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Happy Times

Something about Thursday afternoons in the summertime makes me want to sit outside and drink beer. 

Doesn't that sound like fun?

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May is national bike month.  Guess what?  I have a bike.  A pretty cool bike in my opinion.  My parents like to bike, and I convinced my dad to get me a bike when I graduated from law school so I could start riding.  I figured that it would be a good way to hang out with my parents while not actually having to talk to them (haha).  Well, I rode my bike that summer until the stress of the bar exam started to get to me and then I reverted back to what was comfortable – running.

Regardless, I have a pretty shiny bike that works, and has cool stuff like an odometer and a bell and a little bag where you can put stuff like your cell phone.  And I have some bike shorts with the padding in the butt and the elastic around the thighs that cuts off my circulation.  Oh, and I have a great helmet, the kind with the sun visor attached and everything. 

Basically, I look like I ride bikes.  When in actuality, I just sort of pretend.  I ride my bike when someone else prompts me to, a few times a year. 

My parents convinced me to ride in this bike ride with them yesterday.  Now, I should have realized when my dad called me last week to ask me questions about the form he was filling out for the bike ride and asked me what size shirt I wanted that this really wasn’t just a for kicks bike ride.  But everyone was adamant that it wasn’t a race, so I thought I would be okay. 

And I was okay.  For the first 18.5 miles.  About 15 miles into the ride I made the executive decision that come hell or high water I had to find someone to come pick me up because I was not going to make it back another 18.5 miles.  I knew when I got off that bike, I would not be getting back on that day. 

My mom said – You can’t quit!  You have to ride back with us! 

I said – Watch me.  I’m a great quitter.  I know my limits. 

Because my mom goes to spinning class a lot.  I run hills.  These are very, very different things.  Besides, I wanted to be able to walk today. 

In addition to the bike ride being long, the wind was blowing 20 miles an hour.  I’m serious.  And I had forgotten how when you ride your bike, especially if the wind is blowing, you don’t realize how much you are sweating.  Things I would remember if I really rode bikes.   

Today I got caught up in something and didn’t have time to eat lunch so instead I ate some peanut butter crackers.  I thought I was going to throw up the rest of the afternoon.  It was like a terrible hangover, except I didn’t drink anything yesterday.  Finally I realizd that I was horribly dehydrated from the ride. 

I mean, imagine what would have happened if I’d ridden all 37 miles!  My parents made it the whole way.  My mom got a flat tire around mile 30 and I had to take her my bike and switch them out so they could finish.  The flat tire just really reinforced for me how happy I was that I didn’t ride back. 

I’m going to sleep so I can wake up and not be hungover from my bike ride anymore.  Sweet dreams!

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I’m so proud

Remember a really long time ago when I told y’all about my friends David and Charles and how they started a band called Lady Antebellum?

So, they’ve gotten kind of famous since the last time I mentioned them. 

And guess what?  They won an American County Music Award for best new group tonight!

I mean.  I’m so happy for them.  David taught me how to listen to the bass guitar through the noise of the band many many many years ago. 

And let me just go ahead and say this was a big night for Georgia, because right before Lady Antebellum won, Sugarland won single of the year for Stay.  Jennifer Nettles was a local legend in Athens when I was in high school and college.  At that time she was in a band called Soul Miners Daughter, and I still listen to their album Sacred and Profane. 

It makes me happy when people make it. 

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Holy Cow

Do you exfoliate? 

My goal this summer is to protect my painfully fair skin from any more dangerous sun damage.  In an effort to fit in with society and not look like a scary pale person all summer I purchased a self tanner.  As I was reading the directions, it suggested you exfoliate your skin before applying for best results.  Also, my mom said that most self tanners don’t smell great so you want to use them at night and then shower off in the morning. 

Hmm.  I didn’t really have any exfoliating skin products.  As such, my self tanner has been sitting on my dresser untouched for over a month. 

Yesterday I was attempting to spend my entire paycheck on sunscreen  at Target (seriously, why is it so freaking expensive?) and I remembered my self tanner.  So I went in search of an exfoliant.  I decided upon Soap and Glory’s Flake Away.

While in the shower last night I remembered that I was suppose to be exfoliating, so I jumped out of the shower, grabbed a towel, and dripping water all over my house like a little kid who just got out of the pool and wants a specific toy they forgot I retrieved my flake away exfoliant.   

I followed the directions.  At one point I got a little bit concerned that I was going to end up with red whelps all over my body, since it said I was suppose to scrub until all the little gritty pieces were gone and there was no way that was going to happen.  My hands got all tingly and I can say with full certainty that they are callus free today.   

Well, I got out of the shower and moisturized as the directions instructed and let me just say – it is like I have new skin.  No whelps, no irritation.  It is glorious.   

I wanted to call people and tell them how great this stuff was, but I was a little concerned that maybe everyone has been exfoliating for years and I just didn’t know how awesome it could be.  I almost woke Britt up so she could use the stuff this morning and see how awesome it is.  But it was late, and like I said, I thought maybe I might just be out of the loop. 

The only complaint I have is that it smells like almonds.  I use unscented everything so I’m just not used to smelling like much of anything more than soap, and I am hyper sensitive to smells. 

Also, I didn’t use it on my face, but I read in the review that it is great for you face, so I’m going to try that next. 

I’ll let y’all know how it goes. 

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My sweet friend from high school Bobby died this week.  I hadn’t seen Bobby in years, and it has been difficult to process his death from such a remote spot.  I didn’t even realize that Bobby was back in Augusta, and I feel guilty that he lived here and I never even saw him.  My memories of Bobby are from the late ’90s.  Doesn’t that sound weird to say?  My earliest memory is that when I met Bobby, his leg was broken, or I think it was broken, it was injured.  How had Bobby injured his leg?  His car was not in park and it rolled down a driveway, and he tried to stop it, and his leg was caught in between the bumper of his rolling car and the bumper of the other car in the driveway.  I knew I was going to love Bobby when I heard that story. 

Another memory I have, is, after his leg recovered, we were in a weight training class together.  Weight training was one of the more unstructured PE classes at the Academy of Richmond County – and we did a lot of sitting around and picking on each other.  This would normally lead to some sort of contest, either to see which girl in the class could bench press the most, who could run the fasted mile, who could jump the most boxes, etc.  (p.s. I could bench press my weight – 145 lbs – my junior year of high school, which makes me sort of laugh and cry now). 

Well, on this particular day, someone bet Bobby that he couldn’t run a mile in 4 minutes.  We had weight training second period so at 9 in the morning.  Bobby swore he COULD in fact run a mile in 4 minutes.  The weight room opened out to the track, so we all went outside to watch Bobby run four laps in four minutes.  I really thought he was teasing.  I couldn’t run one lap in one minute, and I was fast and in good shape.  I trained for months to do it, and never got close. 

Sure enough, Bobby tore around that track four times in right under four minutes.  I’m still impressed by this.   

Bobby was special.  You could see it in his eyes.  He was a light.  Since his death I have learned of some heartbreaking tragedies which he suffered in the past few years, and it clear that he was tormented by an overpowering darkness of sadness and loss.   But my memories of Bobby are from a happier time; football games, prom, yearbooks, dairy queen, and bomb threats that left us sitting outside in the sunshine while the fire department searched the premises for imaginary bombs.  They were the days before cell phones, before laptops, when you could put ten gallons of gas in your car for ten dollars, when you treasured your cds, before columbine, before the towers fell, before we were touched by the events of the outside world.     Bobby was a big part of my life in those carefree days, and my life is richer for having known him. 

Bobby – you will be missed. 

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Good Morning!

Things have been crazy around here recently.  I had my eyes lasered, which has been going well, but has impacted the amount of time I spend on the computer, it is getting better, but my vision isn’t perfect yet.  The doctor said it could be a month or so, and it’s only been two weeks.  Overall I’m pleased, and I’ll have more to say as the weeks progress. 

I’m going to my third wedding in four weeks this weekend, which should be tons of fun.  Kate’s birthday was yesterday, and we are going to dinner tonight at a new restaurant.  I am looking forward to it. 

I have tons of stuff to do at work, because after the Masters, and my eyes, and then last week was Law Day, and I helped coordinate attorneys going to high schools, which meant I went to a few might schools myself, things have gotten a little backlogged.  I’m hoping to catch up on a lot of things this week. 

It is starting to get hot around here, this morning it really felt like summer.  I’m excited about it getting warm, I just hope we don’t have any heat waves like the one we had last summer.  I also need to go invest in some new sunscreen.  Sometimes I can’t believe how expensive that stuff is. 

I am rereading Beach Music, by Pat Conroy.  It is an awesome book.  If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend you add it to your summer reading list. 

Ahh, I can’t stop thinking of summer time.  Beaches, lakes, boats, beer, barbeque, watermelon, bags of ice, sunscreen, bug spray, sweet corn, shrimp, hot asphalt, sweat, mountains, thunderstorms, hail, listening to the radio, planes, rental cars, old friends, and overall happiness. 

Oh, and that pesky bar exam.  🙂

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