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Golf Traffic

Jennifer called me this morning to tell me that when she crossed over the river on her way to work she saw the first golf traffic sign of the year.  I’m really excited.  It will be here before we know it!  This is the only picture I could find online of the golf traffic signs. 


This is the first year since 1999 that I’ve lived here – and it is pretty fun this time of year.  The DJ on the radio last week was talking about how the national better get out the ice bags because the warm weather appears to be here to stay.  Everyone is watching the flowers – they are already so pretty.  I love watching the flowers, worrying about when they are going to peak, and hoping that they all wait as long as possible to bloom so all the tourists can see how pretty our little city is.  Right now it is very, very pretty. 

As a matter of fact – yesterday was about as near as perfect as a day can get.  I slept late, played with my little dog who is getting big, laid out in the sunshine with a bestest friend, read a good book, layed in the grass with my parents dogs, watched Briscoe play in the sprinklers, went on a bike ride with my dad down the canal, went to church, and then finished the day off with an excellent pizza at the pizza joint and a couple of beers with Elizabeth while we sat outside and enjoyed the absolutely perfect temperature of the night and people watched.  Then I feel asleep easily and dreamed weird dreams – as usual. 

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