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Mixing Things Up

I work in the Courthouse.  And the Marshals who guard the courthouse doors are my friends. 

They always notice if I change my appearance, like if I wear my glasses instead of my contacts, or if after wearing my glasses for a while I switch back to my contacts. 

They also notice if I wear my hair down instead of up.  I almost always wear it UP (this is a correction from earlier), and apparently I look quite different with it down (first year of law school I wore my hair down to a party at the end of first semester and bunch of people in my section wouldn’t talk to me because they didn’t recognize me.  My hair was really long at the time.)

Well, I’m cutting my hair short tomorrow.  And I’m thinking about getting lasiks.  What do y’all think?

I’m a little worried the marshals won’t know who I am. 

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