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It snowed here last night.  Weird huh?  Briscoe was pretty pumped about it.  We had some people over, and I made tortilla soup, and chocolate chip cookies, and we watched american idol and drank a few beers and it was a whole lot of fun.  We stood around in the kitchen and watched the snow fall on the deck and talked excitedly about whether or not we would have to go to work today.  We ducked outside to let the snow fall in our hair and laughed at the dogs slipping and sliding on the deck.  But, of course, the snow turned to rain before american idol was over, and we all knew it was just wishful thinking to believe we wouldn’t have to go to work.  But it was fun to think about. 

It is now 37 degrees, feels like 30, and cloudy, with showers predicted for the rest of the day.  High 42.  Pretty much miserable. 

But I have a bunch of soup left over, that should taste even better today, and no where that I have to be tonight, so I’m not going to complain.  I also have a warm little furry friend with which to snuggle. 

I think mini marshmellows make an excellent snack.  I like them when they are a little stale.  Low calorie, very sweet, fun to eat, great for people with oral fixations. 

I’m getting a lot better at drying my hair.  I have an awesome new hair dryer, which helps.  But I also think I’m not quite as paranoid.  And I’ve figured out what sort of stuff to put in it and how long I can go between washes with it still looking good.  I’m sorry if you think you should wash your hair everyday, I don’t agree with that, my hair likes not being washed every day. 

Guitar Hero is really, really fun.  And I am really, really, really bad at it.

I had an old man tell me over the phone the other day that he didn’t think any less of me because I was a woman.  Thanks. 

The Oregon Trail game on Facebook is pretty silly. 

American Gladiators is entertaining.  Deal or No Deal makes me nervous.  I had no idea that not a single person has won a million dollars yet.  American Idol is pretty fun, but makes me feel guilty for laughing at the pathetic people.  It is mean.  I don’t love reality tv and I’m sad that all the other tv is gone because of the writer’s strike.   

I drink too much caffeine. 

I had a crazy dream last night that I was in New Orleans again, with some of the same people and some different people.  It was very jumbled, but colorful and entertaining.  Briscoe was with me, and I also had recently adopted a bulldog puppy.  Gah, I can’t imagine what I would do with two dogs. 

My Uggs melted next to the fire the other night.  Very, Very sad.  Sniff.  I mean, I can still wear them, they are just a little warped.  Kate says they are ruined.  I told her to be quiet. 

Y’all be good, I’m going to try to work harder at updating more often. 


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