rain before monday, then be beautiful and sunny for the rest of the week. 

Whose excited about the Masters?  I AM!

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Blue Stars

A lot of the sidewalks in my neighborhood are not concrete, but are dirt or grass.  The sidewalk outside my parent’s house is reddish sand, that is deep at points, deep enough that my little hybrid bike tires get bogged down.  Todd says I shouldn’t ever ride my bike on the sidewalks anyway, because that is the best way in the world to get hit by a car coming out of a driveway.  He is probably right, since I think he has been hit by a few cars. 

I love the red sand sidewalk, with the big roots of the huge trees that line the street.  Down the road a little bit and across the street there is a strip of sidewalk that is no longer sandy, but grassy.  Grassy with the same sort of big roots, and shady from the trees overhead.  And it is long grass.  Long grass that when trampled smells of rain and dirt and springtime in the backyards of my childhood. 

The best part about this little strip of shady, grassy sidewalk, other than the fact that it always seems to be damp and cooler than everywhere else, is that little blue flowers grow there in the spring time.  Pretty little pale blue stars.  These little flowers have hollow stalks, and don’t take very kindly to being picked.  These flowers also grow in other scattered spots around the neighborhood, but nowhere in the abundance of this strip of sidewalk.  When they are in full bloom there are always mothers taking pictures of their children. 

This year there seemed to be two bouts of the flowers, a first growth of the pale pale blue variety, and about two weeks later after a big rain another growth of the same flowers in a deeper blue color.  Like when the new green grass grows up through the old grass. 

Two things about these pretty little flowers. 

1.  I found one growing in my back yard yesterday.  Actually, there were a couple of them, but they weren’t growing in a patch, they were solitary little souls growing all alone.  Of the pale color. 

2.  SOMEONE thought it was a good idea to mow the path through the pretty little star flowers the other day.  WTF?  I mean, really.  They last a month, tops.  There is no need to mow them up.  Everyone can stomp on through them.  It made me sad.   There was a border of crushed blue flowers that didn’t get mowed up, but did get smashed in the grass along the path.  WHO DOES STUFF LIKE THAT?  Probably the same people who cut down all the trees on a lot before they build a house.  Idiots. 

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Hidden Valley Ranch is having a contest to see which basketball coaches WIFE has the best dip.  Melanie Felton is in the championship (georgia’s basketball coach Dennis Felton’s wife).  Go vote for her here!

Compliments of the Lovely Jill Bateman. 

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Briscoe says hey.


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I like to buy full albums.  Even though I know I can just buy the single, I want the whole album.  I’m here today to influence your musical selection. 

Pink I’m really jazzed about the new P!nk cd – I’m Not Dead.  It actually came out a while ago.  I’m slow. 

It is awesome.  Go buy it.  It isn’t what you would expect.  I was surprised. 

Patty I’m less jazzed (how do you feel about the word jazzed?) I’m less jazzed about the new Patty Griffin cd.  I’m hoping it starts to grow on me. 

Akon I love Akon.  For the record.  Akon and Eminem.  But the clean versions, not the explicit versions.  I can handle explicit Pink,  But not explicit Akon.  I do have some class.  Konvict + Up Front + Akon + Slim Shady= happiness. 

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Islands and Interstates

I’m going to Valdosta today.  To the lake.  I’ll let y’all know if the islands are still there.  I’m hoping to get to stand on one tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll even take a picture.  If I’m feeling crazy. 

Hopefully I’ll be back in augusta by tomorrow night.  Happy St. Patricks Day! Fun holiday, even if green really is most definitely, NOT my color. 

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Happy Ides of March everyone!  Watch out for knife welding, backstabbing mobs of your friends and coworkers!

I really miss that hour of sleep I lost last weekend.  I’ve been looking for it all over my house, but soon I am going to have to face the facts and accept that it is lost and gone forever.  Now, in all truthfulness I get really excited when the time changes in the spring and I get depressed when it changes back in the fall.  I love the long days of sunshine.  But right now I’m sleepy.  Sleeping late is like a drug.  The lingering memory of sleeping late last weekend and how awesome it was is preventing me from being a fully functional human being.  For instance, my hair could stand to be washed. 

In other news, Camellias are beautiful flowers, but aren’t very good to cut and put in a vase.  Leave them on the bush, they look prettier there and when they turn black and fall off you don’t have to look at them anymore.  Gerber daisies are much better in a vase.  They last forever.  If anyone ever gives me flowers I would like them to be Gerber daisies.  Because they last a long time, and they aren’t real expensive, so when you do finally have to throw them away you don’t feel guilty.  They make me happy.  Friendly, cheery, colorful, non-snobby flowers.   Cut roses sort of depress me.  Except for the little sweetheart roses.  I like those.  The pink ones. 

Have I ever told y’all how much I like the way tea olives smell?  I’m sure I have.  And rosemary.  My parents have two big ole rosemary bushes outside their front steps and sometimes I run over part of it.  Then the tires on my car smell really great. 

Stephen and I ran at the canal the other day and there were fountains and fountains of Carolina Jasmine.  It was great.  I could see south Carolina from where I was standing, and enjoying their pretty flower.   It almost made the fact that I’m still not in very good shape and thought I might die bearable. 

Briscoe is really cute.  When you go to pick her up these days – she jumps up to help you.  And she makes this little umph woof noise when she does it.  Like – woumph. 

How come I always want to call people between 12-1?  I think most people are probably at lunch then.  But that is when I would like to make most of my work related phone calls.   Sigh. 

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I haven’t seen Al Gore’s movie on global warming.  But I’ve heard a lot about it, you know, when I haven’t been researching basketball ranking for my bracket.  And a few of my favorite bloggers are talking about it.  Kat, Pete, and Scoplaw all posted about it recently, and apparently there is a new york time’s article that came out today as well.  And then there are a lot of other blog posts from blogs I’m less familiar with. 

So I’ll tell you what I do know.  I know that places like LA, and Atlanta and big metropolis areas with tons of cars are bad.  Bad for everyone.  Smog is something I’ve experienced first hand and it is disgusting.  I don’t have a source to back this up, but a friend told me there are national parks in California where you can’t hike certain days of the summer because the smog from LA has floated over and made the air a hazard.  Which makes me very, very sad.  But I also know that car pollution in rural areas where there are lots of trees and things to offset the bad emissions aren’t a huge concern.  That is why you have emission standards in big cities and not everywhere.  Atlanta has emission standards for cars, Augusta and Athens don’t.  Augusta doesn’t really need to.  Not that it might not be helpful in a nominal way, but the damage doesn’t justify the cost as it does in a big city. 

Okay – pollution is bad.  This is a premise I feel good standing behind.  And pollution, like most everything else in the world, is worse depending on the context.

But when it comes down to how exactly pollution affects our atmosphere as an entire planet, I’m a little less clear on things.  Because, well, to me, there see to be too many external factors and too little data to come to a clear conclusion.  The earth has been around for a long time.  We have been around for a much shorter time.  We have been been keeping records for an even shorter period of time.  We have been concerned about global warming for a very, very, very brief point in history.  Not that this is a good reason to discount global warming.  Because, who knows, those people could be 100% right.  Just because I can’t prove something doesn’t mean I can disprove it either. 

Volcanoes give me great pause in all of this.  I watched a national geographic channel special on volcanoes.  Volcanoes screw up all kinds of things.  Volcanic eruptions can throw off the global temperature significantly.  The earth eventually recovers, after a bunch of people starve, according to national geographic.  People die, but the earth recovers. 

I took both of the environmental law classes that Georgia had to offer in law school, I took the environmental practicum that taught me a TON about local pollution and cross referenced forestry and ecology, and education and law and landscape architecture, and a few other disciplines.  I try to read stuff and keep up.  I’ve been to dissertations of friends in forestry studying bugs in the woods.  I would say I’m better informed than the average citizen, that I’ve at least been exposed to a lot of different theories and angles and ideas about the environment and what we are doing to it.  But I certainly don’t possess any degrees in earth science, or any science at all.  And sometimes I think maybe this is all over my head.  And sometimes I think I’m being lazy and should THINK HARDER, then maybe it will all be clear to me.  And then my brain starts to explode.  When I do start shifting to one camp or the other, I start to feel like I’m drinking cool aid. 

I don’t know.  Honestly.  I just don’t know.  What do you think? 

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Golf Traffic

Jennifer called me this morning to tell me that when she crossed over the river on her way to work she saw the first golf traffic sign of the year.  I’m really excited.  It will be here before we know it!  This is the only picture I could find online of the golf traffic signs. 


This is the first year since 1999 that I’ve lived here – and it is pretty fun this time of year.  The DJ on the radio last week was talking about how the national better get out the ice bags because the warm weather appears to be here to stay.  Everyone is watching the flowers – they are already so pretty.  I love watching the flowers, worrying about when they are going to peak, and hoping that they all wait as long as possible to bloom so all the tourists can see how pretty our little city is.  Right now it is very, very pretty. 

As a matter of fact – yesterday was about as near as perfect as a day can get.  I slept late, played with my little dog who is getting big, laid out in the sunshine with a bestest friend, read a good book, layed in the grass with my parents dogs, watched Briscoe play in the sprinklers, went on a bike ride with my dad down the canal, went to church, and then finished the day off with an excellent pizza at the pizza joint and a couple of beers with Elizabeth while we sat outside and enjoyed the absolutely perfect temperature of the night and people watched.  Then I feel asleep easily and dreamed weird dreams – as usual. 

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