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If you don’t live in a pollen infested place, you can’t possibly understand the wreck that pollen invokes.  It is disgusting.  Molly sent me an email the other day that while she was sitting outside at panera in the ATL stealing wireless internet she kept having to wipe her screen clean because the yellow build up happened almost immediately.  At the lake a couple of weeks ago I watched my uncle’s eye glasses slowly turn yellow until he had to take them off and clean them in order to see.  My parent’s front porch, which is normally black, is now a pale buttercup. 

Everyone’s car has a yellow film over it.  If you pour water out onto the ground you get a yellow puddle.  Or, actually I guess you get a puddle of water with a yellow film over it. 

APPARENTLY, I’ve been told that this yucky yellow coating pollen is not the pollen that gives you allergies.  It has been explained to me that if the pollen is big enough for you to see it, it is too big for you to breathe in.  I’m not sure if I believe this, but this is what I have been told.  Question everything. 

All I do know is that some sort of pollen, whether it is this big yellow stuff or some unseen pollen floating around, has been making me feel poorly.  Sore throat, always thirsty congested in neck sort of poorly.  I’m hoping this goes away soon. 

We need a good rain to wash all this yellowness away.  But it needs to rain before monday, then be beautiful and sunny for the rest of the week. 

Whose excited about the Masters?  I AM!

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