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I love having my nails painted red. Love it. I think part of is that the upkeep on red nail polish is way more time consuming than I am capable ofhandling on a regular basis – so when I do bother to paint them – it makes my day. I don’t enjoy having my nails ‘done’ because I hate having other people pick at me(I don’t trust others with my hang nails) – and I secretly like painting my own nails. I’m actually sort of good at it. But I’m shockly ocd about the painting (I’m always disappointed by manicurist paint jobs) and I have to have plenty of time to get it right. But when I do get it right – I am completely happy everytime I look at my hands. It makes driving a pleasure. At least until it starts to chip.I made the time tonight. My hands and toes are both looking pretty happy right now.

It’s the little things in life.

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