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Good Morning!

Things have been crazy around here recently.  I had my eyes lasered, which has been going well, but has impacted the amount of time I spend on the computer, it is getting better, but my vision isn’t perfect yet.  The doctor said it could be a month or so, and it’s only been two weeks.  Overall I’m pleased, and I’ll have more to say as the weeks progress. 

I’m going to my third wedding in four weeks this weekend, which should be tons of fun.  Kate’s birthday was yesterday, and we are going to dinner tonight at a new restaurant.  I am looking forward to it. 

I have tons of stuff to do at work, because after the Masters, and my eyes, and then last week was Law Day, and I helped coordinate attorneys going to high schools, which meant I went to a few might schools myself, things have gotten a little backlogged.  I’m hoping to catch up on a lot of things this week. 

It is starting to get hot around here, this morning it really felt like summer.  I’m excited about it getting warm, I just hope we don’t have any heat waves like the one we had last summer.  I also need to go invest in some new sunscreen.  Sometimes I can’t believe how expensive that stuff is. 

I am rereading Beach Music, by Pat Conroy.  It is an awesome book.  If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend you add it to your summer reading list. 

Ahh, I can’t stop thinking of summer time.  Beaches, lakes, boats, beer, barbeque, watermelon, bags of ice, sunscreen, bug spray, sweet corn, shrimp, hot asphalt, sweat, mountains, thunderstorms, hail, listening to the radio, planes, rental cars, old friends, and overall happiness. 

Oh, and that pesky bar exam.  🙂

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