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Happy Game Day!

Who's excited about football season?  I AM!  Yippee!  I have the perfect dress, which I'm planning on wearing to every game until we lose or it (hope against hope) gets too cold.  I think I know where my black rainbows are, but if I can't find them, I'll have to get some more.  Hah. 

So yesterday Britt and I had someone come clean our house for the first time since we moved in a year ago.  Obviously, we've been cleaning the house, but we haven't had anyone else clean it.  I really think it was the best money I've ever spent.  My goal in life is to make enough money where I don't have to clean my own house.  Not because I think house cleaning is really so terrible, but mostly because I LOVE having a really clean house and I really kind of suck at cleaning.  I'm sort of a messy person, basically the things that belong in my closet don't normally reside in my closet.  I have two rooms in our house, my bed room and a little sitting room.  Most of the stuff that should reside in my closet resides in my sitting room, on the couch, on top of the dresser (not in it), in bags on the floor.  Because I'm terrible about unpacking things.  So really my sitting room is like a big closet.  But yesterday I put everything back into my closets yesterday so the lady could clean, and I washed my sheets and now our house looks awesome.  She accomplished in just over two hours by herself what it would have taken britt and me all day long to accomplish.  I was impressed.  Plus I liked her. 

The only thing left to do to put my life in order is to wash my dirtball dog (who by the way, says hey) and water my ferns.  And figure out what I'm suppose to be doing in my job, which by the way, I really like so far.  I love my office, I love the other lawyers, I love the support staff, I love the little coke fountain machine and the new stapler I just got that happens to be the exact same color as my new sigg coffee mug.  I'm very pleased with things so far.  My only complaint is that you can see my feet under my desk and as such can tell when I've taken my shoes off, which is basically, all the time.  Luckily only people who work here come in my office. 

I ordered Briscoe a new bed from Orvis, so hopefully that should be coming in today, and I can give her a bath and let her bask in the awesomeness that is orvis. 

Since hurricane Fay dropped part of the atlantic ocean and most of the gulf of mexico in our lovely state this past week, the mosquitoes have staged a TAKE BACK THE YARD party.  I was outside for two minutes with Briscoe this morning and I have a HUGE bite on the back of my calf.  Hopefully the skeeter man will come by soon with his truck of pesticides and save us all from the west nile virus. 

OH!  And Maggie is in town!  Hooray!  I love Maggie.  We are going to dinner tonight. 

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