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I like to buy full albums.  Even though I know I can just buy the single, I want the whole album.  I’m here today to influence your musical selection. 

Pink I’m really jazzed about the new P!nk cd – I’m Not Dead.  It actually came out a while ago.  I’m slow. 

It is awesome.  Go buy it.  It isn’t what you would expect.  I was surprised. 

Patty I’m less jazzed (how do you feel about the word jazzed?) I’m less jazzed about the new Patty Griffin cd.  I’m hoping it starts to grow on me. 

Akon I love Akon.  For the record.  Akon and Eminem.  But the clean versions, not the explicit versions.  I can handle explicit Pink,  But not explicit Akon.  I do have some class.  Konvict + Up Front + Akon + Slim Shady= happiness. 

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Islands and Interstates

I’m going to Valdosta today.  To the lake.  I’ll let y’all know if the islands are still there.  I’m hoping to get to stand on one tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll even take a picture.  If I’m feeling crazy. 

Hopefully I’ll be back in augusta by tomorrow night.  Happy St. Patricks Day! Fun holiday, even if green really is most definitely, NOT my color. 

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