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I like Christmas decorations.  I love the way a fresh cut Christmas tree smells, and I love twinkly lights on trees (especially the ones in downtown athens) and I love all things that sparkle. 

It makes me happy and gets me thinking about the weeks to come, and helps me to mentally prepare for everything that Christmas involves. 

I spent some time last week helping my mom get our tree decorated, mostly I laid on the floor with the dog and watched her decorate, but I was there for moral support. 

Britt and Ross got a tree for our little house this weekend, and it now has three ornaments on it, with dreams of much, much more. 

I bought some candy canes at the grocery store.  I love candy canes.  As a child I used to like to make spears by creating a point on the end on the candy cane.  A shiv if you will. 

Briscoe likes Christmas too.  I’m going to get her a santa hat.  Or maybe an elf hat.  I think she might like being an elf. 

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