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We miss you

Briscoe is looking for you. 

She keeps asking me when you are coming to visit.

She is saving you a spot on the couch.  Just in case you want to watch a movie. 


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Good News

I don’t have mono. 

I’m not sure what I do have, but the mono test came back negative, even though my glands are still quite swollen. 

But I am feeling a little better every day, and I’m very relieved that it isn’t mono (even though it would  be nice to know what the real problem is/was).  All I know is I can’t remember the last time I was so sick. 


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The Practice

In my convalescence I’ve been watching television on Hulu.com (which, by the way is an awesome website). 

My new favorite old TV show is The Practice. 

I think Dylan McDermott is DREAMY.  I would work for his failing law practice defending criminals in Boston, being paid nothing and sharing an office with four other attorneys. 

Haha.  Maybe.    

No seriously. 

I would. 

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College Revisited

So, remember how I had a very college weekend?  Day drinking and close calls?

Well, I got my act together when the week started.  I ran three miles on Monday,  and actually got some stuff done at work on Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday morning I woke up with a swollen gland in my throat, which worried me.  My mom has had a terrible cold in the last month and I KNEW I was going to get it.  Since I have a plane flight to steamboat Friday morning I was concerned.  I came home from work yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon and got in bed.  I had a low grade fever but nothing too serious.  I was going to go to the doctor, but apparently there has been a bad flu outbreak here this week and I didn’t want to get exposed to anything else. 

I didn’t have a fever when I went to sleep last night, after watching the eclipse by myself since I didn’t want to make anyone else sick if I was in fact sick.  Which I was pretty sure I wasn’t.  Because, after all, I’m a hypochondriac.  I probably took my temperature fifty times yesterday just to make sure I didn’t have a fever.  If you have a fever you have proof you really are sick and aren’t making it up.  But regardless of how many times I checked it, I did not have a real fever. 

I woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible sore throat.  Damn that swollen gland I thought.  I took some Advil and tried to go back to sleep. 

At 6:30 am, I realized this wasn’t working for me.  I was in so much pain, I wanted to go to the hospital immediately.  Both of my parents were out of town for the night and I was at their house looking after the dogs.  Travers and Elizabeth left for a long weekend in Mexico this morning.  I didn’t think I could wait till the doctors office opened at 9.  I couldn’t swallow the saliva in my mouth my throat was so swollen.  I was in tears.  Which just made it worse. 

After some pathetic phone calls to my mom – she got in touch with one of her friend’s son – a guy I grew up with who is an ENT about five years older than me.  Only problem he was in the Evans office for the day 30 minutes away.  I got in the car and was one of the first people at the office.  I had never been to this office before, and the nice girl who checked me in – after I filled out the paper work – she said – now just look at this little camera and I’m going to take your picture for your file.  that was enough to send me over the edge. 

As I was sitting in the waiting room, every minute was an eternity.  Finally I had to tell myself to get it together and stop crying in front of a room full of strangers.  But I really didn’t have to wait that long considering. 

As I followed the nurse back to the room I passed my doctor friend.  He said – You don’t feel good, I can see it by just looking at you.  I almost started crying again. 

The first nurse asked me if it hurt on my tonsils or on the back of my throat, I told her it just hurt.  She wanted to know what side.  I said it hurt.  She took my temperature.  101.2.  Well, you definitely have a fever she said. 

Then Doctor Friend came in.  He looked at my glands, and told me that I either had tonsillitis in both tonsils or a really bad case of strep.  Then he looked in my throat.  Nope, not tonsillitis.  Must be strep. 

I hope you don’t have to go back to work today he said.  I said, no, I don’t, but I have a flight out to Steamboat to go skiing in the morning.  He laughed.  You can go, but I promise you won’t have fun. 

I’m going to give you some steroids, I know this is no fun, but we can give you a shot today, or you can start on the pills, you take six the first day…..

SHOT!  Please give me the shot!  I can’t swallow my own spit.  I want the shot.  I want the shot right now.  I don’t mind needles. 

Oh, okay.  Shot it is then. 

Then he swabbed my tonsil to do the strep test.  The nurse explained to me that it works very similar to a pregnancy test.  Just a few minutes, and we will look at the lines and see if it is positive or negative. 

The nurse gave me the shot, and they left me for a few minutes to wait on the strep test.  I had to go look at the little test while they were gone.  Hmmm.  One line.  This means negative right?  Like on a pregnancy test?  You have the control line to tell you the test is working and then if it is positive you have the other line.  (Isn’t that what I learned from the movie Juno?)  Well, if I don’t have strep….

When they came back, Doctor Friend looked at the test and said – well, if I’m reading this right, then you don’t have strep.  Which means, you do have Mono.

Wait, what?  Mono?  I have mono?  How old am I? 18?  I haven’t been tired.  I’m not rundown.  I can’t even think of anyone I might have kissed four to six weeks ago that could have given it to me. 


I haven’t even HEARD of anyone getting mono in like five years. 

So, Doctor Friend wrote me some prescriptions for a bunch of stuff and sent me to the lab across the street to get some blood drawn. 

Then I stopped by target to get my prescriptions filled.  I was sort of hoping that I could find something at target to blow some money on to make me feel better about not getting to go skiing and not feeling well.  But I didn’t find anything and I left target having spent less than ten dollars, which I’m fairly sure is against the law. 

So you know how you are suppose to not be hungry when you have mono? Well, I was starving.  But swallowing things was still a problem.  I stopped at the chik fil a in front of target and got a milk shake.  Which felt good.  But all the milk shake did was make me wish I had french fries and a chicken sandwich. 

Luckily I still have one more chik fil a between where I was and my house.  So I stopped there and got the fries and sandwich I wanted.  I couldn’t really eat it, but I tried. 

Right.  So I’m sick.  Indefinitely. 

Rawr.  Today has been a very long day.   And I think Briscoe has been playing in the rain all afternoon.  Great.   I bet she is real clean. 

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Forecast: Abundant Sunshine

It is a tremendously beautiful day.  Tomorrow night is a full moon with a total lunar eclipse.  How exciting is that?  Full moons give me CRAZY dreams.  I really hesitate to tell y’all what I dreamed about last night, because I feel y’all will either think I am making it up, or that I am in fact, nuts.  It is hard to believe that I could have so many whacked out dreams in one night, but hey.  I don’t think I’m creative enough to make this stuff up while I’m awake. 

Dream #1-

Okay, the first part of my dream involved a the ghost of a woman.  She haunted a portion of a school or a camp or some sort of institution that I attended.  She was something like the ghosts in Harry Potter, because she wasn’t mean, she just didn’t like a lot of people.  She wore an apron and a chef hat and she had a particular corridor that she haunted (hah.  literally).  The specifics are fuzzy, but she got really upset at one of the students, and I had to talk to her about how he wasn’t actually a threat to her and that she would like him if they got to know each other. A strange twist to this story is that the ghost really liked diet coke. 

Dream #2

This dream was a lot more realistic, in that it is something that could actually happen, but, not really.  It was the night before a football game, and I was with a large group of people who were all going to the game together.  We were all going to travel to Athens (I assume) and go to the game.  It was a late afternoon/night game, but obviously it would be an all day affair.  It was a very important game that I had to go to, and was very excited about.  We were in the mountains somewhere, and would be traveling from the mountains to Athens late that night.  It was pouring down rain.  Total monsoon rain.  And we had all our bags packed and ready to be loaded in the car.  Well, somehow, I realize that the day after the football game  I was suppose to take the bar exam.  (in real life I am taking the south carolina bar this summer).  So in my dream the south carolina bar exam was the day after this really big football game that I had to go to. 

In realizing that I am suppose to take the bar, I also realize that I have not studied for five minutes and I am totally unprepared.  I also do not have any materials with which to prepare.  I started asking everyone if they knew anyone with a PMBR book.  While I am freaking out about this, people are loading the cars with our luggage.  Somehow, my luggage gets set out in the rain and my bag (it was a sort of very bradley bag, even though I don’t own one of those) filled up with water completely. 

I become very upset that my bag has filled up completely with water, and that I have to take the bar exam, and that the only time I am going to have to study is going to be if I wake up early the next morning and go to the law library and try to find some materials and cram for a little while before the game. 

My bag is sitting on the tailgate of an SUV, and I am trying to dump all the standing water from the inside of my bag out onto the ground, but it isn’t working very well.  So now on top of everything I don’t know what I’m going to wear the game either. 

I’m not sure how it all resolved, other than the fact that I woke up this morning and none of the problems in my dream were true.  I’ve read that having anxiety dreams is a healthy way for your mind to deal with the stress and anxiety in your life that you can’t process during the day.  But by processing it in your dreams at night, your next day is calmer and less anxious than it would be if you didn’t have the dreams.  I hope this is true, because that would mean that my mind is super healthy.  Otherwise, the alternative is that I am not stable, which is less comforting. 

I don’t feel very anxious today.   

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We had a big weekend here in Augusta.  I woke up Saturday morning exhausted with a bit of a headache.  I laid on the couch and watched law and order for a couple of hours then Britt and Ross and I went to the mexican restaurant for a late lunch.  It was a beautiful day, and Ross said he felt like he was in college (Ross often has to work on Saturdays and he didn’t this weekend, so he was excited).  Britt and I both echoed the college sentiment.  We sat out on the deck at the mexican restaurant and split a pitcher of beer, since we are so college.  To make the day even more college we made plans to play bocci ball later in the afternoon for a good excuse to be outside and drink another beer. 

Before bocci, but after lunch, we took the dogs to their friend Riley’s third birthday party.  Riley is a very pretty golden retriever and she was excited about her birthday.  Briscoe and Grayson were the smallest dogs there and it was a lot of fun.  The party was in the backyard, and we were sitting out on a deck.  Britt and I were sitting on the railing of this deck, when Ryan (Riley’s person) decided we needed a picture.  So Ryan went to sit on the railing with us.  Within seconds, the railing gave way. 

It happened in slow motion.  I saw Ryan falling, and I thought, that is weird, she shouldn’t be falling like that, and at the same time I felt myself falling.  We hit the two lower railings, landed on the edge of the deck, then all three tumbled backwards off the deck, through the bushes, and on the the ground.  We are lucky we hit so many things on the way down, because we probably fell easily six feet altogether. 

Nothing was broken, and we are all going to live, but I got pretty banged up.  Now, I bruise easily, I think it is mostly because I have transparent skin, so any bruise looks terrible, but I look like someone beat me up.  My shirt was torn, although i didn’t notice it until later in the afternoon.  I have significant bruises on both arms, my back, my right calf has a real pretty purple bruise, and right below my right ankle is a nice shade of blue.  And I somehow pulled a muscle in my left leg as well.

As I was laying on the ground staring up at the bushes I’d just damaged, I thought, this is how days change.  This is how you go from making plans to play bocci ball all afternoon in the sunshine to spending the day in the emergency room.  Granted, we were all fine, but we could have just as easily not been fine.  And it happens that quickly.  In the blink of an eye.   

It took us a few minutes to get up from the ground, and everyone crowded around and brushed us off and made sure we were all in one piece. 

All Ross had to say about us falling off a deck was – COLLEGE!

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The Beautiful Days of February

I spent the weekend on a beautiful farm in South Carolina with my friends from Charleston.  It was so much fun.  Briscoe had a blast, and the weather was unbelievable.  The back of my neck got sunburned while we were skeet shooting.  I was smart enough to put sunscreen on my face, but I guess I’m still adjusting to having hair short enough to not cover my neck. 

We had excellent food, perfect weather, a great group, and plenty of beer.  I saw turkeys (wild ones and ones in a barn), deer, hawks, and ducks. 

Last night I got dental floss stuck in my teeth.  I think that is totally unacceptable.   I probably need to get some different kind of floss. 

I found some liquid paper in my desk drawer the other day.  I forgot this stuff even existed.  The bottle I found is pretty much totally dried up and useless, but the smell took me back to high school.  Not that I used to huff liquid paper or anything, but just back to a time when I thought it was a really cool office supply.  I love office supplies. 

I’ve started watching Lost again.  I know I said I wouldn’t do it, but I did.  It is like an abusive relationship that I know isn’t going to work out well, but I just can’t get away from it.  It is like watching a movie for four years knowing that the ending hasn’t been written and might never be written.  Sad. 

I want to start a book club.  I think it could be really fun.  Elizabeth said she would only be in my book club if I promised to not make her read classic novels like the three musketeers.  Sigh.  Okay.  Since we can no longer have a Grey’s Anatomy girls night or anything like that, I guess we will have to take it back old school and read books. 

I’m thinking sugar cookies for valentine’s day.  Whatcha think?  Heart shapes?  Pink and Red?  Yep.  Yep. 

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Go Giants!

I don’t really care about the NFL, but I was happy to see the Giants win last night.   I don’t love Eli, but I like Payton a lot.  Plus they are both good SEC boys from Mississippi, the land of awesome quarterbacks like Brett Favre.  Plus, Libby lives in New York, and she was at the game, and I don’t love Tom Brady or Bill Belichick.  But I do like a good football game, and that is what we had last night. 

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and Briscoe and I went for a nice long run on the river.  There were millions of people riding their bikes and lots of other dogs for Briscoe to sniff.  When Briscoe got home she limped around like she had broken her front paw.  I think I’m going to have to stop running with her.  Which is really sad.  But I feel terrible when she limps around after every time we run.  And we weren’t even running on pavement!

It is very foggy here this morning, low visibility in downtown augusta.

My brain is operating at about a 3 right now.  I need it to be closer to an 8 or a 9.  At least a 6.

Y’all, I’m really sorry this blog is so boring right now.  But I really just don’t have a lot to report about.  My friends I haven’t talked to in a while call me and ask, What is going on with you!  And I honestly have to tell them, not a lot.  It has been a very calm January.  Which is nice after the crazy months of October, November and December.  The crazy people have been coming out of the woodwork here at work, but other than that, my life has been uneventful recently.

But stay tuned.  You never know when things could get interesting.    


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