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Happy Ides of March everyone!  Watch out for knife welding, backstabbing mobs of your friends and coworkers!

I really miss that hour of sleep I lost last weekend.  I’ve been looking for it all over my house, but soon I am going to have to face the facts and accept that it is lost and gone forever.  Now, in all truthfulness I get really excited when the time changes in the spring and I get depressed when it changes back in the fall.  I love the long days of sunshine.  But right now I’m sleepy.  Sleeping late is like a drug.  The lingering memory of sleeping late last weekend and how awesome it was is preventing me from being a fully functional human being.  For instance, my hair could stand to be washed. 

In other news, Camellias are beautiful flowers, but aren’t very good to cut and put in a vase.  Leave them on the bush, they look prettier there and when they turn black and fall off you don’t have to look at them anymore.  Gerber daisies are much better in a vase.  They last forever.  If anyone ever gives me flowers I would like them to be Gerber daisies.  Because they last a long time, and they aren’t real expensive, so when you do finally have to throw them away you don’t feel guilty.  They make me happy.  Friendly, cheery, colorful, non-snobby flowers.   Cut roses sort of depress me.  Except for the little sweetheart roses.  I like those.  The pink ones. 

Have I ever told y’all how much I like the way tea olives smell?  I’m sure I have.  And rosemary.  My parents have two big ole rosemary bushes outside their front steps and sometimes I run over part of it.  Then the tires on my car smell really great. 

Stephen and I ran at the canal the other day and there were fountains and fountains of Carolina Jasmine.  It was great.  I could see south Carolina from where I was standing, and enjoying their pretty flower.   It almost made the fact that I’m still not in very good shape and thought I might die bearable. 

Briscoe is really cute.  When you go to pick her up these days – she jumps up to help you.  And she makes this little umph woof noise when she does it.  Like – woumph. 

How come I always want to call people between 12-1?  I think most people are probably at lunch then.  But that is when I would like to make most of my work related phone calls.   Sigh. 

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