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This was my horoscope for today, Tuesday, April 21:

You may not be willing to put up with any nonsense at work today. Your emotional fuse is short and your reaction to other people’s shortcomings could be swift. Keep in mind that your impatience with others might be a result of your own frustration. Expressing what’s in your heart will probably feel great in the moment, but could disrupt your routine. Decide in advance if it will be worth it.

I didn’t read this until right around 11:55 tonight.  And let me just go ahead and say with full certainty that everything got on my nerves today.  It wasn’t just work, it was life in general and everything that went along with it.  Not so much like a grating, everything is irritating me today sort of feeling, more of a, well, short emotional fuse.  I was sensitive, reactive, and bothered by the slightest, what’s the word?  Oh, shortcomings of others. 

I can’t put my finger on what exactly my frustration might be about.  The one good thing I can say, is that besides a lot of useless bitching and venting to a few choice people, I didn’t actually blow up at anyone or smart off or fly off the handle.  Maybe that means I’m maturing. 

And on a slightly positive note, all of my irritations were short lived.  I was irritated, I seethed irrationally for a few minutes, and half an hour later I had completely moved on and forgotten whatever it was that had made me want to jump out of my 9th floor window a few minutes previous. 

So if you had to listen to me complain today, I apologize.  If I complained about you, I apologize.  I would tell you personally but I’ve forgotten the specifics.  Obviously they weren’t important and were most likely completely irrational.  . 

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