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Hair Spray and deniem

My cute friends Rachel and Will are getting married this weekend!  YAY!  I’m about to go to Rachel’s bridesmaid luncheon cause I’m a reader in the wedding.  I’m excited. 

The rehearsal dinner tonight is a catfish and quail bake, and the dress code is – suits forbidden, jeans preferred, waders optional.  AND the setting for rehearsal dinner is the Casino, which is where we had dances in high school.  Shoot, it is were my parents went to dances in high school.  Love it.  Perfect setting, perfect theme, perfect people.  I’m hungry just thinking about it. 

I asked rachel if I could wear my carhart overalls.  She said for me to not get to carried away, but that she would insulted if I didn’t wear my cowboy boots and hat.  Sweet. 

In other news:

Have any of y’all ever cut yourself with an emery board while filing your nails?  No?  I guess it takes a special kind of stupid.  For the record, it hurts. 

Have you ever noticed that the song – I Wanna Dance with Somebody – makes you want to dance?  My ipod was on shuffle this morning and that song came on, and I just couldn’t help it.  I wanted to dance. 

Briscoe has started to dig.  This is unacceptable. We are working to stop this destructive behavior. 

I wish the weather would just go ahead and rain, and then clear up and be pretty.  I’m over this cloudy stuff. 

I really like the dress I’m wearing in the wedding tomorrow.  No, I LOVE IT. 

I hope everyone has as great of a weekend planned as I do.  And I hope I stop sneezing soon.  Love y’all. 

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