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This was my horoscope for today, Tuesday, April 21:

You may not be willing to put up with any nonsense at work today. Your emotional fuse is short and your reaction to other people’s shortcomings could be swift. Keep in mind that your impatience with others might be a result of your own frustration. Expressing what’s in your heart will probably feel great in the moment, but could disrupt your routine. Decide in advance if it will be worth it.

I didn’t read this until right around 11:55 tonight.  And let me just go ahead and say with full certainty that everything got on my nerves today.  It wasn’t just work, it was life in general and everything that went along with it.  Not so much like a grating, everything is irritating me today sort of feeling, more of a, well, short emotional fuse.  I was sensitive, reactive, and bothered by the slightest, what’s the word?  Oh, shortcomings of others. 

I can’t put my finger on what exactly my frustration might be about.  The one good thing I can say, is that besides a lot of useless bitching and venting to a few choice people, I didn’t actually blow up at anyone or smart off or fly off the handle.  Maybe that means I’m maturing. 

And on a slightly positive note, all of my irritations were short lived.  I was irritated, I seethed irrationally for a few minutes, and half an hour later I had completely moved on and forgotten whatever it was that had made me want to jump out of my 9th floor window a few minutes previous. 

So if you had to listen to me complain today, I apologize.  If I complained about you, I apologize.  I would tell you personally but I’ve forgotten the specifics.  Obviously they weren’t important and were most likely completely irrational.  . 

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Do you watch How I Met Your Mother?

Did you watch it tonight?

PLEASE, PLEASE, someone tell me you saw it. 

I really need to discuss what happened with someone before I explode. 

PLEASE.  It was BIG.  BIG!

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I know, I know, I’m sorry

I apologize for the lack of posting.  Things have been a little crazy.  There was the Masters, which basically left me completely out of touch for the entire week, since I never had my cell phone and I spent every day outside and not sitting in front of my computer.  It was an awesome week full of old friends and new friends and lots and lots of family.  I drank too much, I got too much sun (my scalp even peeled.  Ew.).  I didn’t get enough sleep and I walked my little legs off.  But other than those minor details, it was basically all sunshine and sandwiches and beer.  And if you don’t enjoy those three things, then you probably don’t want to be my friend. 

Since then, I’ve been a little reclusive, just because I was a little talked out.  I had a wedding in augusta this past weekend, which was fun, but also exhausting.  So, my downtime, when I’ve been hiding, I have been watching TV.  I am currently obsessed with the John Adams miniseries.  It is awesome.  I’m almost through the 5th episode, so I have two more after that.  It basically sucked up my entire day yesterday.  Even though I wasted a perfectly beautiful day, I enjoyed it.  Elizabeth and I did walk the Briscoe dog to the Dairy Queen in the afternoon, so that was fun. 

In other news, I am having my eyes fixed on Wednesday.  I’m not have the regular lasik, because apparently my corneas are too thin.  I’m having the epi-lasik, which has a longer recovery time, but ends up being just as effective in the long run, and some people say, safer.  I’m excited, and nervous, and I don’t really want to hear anything negative about it until it is over.  Because I’m doing it, and even if it sucks for a week or two, it will all be worth it in the end. 

I’m in a pretty feisty mood today.  Rawr. 

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It was in the 80s here today.  I went for a run.  I alllllll-mooooossstttt DIED. 

I mean, I’ve been running 35-45 minutes recently.  After 20 minutes today I thought I was going to drop dead.  It also might have had something to do with the wine I drank last night. 

But when I got home I was rushing to get ready to go to dinner with my dad – jumped in the shower, got dressed, etc.  I’m all ready.  But I’m still sweating. 

Ew.  I forget how long it takes to cool off after a run when it is hot outside. 

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The Bank Job

Daddy and Elizabeth and I went to see the movie, The Bank Job on Sunday afternoon. 

It was awesome.  Seriously, the best movie I’ve seen in a very long time. and I watch a lot of movies.   

Loved it.  It was racey, but not explicit, based on a true story, engaging, serious, funny, and intriguing.  Set in 1971 London.  Historical.  All about the British CIA. 

Honestly, go see this movie. 

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Good News

I went to the ATL this weekend, and on my way home I was talking to Jennifer (who lives in Charleston and was home for the weekend), and she was driving through our neighborhood, and said – oh, did they find your mom’s car?  And I said, no, sadly, they didn’t.  And she said – Well, I just saw it parked on the side of the road. 

Yep.  Just parked on the side of the road about a mile from our house.  My clothes were still in it, still in the plastic from the cleaners. 

Besides the fact that the glove compartments and stuff had been ransacked, they didn’t take much of anything. 

It was really weird.  But So Happy to have my clothes back.  I went shopping on Friday and Saturday in the ATL and couldn’t find anything I liked as much as the stuff I had lost.  Half the things I saw that I liked were things that would have looked good with the stuff I lost.  It was sad. 


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