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Old Friends and New Snow

Yesterday morning I was knee deep in snow, with a big sweeper broom trying to get all the snow off our sweet rental car before we could scrap the windshield.  Let’s just say I don’t have a lot of experience with digging a car out of a foot of snow.  Libby and I were in Steamboat Colorado playing in the Champagne powder!

Today during lunch I changed out of my suit and put on a tshirt and shorts and took a nap in my parents front porch swing.  And I got so hot I woke up.  The wood bees were bzzzzzzzing around creating little shadows and the fragrance of rosemary and tea olive wafted around in the warm breeze.  And it was very hard to remember this – 671709146206_0_bg

or this – 761709146206_0_bg

or this – 895098146206_0_bg

But I want to remember because we had such an amazing time.  Our colorado friends looked after us so well and it dumped snow the whole time we were there.  Friday night it snowed 13 inches, another 6 inches on saturday, 6 inches saturday night, I have no idea how much on sunday but it dumped all day, and a foot sunday night.  Libby and I almost died driving back to denver.  It just wouldn’t stop snowing!  I’m so sore.  I slipped on some ice a few times over the course of the weekend and I was in a mild altercation with an aspen tree.  I told the aspen tree I’d be back with a chain saw if it ever jumped out in front of me like that again.    And then I gave it’s friend a hug to let it know I was in a forgiving mood (since they are all connected, I figured the one I assaulted with death threats would know I had moved on) –

491709146206_0_alb Libby gave out some aspen love too –


474168146206_0_alb I look good in blue.  Libby looks good in raspberry. 


Colorado, we love you, and all your mountains and snow.  And the warm hot springs, naked people and all.  But we especially love the people and beer.  It was snowing outside, but it was pitchers of sunshine inside the bar. 

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